Global Dominiation:The story of an Irish Drunkard


Dec 30, 2009
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Ok this is my first story for fm11 and hope everybody enjoys it.
The leagues I have loaded are England, Russia, South Africa, U.S.A., Australia, Argentina, South Korea, Mexico and Chile. I will start unemployed with automatic experience. My aim is to start unemployed and and develop my career by winning all the above leagues and the Continental competitions there involved in.

Irish socialite Stephen Murphy announced today that he is looking to get involved in football management and will be looking to apply for any jobs that come up. A source close to Murphy has said he is sick of being known for going on the lash and wants to have a proper career. Murphy may be looking to make the most of the contacts he has gained from Dublin’s social scene over the years to help him get a job.

Robbie Keane had this to say about Murphys admission “I know Stephen well and wish him all the best. He has incredible determination and wont rest until he makes it as a top flight manager.”

As always you heard it here first and we will provide our readers with the latest on this bizarre story.

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Shock as CD Huachipato hire Murphy
The Chilean football community are in shock as an unknown Irishman has landed the recently vacated Huachipato job. Just 3 weeks after Murphy informed us that he wished to become involved in football he has been handed a great chance to prove his abilities.
Huachipato currently play in the Chilean First Division and despite no major success in over 30 years arer rated as a decent First Division team. Murphy released the following statement on his official website:
“I am honoured to have been given the chance to test myself at Huachipato and would like to thank the chairman for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I really will try give the supporters a reason to be proud of this team and give them the attacking football they crave. Im afraid I must leave it at that now as I have to meet the players and prepare for out match tomorrow.

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Chilean First Division 28/7/2010
Universidad de Concepcion 1-0 Huachipato
Ranato Ramos (11) Jose Perez(off 80)
Attendance : 4576
Huachipato could count themselves unlucky as they had the lionshare of possesion but couldn’t hit the back of the net. Ramos scored a placed shot against the run of play and took his chance well. Huachipato soldiered on but were unable to make there chances count. Jose Perez was sent off in the 80th minute for a vicious tackle on Ramos which was the only major talking point of the game.

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Chilean First Division 31/7/2010
Universidad Catolica 3-1 Huachipato
Lucas Pratto(38) Daud Gazale (48)
Milovan Mirosevic(53)
Hans Martinez(76)
Attendance 5672

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Chilean First Division 4/8/2010
Huachipato 2-4 Colo Colo
Carlos Aguiar (41) Estaban Paradez (48, 57, Pen 85)
Pablo Otarola (45) Eziquel Miralles (80)
Attendance 2507

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Chilean First Division 8/8/2010
Huachipato 0-2 Audax Italiano
Juan Carlos Espinazo (off 13) Oliver Toledo (35)
Nicolas Larrondo own goal (38)
Attendance 1648

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Chilean First Division 22/8/2010
Huachipato 3-1 La Serena
Carlos Aguiar(40) Alexis Blanco (29)
Manuel Villalobos(85
Javier Elizondo(90)
Attendance 1923

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Chilean First Division 29/8/2010
Santiago Morning 0-0 Huachipato
Diego Silva (off 41)
Attendance 1885

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As revealed in July socialite Stephen Murphy has taken charge of Huachipato in the Chilean First Division. After watching closely over the past 6 weeks Murphy has made a poor start to life in Chile with only one win in 6 games.
Murphy had this to say on his official website : “I have bees slightly disappointed with how things have developed so far. However I never expected this to be an easy challenge and this poor form was to be expected as I try find my feet over here in Chile and the players need time to get used to my tactics. I have seen signs to be optimistic as the lads are doing well in training and have put in good performances in there last 2 games. My job has also been made a bit easier as I have drafted in some more help with coaching with the appointment of Sebastian Pardo. Hopefuly what im trying to do here will serve the club well going forward and look forward to the next couple of games.
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Speaking to Huachipato manager Stephen Murphy has said of his trouble settling in the area. Murphy had this to say: “ I will admit that I have struggled to settle here at the club and the players havnt responded too well to my tactics. However I do believe that the worst is now behind us and look forward to competing well in the closing stage of the Chilean First Division and the Copa Chile.The players have got used to my 4-2-4 tactic now and are starting to play with a smile on there faces again.

