Apr 2, 2013
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Well since most of the saves I attempt seem to just bore me after about a month or so I've decided to wait until I've got into a save which I enjoy playing before I decide to write a story for it and well I've started playing as Lazio (as the title suggests) a couple of days ago and can't seem to stop! I'm absolutely loving it and I've decided to write it up for your enjoyment as well as mine so I have a reason to keep it going. As is the case with most of my saves, I've spent ridiculous amounts of cash in the first season but you shall see who on! So then, onto the story.
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Mason Valastro takes charge at S.S. Lazio

After a few disappointing seasons, Lazio's owner Claudio Lolito has decided to take drastic steps and replace the entire coaching team and manager, deciding to go with rookie manager Mason Valastro. This appointment has caused some controversy due to Mason's well known links to Don Valastro in Sicily, being his nephew, with many members of the media believing that the Sicilian Mafioso has had significant influence in this decision. However Lolito has quickly distanced himself from these rumours and said that Mason is fully deserving of his chance at the club.

In his first press conference as Lazio's new Manager, Valastro had this to say:

"I know what you all think, that I have only got this job because of my Uncle, however I can assure you that I am fully up to the challenge of managing such a historic club. I promise you that I will win the league with Lazio by the end of the 2013/14 season."

A very bold claim from the rookie manager, saying he will displace the Milan clubs, Juventus and Napoli in only 2 seasons however his confidence can't be mocked. Valastro also outlined who he believes to be a few key players at the club currently:

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"Lorik Cana will be club captain for us this season. He is a key player in my system as an Anchor Man and I believe he is one of the best in the world at this job."

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"Hernanes is widely regarded as one of the best Central Midfielders in the world and it is an honour and a privilege to have him in my team. I can't wait to work with him. There is no real weak point in his game however I am not sure whether he will be my playmaker or box-to-box midfielder yet"

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"I personally believe that in Federico we have Italy's best goalkeeper, that is how highly I rate him. I think he will bring about great success to this club and will win us many points, even with our superb defence."

Aims for the season:
1. Champions League Qualification in the league
2. Get to atleast the semis of the Coppa Italia
3. Win the SuperCoppa against Juventus.
4. Get to atleast the Quarters of the Europa League.

I'm sorry about the lack of faces, I am trying to get the face pack to work however I just can't for some reason. I'll keep trying as I know it does make a difference to the story, again I'm sorry about it!

Okay that's all for this very short update. Next update will have pre-season and my transfers and I'm just going to write it straight away since I'm already in February on the save.
Pre-season (July and August)

To begin with let's go through my transfer activity I guess!

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So rather a lot of money spent! Let's take a look at who I chose to sign:

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Looking at the squad I inherited, full back (mostly left back) was a major problem for me. Not a surprise since (I think) Lazio play with 3 at the back in real life. However that's not my style of play. I like to have a flat back 4, just person preference really. Because of this I instantly targeted a new left back as I only had one person capable of playing there, Stefan Radu and well, he's kinda bad. As soon as I saw Nagatomo had handed in a transfer request at Inter, I jumped at it. He's one of my favourite football manager players and has never failed me when I've had him and at £7.25m, he's a bargain as he'll last 3 seasons easily and I'll still make a profit at the end of that.

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Mostly signed as a bargain, I don't think McGeehan will get much game time this season but he's definitely one for the future and I'm looking forward to seeing his development as I've never had him before!

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My favourite left winger in the game. Probably overpaid but I'm confident he'll pay it back in the future. Again, not sure how much game time he'll get this season as I do have Candreva, Zarate and Gonzalez who are all currently better than him but I'll try and get him as much as possible and he'll be a starter from next season onwards probably.

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Like I said, full back areas were weak and Oboabona was cheap, so I signed him up. Good for a couple of seasons and as back up but will never be a world beater.

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I got lucky with Astori. He's a brilliant defender and arguably the most consistent in the game so to get him when he requested a transfer over Juve who also bid for him was brilliant. I only looked at him once Ogbonna went to Udinese too so I got very lucky!

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Milic was a funny signing, I only saw him because I drew Hadjuk in Europa League qualifying and I wanted to see what I was coming up against but he has the looks of a future class act. Can play CB, DM and CM all very well and has huge potential.

So with this spending spree, some people must have left right? You are correct and here they are:

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Except Lulic and maybe Ledesma, none of them were going to get into the first team so I'm really happy with the amount of money I raised from these transfers. A lot of players I wanted to clear out I couldn't though because they had only just joined the club..

Onto the results!

SC Veendam 0 - 6 Lazio

Decent win to start off pre-season

Busan 1 - 0 Lazio

Not sure what happened ehre, but we clearly weren't good enough since we lost to a Korean team!

Lazio 3 - 1 Sparta Prague

A decent win against a decent team

Fortuna Sittard 0 - 4 Lazio

A good win in our last game before we start playing competitive games against Hadjuk in Europa League Qualifying.

Lazio 3 - 1 Hadjuk (EL 3rd Qualifying round 1st leg)
Gonzalez, Hernanes, Kozak

Good win and this should see us through, despite the fact that we have conceded an away goal because I'm very confident, if not certain, that we'll score atleast 1 at their ground.

Hadjuk 1 - 1 Lazio (EL 3rd Qualifying round 2nd leg)

And we're through! We'll play FC Admira Wacker Modling in the play off, so we should get through comfortably

FC Admira Wacker Modling 1 - 0 Lazio(EL Playoff 1st leg)

Lolwot. We should have destroyed them and in terms of stats we did. Very disappointing but we should still be able to get through comfortably.

