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Hacker - breaking the game with all I know about it V2


Feb 8, 2021
Guys, Do you have any filters for searching players by position? (best solution will be for this tactic).
i tried "Essential Football Manager 2021 Filters" but i dont see half positions as filter and i can't get any other options for fm 21
Guessing you mean on the transfer market? If so, I search for good DNA players (Egraam explains the criteria on this thread) and set it to match 3 out of the 8 at 15 then scout all the players that come up.


Apr 14, 2020
If someone is playing with a really good team, is looking for a goal, or just wants a more offensively dominant tactic, here is a small tweak - mentality to Attacking and add "Pass Into Space". I haven't tested it with underdog teams, I doubt it would be better for them than the original version and I don't think it's overall stronger tactic, but I've been a little tired of the original version's lack of firepower, and have been looking for something a little stronger offensively, without hurting the quality of the tactic too much.

Here is a quick test run with Man City, as you can see 115 goals with 35 coming from De Bruyne (but 31 conceded, so not really satisfying defensively).


It maybe a good idea to load it into one of your tactic spots, and switch to it in the last 30 minutes (or even for entire 2nd half), if you are losing and really need a goal.