I Crushed BARCA AWAY 2-5 - Lots of CCC'S and Goals . I double dare you to try this !


May 31, 2013
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Hi every1 , I'm CookieMaker (H) ,
I have played the FM series since 2008, and have become very addicted to it. This is my first time uploading a tactic to share it . I'll stop introducing myself because my English isn't my native language and I'm afraid you'll laugh at me at the end with my grammar mistakes, so lets get to the point.

I'm a big fan of High pressure & Counter-Attack Football. I have created lot of tactics but have only ever kept them to myself. When I started playing FM 13, I found it hard to win games. I used a lot of tactics from FM 12 but none worked so I thought I should do more work to analyse the game and how players pass/score and stuff like that.

I've been a Liverpool Fan since I learned about football. So i always start with Liverpool until I create a solid tactic before I use to other teams and embark on other challenges.

4-3-3 (1-2-3-2-3)

The tactic is based on Counter mostly , i thought in Fm 2013 the opossition put lot of pressure mostly when ur plaing away so i made the tactic based on this and the reason why i play with 3 forword ( 2 of them are more tranquista ) , is to have lot of option when attaccking , the defenders are more DM , and putting lot of preassure in the oposition attackers winning the ball and pass to midffilders or long pass to forword .
The point is to play
Quick & wide and hit the oppossition in Counter, the other thing i should mention is The goalie , he always pass quick throw and long kick to forword i score a lot of goals from this , why im doing this is because i find that if the golie plays the ball to near defender the oppossition press high on my defenders and they usally do lot of mistakes and concide a lot so i changed that to play long kick and is working wonders as you see i played ( Samba as CF) with Liverpool , the secret of CF succses is because the main focus is to support other players (Target Man - Support ) ,
and other two strikers need to be pacy strikers ,

1st WARNING : Don't use Oppositon Instruction
2nd Warning :
Dont change anthing in your team Instruction beacue i find it that if you change the passing focus to mixed the team will find hard to pass the ball to you own strikers, this happnes when your team need to defend and the Midfilders are more DM in this case and strikers are staying Forward , so insted use Both Flanks and use more Wings backs , they run they pass to your middfilders or Cross to your Strikers .
3d Warning :
Don't go on Holiday in match day ( hard that will work )

P.s : Hope i explained a little bit
p.s : Sorry for my English again


I won't tell you what type of player this tactic need, exept CF u need One good Target Man like Dzeko ore other that have High Heading and Decent jumping and need to Finish Chances . Believe in your scouting ability :p. Look at player instructions, then find the best player you can to fill that position. For example, if the player required has to run a lot, you should look for players with high stamina, work rate, positioning, etc.

Training & Match Preparation

Underdog/Small Team Trainin & Match Preparation


Fitness Training - High

Match Preparation
Tactics Only - Choose this option when you want your players to get more familiar with the chosen tactics, or
Teamwork - This schedule can be best suited when you have a load of new players you want to blend into your squad.

During Season

If u want to improve attacking than use
Ball Control - High , i chose for my self this one because i want also to score not only to defend ,

If u dont have yet strong squad use
Defending Training

Match Preparation
Defensive Positioning

(Some First games , No fluid)


Some Results
( p.s - I'll keep updating)

Vs Barcelona

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VS CHelsea



Do You Still Need Proof !!!!!

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User Reviews:

first two games
.. tactic is not fluid

Nottingham Forest 7-1 West Brom

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Celtic 3-0 Barca

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Post results guys and your Thoughts !!


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Thank you Very much
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Admin this is real one with download link corrected remove the other one
looks great ill test it what about OI and team talks?
what is Oi , and about team talks Im usually Aggresive one , but when i see we creating chances i prise them individualy works most .
I mostly use my AssitanT Manager for this ( good tactical knowlage ) , but sometimes during game when i see one oppossiton player have a lot space i do my self , the tacitis is based on pressing more , sometimes my player double up the opposition player .
first match without any opposion beat everton 4:2 i am with birmingham
offensivly it is great but defensivly it struggle.. i dont know why
4-3-3 i get trashed against big guys any suggestions mate : )
4-3-3 i get trashed against big guys any suggestions mate : )

Try to make ur wing backs more defending and decrease the Cb's and Dm to press only own half not whole pitch , i will test with lower teams soon and tweak for lowers teams coz only used with Liverpool .