How to make teams like barcelona B


Mar 26, 2013
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so yea i wanna know is it possible to use the editor to make like a man utd B or a chelsea B and have them start off in the lower leagues and see where they go?

any one know if this is possible or how to do it?
yea i know they are the reserves but Barcelona B plays in spains second division meanwhile say chelsea reserves play in a reserve division
so how do i put them into say league 2?
Dont think its possible unless you can do it with that editor thing
yea thats what i was asking
if any one knows how to do it through that
you could not have 2 teams playing in the same league, just checked there because you where confusing me, if cheklsea reserves got promoted to the premiership you would have the same team playing against each other
yea but barca b play in the league under barcelona and you can go them in the game but they cant get promoted
so if barca b can be made in the game surely you can do the same with the chelsea reserves and have them start off in league 2 and see if they can reach the championship
do you get what i mean?
i would doubt barca b play in the league below barcelona
i just googled it i would doubt you could do that in england it doesnt seem very fair to me
what do you mean?
do you know a lot of football? cause i feel now your either trolling me or wasting my time
barca B play in the league right under barcelona, this is common knowledge. so does real madrid's reserve team and a few other teams do the same, go look it up
and ive worked out how to it now i think
it is a fair system and a smart system
this is one of the main reasons barca create a lot of home grown talent and is prob something england should look at doing
i know celtic and rangers are talking about doing it in scotland
i did know something about this years ago but it seems ive not followed spanish lower leagues in a while, i never play foriegn teams
i think theres about 5 teams with b teams in the league below
i think ive managed how to do it for english teams now using the editor
will make it a bit more interesting to see them work their way up i think
The Spanish football league's system is totally different than FA's. There are no 'B' team in England and the reserve teams play in their own competition. It has nothing to do with Premiere division or championship, etc.
yea i know this ffs
did no one read my original message?
i asked if anyone knew how i could put the reserve teams into say league 2 for a couple of teams
ive worked out how to do it now thought

i was not asking how it worked, i know the difference, please read the original message before commenting next time please, thank you
I have a database that has B teams instead of reserve teams for all premier league clubs in England if you want that emailing to you??