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Brilliant mate intrsting reading about leagues that aren't ver famous
Sorry never played the Chilean league so not sure how it works, the 8 places go to playoff right?

How comes you are 2nd in league table but have a C next to your club and the rest have PL?

Yeah spot on mate. Same idea as Argentina.
Top 8 qualify for 2 leg quarter final,2 leg semi and a 2 leg final.
Theres an opening stage and closing stage with the league having two winners each year.
In each stage teams play each other once.

I picked the leagues that i did because i rarely see a story outside the major european leagues and i wanted to be different.
Has been tough to say the least as its hard to find good players that will join me.

Update in half an hour or a bit more :)
May Update

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Opening Stage ¼ Final First Leg 8/5/2011
Nublense 3-1 Huachipato
Patrico Rubio ( 58 ) Javier Elizondo ( 90 )
Yashir Pinto ( 72 ) Diego Gonzalez ( inj 77 )
Jorge Guzman ( 85 )

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Opening Stage ¼ Final Second Leg 11/5/2011
Huachipato 3-1 Nublense
Carlos Aguiar ( 29 ) Jonathan Cisternas ( pen 20 )
Javier Elizondo ( 58 )
Jonathan Suazo ( 71 )

Aggergate 4-4
Huachipato win 4-3 on penalties
Carlos Aguiar miss Joel Estay score
Javier Elizondo score Jorge Guzman score
Gamadiel Garcia miss Marcelo Medina score
Nelson Rebolledo score Mauricio Ponce miss
Manuel Villalobos score Jonathan Cisternas miss
Jonathan Suazo score Andres Oroz miss

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Opening Stage Semi Final First Leg 15/5/2011
Universidad Catolica 3-3 Huachipato
David Henrique ( 50 ) Javier Elizondo ( 20,22 )
Pablo Motorola ( og 61 ) Manuel Villalobos ( 38 )
Milovan Milosevic ( pen 68 )

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Opening Stage Semi Final Second Leg 18/5/2011
Huachipato 4-1 Universidad Catolica
Manuel Villalobos ( 45 ) Milovan Milosevic ( 19 )
Gamadiel Garcia ( 55,75 )
Gabriel Sandoval ( 90+1 )

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Copa Chile 1st Round 1st Leg 21/5/2011
Huachipato 2-0 General Velasquez
Fernando Esspinoza ( 15 )
Justo Macaya ( 35 )

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Opening Stage Final First Leg 25/5/2011
Huachipato 2-2 Colo Colo
Manuel Villalobos ( 15,35 ) Fernando Cordero ( 10 )
Jose Perez ( inj 73 ) Cristian Canio ( 67 )
Pedro Fuenzalitda ( off 87 )

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Opening Stage Final Second Leg 29-5-2011
Colo Colo 1-2 Huachipato
Matias Quiroga ( pen 71 ) Manuel Villalobos ( 78 )
Carlos Munoz ( og 90 )
Cristian Munoz ( off 69 )
Playoff Table
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Fans of Huachipato are today praising their manager Stephen Murphy after he led them to the Chilean First Division title.
It is Murphys first trophy as manager.
The club were considerd rank outsiders for a title they last held in 1974.
The Huachipato board have expressed their delight at the teams performance. Murphy has dampened spirits as he revealed he is destined for bigger things and is looking to movee in the not too distant future..​
A good story, like some other posters I'm not at all familiar with Chilean football but it's really uplifting to see a break from the stories that are exclusively European football. I really like your layout, you don't waffle or fill the spaces with useless information, what you write is totally relevent and there are some nice little turns, like the after-season bender that are refreshing to read.

Maybe you could post a few screenies of your top players at the start/end of the season just so we can see what you're working with? Maybe also a screenshot of your best starting XI? I know that most people won't recognise the players but again, we get to see what you're working with.

Looking forwards to another update!
@Miller11: Thanks mate,its nice motivation to see comments like this. Takes me ages to scout for players as i cant scout players outside of Chile and my scouts are so bad that i dont use them at all. Iv qualified for the Copa Sudamerica now so will post them results in more detail as thats the biggest competition im in.

Im afraid iv a 21st tonight and a party Sunday aswell so may only get one or two updatesby the end of the weekend.

Any screenshots wanted or feedback?
Thanks again for reading. (H)​
Really sorry i havnt updated the last 2 days.had a lot to do. Im playing for an hour or 2 mow before i go out and will have an update or 2 tomorrow.
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Huachipato reveal new kits for the forthcoming season.