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Copa Chile 3rd round 8/9/2010
Audax Italiano 2-5 Huachipato
Attendance: 7455
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Chilean First Division 11/9/2010
Huachipato 2-1 Nublense
Attendance: 1642
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Chilean First Division 18/9/2010
Cobreloa 0-2 Huachipato
Attendance: 2847
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Chilean First Division 1/10/2010
Huachipato 2-2 Universidad de Chile
Attendance: 2492
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Copa Chile Quarter Final 7/10/2010
San Luis 0-0 Huachipato
(4-3 pen)
Attendance : 2703

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Speaking on his official website Stephen Murphy has praised his players for their performances over the past 5 games. "They realy are enjoying playing right now and apart from the San Luis result they have outplayed their opponents in every area of the park. The 2 wins and a draw in the league have helped us move away from the bottom of the tabble and back into the middle. With a bit of luck we will continue our good form and move close to the playoff spots in the league."
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Chilean First Division 20/10/2010
Everton 1-2 Huachipato
Attendance: 3119
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Chilean First Divisoin 24/10/2010
San Luis 1-2 Huachipato
Attendance: 2828
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Chilean First Division 31/10/2010
Huachipato 3-2 Union Espanola
Attendance: 3748
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Chilean First Division 15/11/2010
Huachipato 1-1 Palestino
Attendance: 3736
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Huachipato manager Stephen Murphy has spoken at his delight at qualifying for the playoffs for the First division championship playoffs. Huachipato were considered rank outsiders and were predicted to finish 14th in the league. However they showed great resilience by claiming a few scalps and ended up finishing in 4th place. The team can now look forward to a quarter final match against Palestino.

Anybody thats reading could you please give me some feedback as to how i can make this story better?
Playoffs and 2011 pre season wil be posted tomorrow afternoon

And thanks for the comments guys :)
Feedback will be appreciated as i want to try improve my story...

Would you prefer just screenies of matches or like to see a written match report insteead?
Should i incorporate some plot twists or just get on with the football?

Also no transfers at the minute due to not being in a transfer window,have a few people in mind and will explain more when i get to pre season.

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Speaking to Palestino manager Gustavo Benitez talks about the upcoming quarter final match against Huachipato. “ I fully expect our team to win the 2 legs and progress to the semi finals. Stephen Murphy has done a good job in bringing Huachipato as far as he has and it shows how talented a manager that he is. But I know our team has much more class about it than Huachipato and that is why we have to be considered overwhelming favourites.”
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Chilean First Division Closing Stage Quarter Final 21/11/2010
Palestino 3-6 Huachipato
Cortes (1 goal ) Perez ( 2 goals )
Otorola (og) Villalobos (3 goals )
Henrique ( 1 goal ) Vasquez (1 goal )

Attendance : 2082
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Chilean First Division Closing Stage Quarter Final 24/11/2010
Huachipato 3-3 Palestino
Otorola ( 1 goal ) Canales (2 goals)
Gazele (1 goal ) Bishara ( 1 goal )
Villalobos (1 goal )
Attendance : 3212

Huachipato defy the odds and claim a priceless victory
Over 2 legs of pure attacking brilliance CD Huachipato shone through as clear winners here in this quarter final match. Nobody expected them to win this match let alone win with such style. Fans after the match heaped praise on the manager Mr Murphy. Heres what one had to say : “ Im so happy with the performance of the team today. Stephen Murphy has done a wonderful job of managing this club and has brought confidence to the team and makes them think anything is possible.”

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Chilean First Division Closing Stage Semi Final 1/12/2010
Huachipato 1-1 Audax Italiano
Larrondo ( 1 goal ) Orellana ( 1 goal )
Attendance : 8514

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Chilean First Division Closing Stage Semi Final 5/12/2010
Audax Italiano 4-0 Huachipato
Benitez (1 goal)
Larrondo (og)
Fassi ( 1 goal )
Pinto (1 goal )
Attendance : 11589​

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IT has come to the attention of that Huachipato first team players and their manager Stephen Murphy have been seen out drinking until the early hours of this morning. A source close to the Huachipato board has stated that the players had been promised a party once they wrapped up their season. Most fans see this as a poor move so soon after their 4-0 humbling by Audax Italiano. They feel outraged by the apparent lack of professional conduct by the players and staff. Mr Murphy gave a statement saying, “ I understand fans concerns but I felt it was important to have the party as it would help boost morale at a poor time and also create a pleasant harmony among the players. Now that it is over with we can look forward to next season and hopefully continue our progress next season.”

