I Have 3 Invites To Give, Get Them Now!!

redders go to the beta forum and look it up you may have downloaded a client with a bug in it and they may have fixed it. Thats what happened with me
how many we got for mini league?
*******, some **** beat me to Glen Johnson by £1 while I was out :mad:
mine keeps sayin fmlbeta.exe has stopped working after about 20 mins of play. its only started doing it now though :(
Just play for 19 minutes, close it then play for another 19 minutes, rinse and repeat. >_>
Woop first major transfer for Ossett Wanderers, Christian Poulsen haha:D
At last Ive sort of sussed the tactics. 6 wins 2 draws and 2 defeats in the last 10 games, hopefully my ranking will go up and i'll get some more cash as im about to sign 4 expensive players and my bank will close me down!!
Woooo! Ive managed to move up to 269th in the World Rankings. Anybody have any idea how far you have to move up to make more income?
The rankings seem to be broken at the moment so everyone is getting 150k i think.

But the rankings money normally ranges from 100k(last place) to 150k or (1st place).
Ok. Well I moved up to 241st overnight and my projected income has changed. Im going to be £500k less in the red than I was yesterday. I dont know of thats because my League kicks off tonight and Ive received some Fed money or what.

Ive gotta aim to win the league and get promoted to sort my bank balance out, and to be fair, I feel a lot more confident of being able to do it now withh the team Ive got and the results Ive had the last two days.
I have 5 invites, 1 is goin 2 Ajw, so if any1 wants 1 of other 4 let me know.
ive got 5 aswell, ones gone to jamgla so theres another 4 here, just ask if u want one