January Challenge!

ive just beat reading 9-0 in the league so i think ive gt a good chance for highest win!!
i am doing well in league but strugle in champ league, i think its cos i need to play a more physical player like sissoko rather than alonso
After bwt 10 games Chelsea r 10pts clear in league, O dear. Champs league goin wel tho
2 points pff chelsea 2nd inleague after 12 champs league top lost charity shield league cup qf :D
after 24 games I am 4pts clear of Chelsea but they have a game in hand on me....

I have a 5-2 lead over Pompey going in to the second (away) leg of the league cup semis...and have Blackburn in the 4th round of the F.A Cup....

Finished top of my CL group but went and drew Real Madrid in First Knockout...that may be a little tricky :(

oh....and i have signed Henrik Larsson ......lol
well.....i have finished my season with Liverpool....was quite successful...

kris....shall i post the screenies on here or just PM them to you??
add them all 2 a folder call it sherry zip it and send it on msn or what ever
******* **** i need to get my **** into gear only in december
as long as i can play as fast as the man in my avatar can type i will be ok lol
lmao only 3 people including me have finished :worried:
Lol. Next month i'll finish if i have time before and after i go Barcelona (12th Feb - 16th Feb)
if peeps don't finish before the last day of the month then their scores obv shouldn't count, then a new one should be started on the first of the new month.
I won't have enough time to finish this, so il have to start from Feb.
so people kept saying the last time we did challenges, people are all full of false promises
I'll prob do the Feb one, just wasn't gona play w/ liverpool!