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Union Espanola have won the Chilean First Division Closing Stage after a hard fought 6-3 aggregate victory against Audax Italiano. The fans will look to thank Leonardo Monje who excelled for them this season by scoring 25 league goals. They were always considered as contenders for the title but fans are still pleased by the manner of how they wrapped up the title with such little effort.
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Liking it mate.. Keep it up.
And screenshots of the matches (or at least the important ones) would be good.
Liking it mate.. Keep it up.
And screenshots of the matches (or at least the important ones) would be good.

Thanks,will post screenshots from now on. Had a problem getting one for the last few matches as i kept getting a crash dump message.


Pre Season 2011 Report

Huachipato manager Stephen Murphy has spoken exclusively to The Irish Daily Star about his plans for the forthcoming season. “Ideally I would love to bring in 4 or 5 players during the transfer window. I have my eye on a few promising players. Im not willing to give any names right now but I only wish to bring in young talented players that can push the team to the next level.”

Huachipato has missed out on the signing of goal machine Daud Gazale. Gazale who spent last season on loan to Huachipato has rejected a contract offer from the club and has instead decided to sign for Russian side Ural. The fee has not been disclosed but is believed to be in the region of £300,000. Murphy is apparently fuming as he believes that he turned Gazale into the player he is and has been let down by his unprofessional.

Diego Gonzalez has today signed a professional contract with Chilean side Huachipato. Gonzalez is really an unknown quantity and hadn’t played football since 2007. Nobody is sure how that gap will affect his talents but Murphy has decided to take a gamble on the young striker. “I feel that from what I have seen of Diego he fit’s the bill for our recruitment policy perfectly and should blend into the squad well.”

Another day another bargain signing by Huachipato. Stephen Murphy proudly sits beside his new striker Danilo Lins. The 24 year old brazilian joins on a free transfer from Argentinian side San Martin. The player is seen as a backup option for Huachipato. Although he hasn’t a prolific strike rate he is well known for his work ethic and giving his all to aid his teams cause.

Douglas Estay has today been snapped up by Huachipato. The youngster who played for Everton Chile has been touted as the future left back for Chile has been tracked by a number of clubs agreed to move after his former club were relegated. Estay wont be expected to play straight away and is seen by many as a signing for the future.

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CD Huachipato board has today issued a statement about several departures from the club. “Overall we have decided to send 8 players out on loan this season. We see this as an ideal way to reduce the wage bill and give these players a first team opportunity elsewhere for the season to gain some experience. There has been no falling out with the manager like some sources have reported. We would like to reaffirm our trust in Stephen Murphy and he has the full backing of the board.​

Friendlys :
Sounds good, hope you get lots of victories :) Try putting in a mixture of screenies and match reports I think, or at least put in some writing such as a season review etc.
Nice to see stories from different countries. Good luck in Chile :)
Good start, and some pretty good signings there. The first season is always the toughest, so hopefully you should have an even better second season.
Good start, and some pretty good signings there. The first season is always the toughest, so hopefully you should have an even better second season.

Thanks mate, your story was my inspiration to do this and hopefully i can win all domestic leagues,cups and the continental competitions within about 30 years. Signings are ok,just had to rely on my scouts as i didnt know any players willing to join me.

January and February 2011 Update

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 22/1/2011

Universidad de Conception 0-2 Huachipato
Carlos Aguiar ( 29 )
Jose Luiz Zeyale ( 72 )
Posession: 48%-52%
Attendance: 7412

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 26/1/2011

Huachipato 1-1 Universidad de Chile
Manuel Villalobos ( 24 ) Lelo Mbele ( 5 )
Possesion: 50%-50%
Attendance: 5560

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 30/1/2011

Colo Colo 4-0 Huachipato
Javier Campora ( 2 ) Danilo Lins ( inj 78 )
Gino Clara ( 46 )
Cristian Canio ( 84, 90 +2 )
Possession: 54%-46%
Attendance: 19500

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Lins out for 3 days with a bruised shin. Its believed that Danilo will be available again in time for the next match against Cobreloa.
Lins will surely be hoping to break his duct and nhit the back of the net for his new club.