Stephen Murphy was proud to present the clubs new kits modelled by first team players Diego Gonzalez, Manuel Villalobos and Carlos Aguiar.
The kits were due to be presented at the beginning of the season but due to a mix up with the supplier the presentation had to be postponed.
A spokesperson for Castrol said they were proud to sponsor Huachipato and believe that it will be a good deal for both parties.
Murphy stated at his pleasure of the link up “Castrol are a global brand and the fact they wanted their name on our kit statess how highly the club are considered.
I think the new kits are fantastic looking and hope to see all the youngsters around wearing our colours.”

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We also got a chancee to speak to Murphy about his hopes for the Closing Stage of the league.
“Obviously we want to build on our first League title and challenge again this year.
The club is in good shape,we have some good young players here and our bank balance is improving constantly.
The club has a bright future as long as the players work their socks off for the management team”
We also got to ask Murphy about his long term plans after he admitted an intrest in several high profile jobs in the past few months.
"I would like to say top the supporters that my mind is on the job at hand.
I have always and will always give 100% commitment to the cause.
I can confirm today that I will be here until at least the end of the season unless the board says otherwise.
Come January I don’t know what my plans will be and I will evaluate the situation then. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a hot date so that will be all the questions im taking for today.”
So the future for Huachipato seems uncertain as Murphy refused to rule out the possibility of leaving the club at the end of the season.
He seems to have settled well in the area and is even dating local girl Adrianna Salpa.
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Copa Chile Results:

1/6/2011 General Velasquez 0-2 Huachipato
4/6/2011 Huachipato 4-1 Colo Colo
15/6/2011 Colo Colo 2-1 Huachipato

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Chilean First Division Closing Stage Results :

18/6/2011 Huachipato 0-2 Universidad de Concepcion
25/6/2011 Universidad de Chile 1-1 Huachipato
1/7/2011 Huachipato 0-1 Colo Colo
9/7/2011 Cobreloa 1-3 Huachipato
17/7/2011 Huachipato 2-0 Audax Italiano
22/7/2011 Universidad Catolica 2-1 Huachipato
31/7/2011 Huachipato 2-1 O’Higgins

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Copa Sudamericana 1st Qual Round 1st Leg

3/8/2011 Cerro Porteno 0-0 Huachipato

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Chilean First Division Closing Stage:

7/8/2011 Union Espanola 4-1 Huachipato

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Copa Sudamericana 1st Qual Round 2nd Leg

17/8/2011 Huachipato 2-0 Cerro Porteno

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Chilean First Division Closing Stage:

20/8/2011 Huachipato 4-3 Union San Felipe
27/8/2011 La Serena 3-5 Huachipato

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Copa Sudamericana 2nd Qual Round 1st Leg

31/8/2011 Liga De Quito 1-1 Huachipato

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After seeing his side play well against superior opposition Stephen Murphy was in a great mood.
“ My boys were superb today.
They showed De Quito just how the game should be played and I couldn’t be more proud of them.
I feel that we could claim a few more scalps in the competition once we finish off these guys again at home. I know my players share my confidence. “

Some transfers around the world:
Santiago Carzolo Villareal to Barcelona for £19.75M
Alexis Sanchez Udineze to Chelsea for £19.5M
Eljero Elia HSV to Inter for £17.25M
Jeremy Menez Roma to Man Utd for £16.5M
Seydou Doumbia CSKA Moscow to Liverpool for £13.75M
Alexndr Kerzhakov Zenit to Arsenal for £11.25M​
September - December 2011 Update

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Copa Chile Third Round :
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7/9/2011 Huachipato 3-1 Santiago Morning

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Chilean First Division Closing Stage :

10/9/2011 Huachipato 1-0 Antofagasta
18/9/2011 Santiago Morning 1-6 Huachipato

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Copa Sudamericana 2nd Qual Round 2nd Leg:
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21/9/2011 Huachipato 2-2 Liga De Quito

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Chilean First Division Closing Stage:

2/10/2011 Huachipato 2-2 Palesino

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Copa Chile Quarter Final:
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6/10/2011 Coquimbo Unido 3-0 Huachipato

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Chilean First Division Closing Stage

19/10/2011 Santiago Wanderers 1-0 Huachipato
23/10/2011 Huachipato 2-1 Osorno
29/10/2011 Nublense 1-0 Huachipato
13/11/2011 Deportes Concepcion 3-5 Huachipato

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Chilean First Division Closing Stage Quarter Final:

20/11/2011 Huachipato 3-0 Union Espanola
23/11/2011 Union Espanola 3-2 Huachipato

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Chilean First Division Closing Stage Semi Final:

30/11/2011 Universidad De Concepcion 3-2 Huachipato
4/12/2011 Huachipato 2-2 Universidad De Concepcion

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Huachipato miss out on final

CD Huachipato players today are mourning their missed chances.
They out played Universidad but ultimately couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net.
It was a day filled with emotion for the players as they were favourites to progress to the final.
Huachipato manager Stephen Murphy didn’t take defeat lightly as he walked straight off the pitch.
Murphy is an ambitious manager and its believed that he thinks he cannot take Huachipato any further.
Suporters are hoping this isn’t the case as he is held in high regard by the fans.
If Murphy does decide to stay he faces a huge challenge rebuilding his squad which is the oldest in the league.

