Franjo: A Journeyman Story (New Episode Every Week Day)

Haha the thing is I'm awful at looking at personalities, I really need to start doing it but I always forget! But yeah you are correct, all of the starting line up are right footed :D not ideal but the players are WAY better than i expected so can't really complain. And yeah I'll definitely get them swapping at some point, not gunna leave it on by default while we're all getting settled though I don't think
Yeah I always forget to look at personality too. Usually if there's a rotten egg in the squad it becomes clear fairly soon... otherwise I seem to end up with some model pros in there just by the law of averages, and through tutoring I end up spreading the Mo-Pro poison throughout the rest of the squad before too long. Definitely rate your chances of beating the drop, random and arbitrary rules aside.
Nailed it.

High defensive line? If so, pretty risky with two big slow knackers at centre half...
Seems like the tactical switch has been positive! I was going to say it looked EXTREMELY offensive, but I guess as long as you have some more defensive setups to switch to as and when, then you'll probably be OK.

On another note - are you planning on keeping to the one-match-per-episode structure forever? Could take a while to get to the top at that rate...
Yeah i'll be chopping and changing as required tactically :)

And funny you mention that! Next week will be 2 matches per ep to see us through to the end of the season. I was originally planning to do monthly updates but ended up really enjoying the detailed 1 match eps, and I'll probably move to something like that when we play in a league with more games :)

Edit: In fact tomorrow's ep is 2 matches too, but... not out of choice :D you'll see what I mean
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Nice one thanks mate :) I might actually do some kind of poll at some point as when I stop to think about it daily month-long episodes is a ridiculously unfeasible idea haha. That's future me's problem I suppose!
Blimey, a Hannibal reference.

From the descriptions it seems like Hurley is class...