Aug 21, 2009
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Does my head in ... everytime i interact to ask them to do a transfer for me it always says they feel the transfer target is unrealistic! Dont matter what team i am and who i choose the board still never help me... ive heard people say the board always help where as i have never had the board help me once since the game came out.. is it just me or is it pretty rubbish /
It does seem a bit pointless. As when you want to sign a smallish player they say the only want the best and when you ask for a big player they say that its too much or that you should spend your money on more than one player.
i was trying to buy messi for City, my board said they wern't going to increase the budget because they didn't believe it was worth spending all that money on one player.......was well annoyed, it's messi, he would be worht it... but I finally managed to get barca to go down to £120m, took about a month of haggling, then messi wasn't interested in entering contract talks. argh.
But yeah, the board aren't really that useful, though they're always fine if you want to improve training facilities and such. Don't bother if you want more transfer budget..(though to be fair to my board they did already give me £100m...)
i had spent a lot of money and then asked the board for money (i'm man utd) and they say i have a sufficient amount already ------ so i get really ****** off
Everton's board bought me Landon Donovan. Initially they said no, but I said it's really important for the club and they agreed with me.
the board usually wont buy me a player but then i say they dont realise how important this is.
then they usually get him.
but for riduclous amounts.
£83 mill for Maicon on £133,000 per week. WTF
I always have this too, Darron Gibson of man utd was available very cheap (1m ish i think) transfer listed. But the board at Swindon refused to sanction the move even though I already had higher value players at my club and basically had half the previous seasons man utd reserve team that they had released on frees, petrucci, corry evans, magnus, oliver norwood, joe dunngeon, conor devlin, sean mcguinty + a few others. A bit dissapointing really =(
i was man city. only had between 20-30m transfer budget. i asked the board to sign me torres, they brought him to me for 67m and even negotiated his wage. vas a very nice suprise

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Mike Ashley brought a player for me, surprisingly

wow he wouldnt even expand the stadium for me or give me any of the money from the players i sold. takes 2 years to get bought out and i eventually got the new board to build me a new stadium. bad news is the planning takes a year then another 2 years to build it
Mike Ashley bought me Johan Elmander - for 3.2m£.

He's terrible though.:'(
whenever i ask for anything off the board, its always no...so i given up
As Liverpool, the board have been quite kind to me :) First season when my budget was run out and Giuseppi Rossi was offered for £6.75m, they get him for me :D Not a major deal, but was quite pleased. They also help me with Youth Facilities, etc. And both times I have asked for an increased Wage Budget (I find this works better than Transfer Budget, and then you can just adjust the budgets!) they have allowed me to do so!

The one thing they never budge on though is building me a new stadium. Any tips? :/
It's very hard to get any stadium upgrades with Liverpool, as tere is a "council restriction" or some **** that wont let them expand Anfield, and they dont really have the cash to build a new one. Be patient, most importantly, win a LOT. I asked twice a year for stadium improvements, didn't get them until 2019-2020, after winning 4 CL and 3 EPL titles
In my Man U save the board negotiated to buy Pato for me for 21m...but then he got injured and failed his medical :mad:
That was at beginning of second season after winning the league title and league cup in the first. Thing I said something about keeping up with the competition
my board at Bradford never deny me anything apart from new stadiums and facilities but thats a finance thing i increased my % of incoming transfer money available from 5% to 25% and that helps in league 1+2 and you are only selling players for like 10-20 k LOL

also if i ask for more money for transfers or wage i usually get it although its not usually enough to get new players so it saves up

i do love my board