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Murphy rejects new contract
Stephen Murphy has today rejected a new 4 year contract believed to be worth £3000 per week by Huachipato.
Murphy who has 1 year left on his current deal is widely expected to leave at the end of his contract as he is disillusioned with life at the club.
Murphy stated this at his official press conference, “I would like to confirm I have turned down a new deal with the club. I have had many sleepless nights lately due to our poor form. I feel the time is not right to sign a new deal as I consider my options. I would like to thank the fans for their excellent support over the past 2 years. I would also like to say that I have a year left here and will give my all to the club until my contract expires.”

Murphy said he wouldn’t entertain any more questions on his future. He allowed another few minutes to thank his players for their season. Murphy also gave us a report of his best 3 players over the season.
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Manuel Villalobos:
Manu has had a fantastic season by anybodys standards and scored 32 goals in 42 games 32 with an average rating of 7.48.
While also getting 9 assists and was named man of the match 8 times.

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Carlos Aguiar:
The Right Winger had a great season banging in 12 goals and setting up 13 more in only 32 games.
He was named man of the match 5 times and had an average rating of 7.37.

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Gamadiel Garcia:
Garcia was our most creative force as he set up 23 assists in 44 games.
He also helped the teams cause with 8 goals and was man of the match 5 times with an average rating of 7.35.

Breaking News: Blackpool Sack Holloway
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Ian Holloway has today given his final press conference as Blackpool manager.
Holloway stated that the club have disposed of his services after several poor results lately.
Holloway said he would like to thank everybody associated with the club for their fantastic support over the past couple of years.
Despite being 8th in the npower Championship the club have failed to win in 7 games.
This was deemed unacceptable for the promotion favourites.
The race for Holloways sucessor is now on and former Man Utd legend Gary Nevill is favourite for the job.

Heres the odds thanks to

2/1 Gary Neville
4/1 Nigel Clough
5/1 Darren Ferguson
8/1 Stephen Murphy
mate love this story very refreshing to see a story outside of the top european leagues

very nicely layed out with a summary at the end
i also really like the little personal touches like the night on the lash, transfers around the world and the girl you pulled XD
Just to let you know, the screenshots of your players show you as manager of blackpool
i suspect you got the black pool job- well done mate KIU
Just to let you know, the screenshots of your players show you as manager of blackpool

**** i forgot all about that :(

Well heres the next update as most of you can guess what happens.

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Blackpool hire Murphy

In a shock announcement to some Stephen Murphy has been given his chance to prove himself in Europe finally.
Murphy has been given a 2 ½/ Year deal which will be in place until 2014.
Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston has expressed his delight at securing Murphy.
He had this to say “ It is with great pride that I welcome Stephen to the club.
He has proven over the last 2 years that he has all the required skills to succeed at this club.
On current comparisons he plays a similar style of play to Barcelona and Arsenal.
I was convinced that he wants to replicate this success here.”

Murphy welcomed several questions from the media and was very friendly to the press.

Journalist: Welcome Mr Murphy, how does it feel to be sitting here as the new manager?
Murphy: Im delighted to be here, Blackpool have given me a massive chance and I will do my all to repay their faith in me.

Journalist: So this isn’t merely a stepping stone in your career to greater things?
Murphy: No,not at all, I wouldn’t have taken the job if I didn’t believe in this team. I believe that the club will be able to match my ambitions.

Journalist: What kind of football should Blackpool fans expect to see?
Murphy: I will only play attractive attacking football while also being tight at the back. Some people compare it to Barcelona and Arsenals style but I don’t aim to mimic anybody else.

Journalist: What kind of transfer activity should we expect from you?
Murphy: I am only interested in signing the best young footballers from over the world. I can guarantee that I wont be signing any has-bens. I also wont be bullied by other clubs over valuations of their players.

Journalist: So we can assume you will have a hands on role with the player finances?
Murphy: Yes, I will devote all my free time to this club. I prefer a very hands on roll.

