January Challenge!


Sep 17, 2005
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Well it's here for anyone who wants to try it. Liverpool. English Premier Division

Points System

3 Points-Highest League Position
3 points-winning major cup
2 points- winning minor cup(super cup etc)
1 point-highest gate reciept
1 Point-Highest average attedance
1 point-biggest league win
1 point-biggest win
1 point-highest scoring game
1 point-highest scoring league game
1 point-top goalscorer
1 point-most assists
1 point-highest average rating
1 point-most man of matches

i think that should do if there is anything i can change let me know


one season only
Small Database Only
Load no more than the nation your competing in when starting a new game
You MAY sign players
No cheating
Once you have finished your season you can send me screenshots of all the things posted above

Finishing date is Wed 31st of January. Good Luck
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duno whether to post in this one or the original challenge thread.....

shall be doing this one....should be a giggle....

oh and just one question.....what leagues can we run?? or is it just the prem??
It's up to you what leagues you run I guess.
rite oh....well i have just ran prem and championship....seeing as i am not going to move or sign many youth players i don't see the point of running the others..
although Im not goin to partake (cos if I went Liverpool, I'd try and get them relegated), I think Kris or whoever runs it should set that everyone must run the same leagues,detail level and size database
:) He is right i forgot about that...if everyone could load the game in a small database and load England only
:) He is right i forgot about that...if everyone could load the game in a small database and load England only

i had started before you said this.....have just got prem and championship but have ran a large database :knockout:

Can i just carry on....or do i need to start agen?/
i did prem and championship. doin well, just won community shield, beating chelsea 3-2 :D
i just signed this guy who is amazing cant stp scoring aint saying who he is tho or u will or sign him

and i came runner up in the community shield;)
Im not bothered as long as you just load up England and no foreign leagues
can we have best defensive record cos after 9 games i have conceded 1
ooo A decent team for a challenge for once, I think i'll be doing this one even though I hate scousers, but Liverpool isn't really a team with many scousers is it haha :rolleyes: