Global Dominiation:The story of an Irish Drunkard

this is a good story, Loved your Chilean adventure, you should've stayed :D...but this is the story of the traveling Irishman :D
Chile <3 <3 <3 <3 i love you for life now <3 hahahahaa great story

Thanks mate, Im currently taking a break from it for a few days but i will come back to it near the weekend.
Currently in England with Blackpool but plan to return to South America after a season or so. :)
Nice story, love the tittle and how simple it is to read and follow! Keep it up ,
simply a great story, tiago alves should be huge for blackpool! good luck and i will definitely be following.
great story:D following:) check out my story if you want :p
Awesome story, loved your adventure in Chile. Hope u are successful with Blackpool. If u have time please have a follow of my story, AFC Wimbledon - The Rise of the Wombles.

South American football

Hello Steve, I have played football manager for about 5-7 years now and I love the game, it is as close as you can get to being a manager, without doing it in real life. I found your story tonight, I enjoyed reading every comment, and I like how you have chosen a few weaker footballing nations, like Chile, and I am a very big fan of South American football, I just like the style, and the way that it is more football related, than money related, as most of the teams, don't have much money, but are still successful and bring really good talent through their academies, for example like 'Ganso', he looks like a brilliant talent. Anyway because I like South American football, I have been trying to win the Copa Libertadores, but using Brazilian teams, and because of you playing in Chile, it has given me the idea, and that idea is that I want to try and win the Copa Libertadores playing in all of the South American leagues that are playable and trying and win it with a club out from each nation, starting as my recent experience as automatic, should I go for it, and is it really worth it?