France - South Africa 22.06. thread

This is incredible. I just love France, and especially Domenech <3
I think a 5 or 6 nil win for SA would be a fitting send off for Domenech and that cheating **** Henry.
Best thing to ever happen!! and the FFF are claiming that the player strike would tarnish the French reputation? What about when they had to cheat to knock Ireland out? France should have been kicked out of the competition there and then. 8-| Bye Bye
Tshabalala will score 2 more goals, and Forlan will header South Africa through!
we need a goal from each game for south Africa and Uruguay and that will be enough, although I dont really care if south Africa go through, I have 10 pounds on Uruguay to reach the Quarter Finals which I placed before the tournament started
Wow. This is real nail-biting stuff.

Want a great second half.

There needs to be a 5 goal swing to be sure. I.e. If South Africa win by 3 goals, Uruguay need to win by 2 (or Mexico by 3?). At the moment, 2 goals in total need to be scored by uruguay and/or SA....with none conceeded.

If there's only a 4 goal swing I think it goes to goals scored? unsure.

Should have been 3. C'mon Africa & Uruguay!