Journalist: How do you rate your chances of success this season?
Murphy: I am hoping for a good cup run and I also expect automatic promotion. I wont be satisfied by only making the play-offs.

Murphy: Im afraid that’s all the time I can spare at the minute as I have a busy few days ahead with the opening of the January transfer window. Thank you.

I will have a full January update up tonight betweeen ten and half 10 :)
I'm excited about this! Good story so far... Good luck at Blackpool Mate hope it's goes well
Im sorry i forgot to mention the fact that Blackpool were relegated last season so i will be playing in the championship this season.

Also here is a screenie of my tactic if anybody is curious
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Npower Championship:
30/12/2011 Blackpool 3-2 Q.P.R.
Malaury Martin ( 10 ) Rob Hulse ( 31 )
Charlie Adam ( 43 ) Adel Taarabt ( 88 )
Ludovic Sylvestre ( 55 )

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January Transfer Window Open today

Blackpool expected to make major moves in window.
Stephen Murphy is apparently keen to add to his squad this month .
Murphy reportedly has up to £12M to spend and has already confirmed that a defender is to join the club today.

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Murphy announces that Martin Lopez has joined from Uruguayan club Nacional for an initial fee of £725,000.
Lopez is believed to have a great future in the game and at 19 years old has plenty of time to develop.
The player is eligible to play for both Uruguay and Spain but is currently in the Uruguay U21 squad.
Lopez has expressed his excitement of getting a chance to play in England.Lopez signed a contract worth £11,250 until 2016.

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Also confirmed today is that 30 year old Estonian footballer Joel Lindpere has joined Blackpool on a free transfer from New York.
This transfer was arranged before Murphy joined the club and only time will tell how the player capped 88 times fits into Murphys squad.
Lindpere signed a contract until 2013 worth £5,000 per week.

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Murphy has been accused of panic buying after bringing in Liverpool misfit Daniel Ayala for a fee of £725,000.
The Spain U21 international signed a 3 year contract worth £5,000 per week.
Some fans have voiced their discontent at signing a player that they don’t think is good enough for their team.

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Npower Championship:
2/1/2012 Blackpool 2-1 Norwich
Marlon Harewood ( 36,58 ) Simeon Jackson ( 34 )
Attendance: 9880

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FA Cup 3rd Round:
7/1/2012 Huddersfield 1-5 Blackpool
Anthony Moura ( 75 ) DJ Campbell ( 8,65 )
Charlie Adam ( 15,29,60 )
Attendance: 19420

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Blackpool have today confirmed the signing of Tiago Alves from Santos of Brazil for a fee in the region of £4.2M.
Alves penned a deal of £8,750 per weeek until 30/6/2014.
Alves plays for the Brazil U20 team and has scored a phenomenal 14 goals in just 10 games for the team.
He is already being touted as the next Robinho and is showing plenty of promise.
Getting a work permit for the player has proved a struggle as it was refused initially but was granted one upon appeal.

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Npower Championship:
14/1/2012 Blackpool 1-0 Nottingham Forest
Marlon Harewood ( 16 )
Attendance: 13176

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Blackpool are not afraid to splash the cash
Stephen Murphy has again opened his checkbook today as he secured the services of young Irish-American playmaker Joe Hughes from San Jose for an initial fee of £1M. Hughes is a very technically gifted player but there remains concerns about his mental abilitys to step up to this level.
Hughes has been given a contract until 2014 worth a reported £1,500 per week.

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Npower Championship:
21/1/2012 Reading 0-2 Blackpool
Tiago Alves ( 47 )
DJ Campbell ( 50 )
Attendance: 15462

View attachment 133280
FA Cup 4th Round:
28/1/2012 Swansea 0-1 Blackpool
Joe Hughes ( missed penalty 21 )
Joe Hughes ( 29 )

Attendance: 9752

View attachment 133280
Npower Championship:
31/1/2012 Blackpool 3-1 Swansea
DJ Campbell ( 28,40 ) Stephen Dobbie ( 13 )
Ludovic Sylvestre ( 31 )
Attendance: 10676

Murphy fails in a bid to bring in a backup Goalie.
Stephen Murphy is today cursing his luck as he missed out on several targets on deadline day.
The players Murphy was reportedly interested in were Stepe Pletioska, Scott Carson and Keiran Westwood.
The window has now shut and Murphy must see out until the end of the season without any more additions​
Thanks for all the support everybody, i really appreciate it.
Feedback and suggestions would be appreciated guys.
Update again in the morning.Will do febuary and march together.
Chile <3 <3 <3 <3 i love you for life now <3 hahahahaa great story