Franjo: A Journeyman Story (New Episode Every Week Day)

Whatever works for you mate. Still enjoying the story so I can learn to live with having to do 5% more work on a Tuesday and Thursday.
Hopefully it does work a little bit better! And make sure you ask your work for a 4% wage rise. That maths took me far, far too long by the way
Ah, shame. I feel I ought to go back and record LeGod's penalty record though. Madness.

England's qualifying group is horrific - all those games in Eastern Europe... they're gonna be racking up some serious air miles!
Maybe worth running a few checks into Benoit, eh... think he's got a few unresolved issues maybe.

Great fee for Hikem, that. Looking to reinvest? I always wonder if I could've got more when a big club comes in for a youngster of mine. I love fleecing them for every penny.
Definitely, seems like a mad one. And yeah I did think I could maybe have got more than £15M in the end as it was the easiest negotiation ever. Just enquiry -> 15M -> Accepted. Should’ve tried for 20! I think the most important thing though is that we’ve essentially created the Manchester City of the Algerian League 1
Well, I guess that's that then. To be fair you've still made enormous strides this season and it was certainly ambitious to ask for a win against one of the two richest clubs in the game. Shame you couldn't manage it, but it definitely doesn't take any of the shine off the rest of the season.

I do get how these "2nd seasons" can have a bit of a weird stagnant tinge to them, though. Cos you get properly established in the league, which is awesome, but it often comes at the cost of cup runs and you often end up with no trophies (or even finals) nor the promise of European football to show for your hard work. It feels like you've worked your **** off to get no specifically tangible reward.

But like I say, finishing in the top half with this squad on this budget would be a huge achievement. If you can scrape your way into Europe, then even better. I assume you would stay at Auxerre for another year at least if you managed that, but judging by the tone of your recent updates (plus the fact I know you're a bit ahead in-game) I'm guessing this is probably your last season in Auxerre.
Two 6'3'' 14-year-olds... mutants! Mboup looks fantastic too, just needs a good tutor. Holy ****, Loic Maire looks like he's got a future too... I need to manage Auxerre!

Whoa, whoa, whoa - hang on a minute. What did Zlatan do wrong?

Zlatan <3
I know! 6’3” at 14 is just silly, but makes for a promising player. And you really should give Auxerre a go, they have a genuinely fantastic youth setup :D I think I dislike Zlatan mainly for starting his managerial career in the same league that I had to work for 5 years to get to and then he just got cherry picked for a top 4 Ligue 1 side!

Rampant (Franjo: A Journeyman Story - Ep197)
55 goals for, 60 goals against... the great entertainers!

Holy crikey look at Monaco. Unbeaten after 31 games. 80 goals for, only 14 against. Yeesh. I think you can be excused for not managing to beat them.

This Auxerre team is great. Ferhat has earned that call-up, I think. I've definitely noticed his name popping up far more than his (as far as I recall) ordinary stats would suggest it might. Seems like he must be in double figures for goals by now?

Between Auxerre the Europe-chasers and your all-conquering France side, you must feel ready for a big job in club football now?

Oh, and in case you were interested... on my 2050 journeyman on FM16, I quit Sheff Wed immediately after getting them promoted to the Premiership because I got promoted a year too soon for that squad and didn't want to manage in the Premiership yet. Jumped ship to Maritimo in the Portuguese Prem. For some reason, on my arrival Maritimo were installed as favourites for the league... despite having literally never finished above 3rd in their entire history, and despite Benfica and Sporting sharing the last 20-odd titles between them.

Still won the league though. Ha! Next season has been a bit trickier as I've been whittling the squad down, getting rid of all the previous gaffer's chaff, and other sides have raised their game. Looks like Sporting may just pip us to the title this season as we're level pegging but they have a game in hand, and we play them away last game of the season.

Been quite interesting though. My title charge was founded on a defensively impenetrable 3-4-1-2 (with wing backs), but the goals dried up in season 2 with my team heavy favourites to retain its crown, so I had to do some tactical rejigging and I've ended up with a 4-3-1-2 (a formation I've always disliked). The goals have returned, though, so I guess it's been vindicated, but the damage was done with too many draws while we had 3 at the back.

Oh, and I turned down the gig at 14th-placed AC Milan. Taking a leaf out of your book, you see. Previously I'd have jumped ship at the first sign of a glamorous new job, but the new me likes to see a job through to the end. Just hope I'm not sacked. Title odds in Portugal seem to be very strange.

Anyway, that's today's little tangent done with. Haway the lads!