January Challenge!

pffft, just...something...as long as dont pick arsenal or chelsea for this one then I'll be in! and I know who won the January challenge already,unless someone does a treble by tomorrow
considering its "month"ly challenge we only got like 15 days, so can i just have until the end of the 1st of feb
but then we will lose a day of February. And its the shortest month of all :eek:

Whoever started the thing half way thru the month instead of waiting clearly wasnt thinking :p
Wish i knew that before i deleted my file cause i thought i had 2 days to do 1 season...
may finish, if its the 7th, i gave up bt havnt deleted game, so may hav anotha go.

But as Willman sed i think i already no who has won, will jst hav 2 try n rack up some pnts.
Sherry probably, he won the league and CL
i won the league, CL, charity shield, and fa cup(or league cup, cant remember) so :p
i don't rekon i'll have won.....because others will have won cups and league.....and seeing as the points get added up every month it doesn't matter really i suppose.....

i won the league cup and community shield as well willman....get it right :p
Well after the amazing turn out for the January challnge here is the talbe so far

Sherry 7
Kris 3
meh well I'll play the new one, whether its this month or u wait til march
I think I might have a bash at the new one as well, I didn't have time to play the last one as I had some Uni coursework to finish.