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 4/2/2011

Huachipato 1-2 Cobreloa
Manuel Villalobos ( 1 ) Francisco Silva ( 8 )
Ever Cantero ( 85 )
Possession: 57%-43%
Attendance: 4154

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 12/2/2011

Audax Italiano 0-3 Huachipato
Pablo Reinoso ( og 15 )
Manuel Villalobos ( 19 )
Gramadiel Garcia ( 39 )
Possession: 48%-52%
Attendance: 8358

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 20/2/2011

O’Higgins 0-1 Huachipato
Carlos Aguiar ( pen 52 )
Possesion: 47%-53%
Attendance: 7474

View attachment 129751
Chilean First Division Opening Stage 23/2/2011

Huachipato 1-1 Universidad Catolica
Danilo Lins ( 90 ) Adan Vergara (76 )
Possession:: 50%-50%
Attendance: 3450

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 27/2/2011

Huachipato 3-0 Union Espanola
Manuel Villalobos ( 11,45)
Carlos Aguiar ( 52 )
Possession: 56%-44%
Attendance: 3197
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Lins told to go home!

It has been reported that Huachipato player Danilo Lins has struggled to settle in Chile and is feeling homesick.
Stephen Murphy has agreed that Lins is struggling and has granted the player a leave of absence for 28 days.
Lins has reacted well to this and has vowed to come back and make an impact.

Murphy has Huachipato in line

We are midway through the Opening Stage and have a few interesting statistics to share.
Huachipato have the best dicipline in the league with no red cards and only 13 yellows in 8 games so far this season.
Manuel Villalobos has been in great form by scoring 5 goals in just 7 games.
Carlos Aguiar is in second place with 3 in 6 games so far.
It is hoped that both players will be able to maintain their excellent form and propel the club as far up the table as possible.​
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Ok guys,next update will be tonight. Havnt had time to play over the weekend.

Any suggestions to make it better?
Or recommendations?
I think it's going good so far mate, keep it up and as the club gets bigger so will the updates naturally....I.E when you win things you will have more money for transfers etc to talk about!

Definately keep it up, im enjoying this so far
Updates are going to be slightly less detailed as it will allow me more game time…
I will still update with transfers and results of matches.
If you want to request any screenies ill be glad to provide them.
Thanks for reading

March and April Update 2011

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 6/3/2011
Union San Felipe 1-2 Huachipato
Jimmy Quiroz ( 45+2 ) Diego Gonzalez ( 2, 81 )

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 12/3/2011
Huachipato 4-2 La Serena
Manuel Villalobos ( 2 ) Omar Villegas ( 28, 54 )
Gamadiel Garcia ( pen 18 )
Jose Luis Zelaye ( 36, 47 )

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 19/3/2011
Antofagasta 0-1 Huachipato
Jonathan Suazo ( 72 )

View attachment 130400
Chilean First Division Opening Stage 23/3/2011
Huachipato 1-1 Santiago Morning
Diego Gonzalez ( 24 ) Sergio Comba ( 20 )

View attachment 130400
Chilean First Division Opening Stage 3/ 4 /2011
Palestino 1-3 Huachipato
Cristian Uribe ( 88 ) Manuel Villalobos ( 31, 64 )
Diego Gonzalez ( 55 )

View attachment 130400
Chilean First Division Opening Stage 9/4/2011
Huachipato 5-1 Santiago Wanderers
Jose Luis Zelaye ( 3 ) Jean Paul Pineda ( 90+1 )
Diego Gonzalez ( 8 )
Manuel Villalobos ( 19, 31, pen 80 )

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 16/4/2011
Osorno 3-0 Huacipato
Giakumis Kalogiannis ( 22 )
Patrico Correa ( 35 )
Jorge Aguilar ( 72 )

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 24/4/2011
Huachipato 3-1 Nublense
Carlos Aguiar ( pen 16 ) Gonzalo Gil ( 75 )
Jose Luis Zelaye ( 54 )
Diego Gonzalez ( 58 )

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Chilean First Division Opening Stage 1/5/2011
Huachipato 3-0 Deportes Concepcion
Manuel Villalobos ( pen 30, pen 56 )
Diego Gonzalez ( 74 )

As you can see im having trouble with consistency.
There are 4 players that I see as ungraspable due to their form,
Manuel Villalobos my star striker
Diego Gonzalez, my 2nd striker,
Carlos Aguiar, captain and my amr.
Jose Luis Zelaye,versatile defender.good presence with set pieces.

Opening Stage Table
View attachment 130401

Will post a result of playoffs and a screenie of the tree soon.
Any screenshot requests?
Sorry never played the Chilean league so not sure how it works, the 8 places go to playoff right?

How comes you are 2nd in league table but have a C next to your club and the rest have PL?