Lazio 2 - 1 Juventus (SuperCoppa)
Kozak, Candreva

Yes!! First trophy as Lazio Manager and we came from behind to win it! They destroyed us in the first half but we seemed a totally different team in the second half and to win it in the 94th minute just makes it even better!

Lazio 4 - 0 FC Admira Wacker Modling (EL Playoff 2nd Leg)
Hernanes, Klose, Hernanes, Klose

I was ready to punch my screen in until Hernanes saved me in the 93rd mintue to take the game to extra time. We then took over and scored 3 more goals but we were so so close to going out before the competition had even begun.

My group for the Europa League is:
FC Basel
Zulte Waregem

We should be able to get through that with relative ease however both Wigan and Basel will be tough games away from home as they both have very good players.

Next update is September.

So with our Europa League and SuperCoppa engagements at the beginning of the season, we start our league season already a game behind everyone else as our match against Fiorentina has been suspended all the way until December!

Here's the results:

Lazio 3 - 0 Genoa (Serie A)
Zarate, Klose, Milic

A good win to start the season. Genoa have a very good team on FM so I'm happy we started with a win.

Lazio 2 - 2 Wigan (Europa League Group K)
Candreva, Klose

Very disappointing. We were 2-0 and very comfortable in this game so to lose out on 2 key points like this is very disappointing. Basel won against Zulte Waregem unsurprisingly.

Lazio 2 - 0 Udinese (Serie A)
Milic, Kozak

This game looked like it was heading for a draw until a little bit of magic from wonderkid Milic gave us a goal. Kozak then scored straight away after to give us what looks like a comfortable victory but wasn't. Another good win against a good team.

Chievo 1 - 2 Lazio (Serie A)
Klose, Gonzalez

Chievo started the season incredibly as they scored 10 in their first 3 games (all scored by only 2 players!) so another good win here and looking like a very good start to the season!

Lazio 2 - 0 Juventus (Serie A)
Klose (pen), Astori

Another good win! We had a very tough opening month in the league so to win all of our games is nothing short of brilliant! More than I ever expected. Klose's banging them in for fun at the moment too.

Zulte Waregem 1 - 4 Lazio (Europa League Group K)
Klose x3, Hernanes

This game was actually on like the 3rd of October but oh well. Another good win and Klose is really firing at the start of the season! Seems to be relishing his role as my target man.

So an (almost) flawless month with the only blip being losing a 2 goal lead against Wigan. We have 2 tough games against Basel in the Europa League to come and if we get 4 points I'll be very happy with that. Hopefully our ridiculous league form continues too!

Here's the table and it's very nice reading:
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As you can see, we've had a brilliant start to the season, climbing all the way to 2nd even with a game in hand!

Player of the Month - Miroslav Klose
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There is no way I could give this to anyone else. 9 goals in 10 games so far! Brilliant play by the experienced German.

Next update is October AND November​
October and November

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Quick bit of news before I start on the results. I've agreed deals to sign 2 Italian youth internationals at the end of their loan spells (end of the season):

View attachment 370518View attachment 370519

Neither will be 1st choice next season but Perrin will be 2nd choice keeper behind Marchetti and I'll play him in cup games, easy games and some European matches to try get him as much game time as possible. Murru will be Nagatomo's back up at left back and as such will get plenty of game time naturally.

I also realised that I forgot to show you what my tactic is, well here it is:

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A fairly standard 4-5-1 really. Nothing special about it.

Here's the results:

AC Milan 2 - 3 Lazio (Serie A)
Astori, Novaretti, Klose

Totally unexpected victory! I really expected us to lose this game but we were comfortable. More comfortable than the scoreline suggests really. Klose got injured here though unfortunately.

Basel 0 - 0 Lazio (Europa League Group K)

Not a disaster. I was hoping for a draw here but our great form so far had led me to believe we may win this. Still we didn't but a draw is good enough provided we win all of our remaining games.

Lazio 3 - 0 Atalanta (Serie A)
Kozak, Felipe Anderson, Biglia

Our great league form continues.

Parma 0 - 2 Lazio (Serie A)
Novaretti sent off, Gonzalez, Kozak

Again we win, made even betetr by the fact that Novaretti was sent off in the 4th minute. Kozak's filling in well for Klose so far.

Lazio 2 - 2 Napoli (Serie A)
Kozak, Ciani

Kozak continues to impress. Disappointing to draw after being 2-0 up in the 83rd minute but oh well. First dropped points of the season amazingly!

Lazio 3 - 1 Basel (Europa League Group K)
Sommer OG, Astori x2

A good win and if we beat Wigan next we'll be in pole position in the group.

Catania 0 - 2 Lazio (Serie A)
Kozak x2

Klose came back from injury and then promptly got injured again so I had to bring on Kozak who did a great job again! Catania were 3rd behind us and Napoli at this point too so a really good win.

Lazio 4 - 1 Sampdoria (Serie A)
Kozak, Nagatomo, Milic, Kozak

I heard Kozak was good on FM but this is getting ridiculous! Another great win.

Wigan 0 - 1 Lazio (Europa League Group K)
Caldwell OG

Get in! Maloney missed 2 (almost) back-to-back penalties and this game looked destined for a draw until Kozak hit the bar in the 87th minute and Caldwell put into his own net. In pole position in the group now and I really can't see us doing anything but beating Zulte Waregem, but then again stranger things have happened.

Roma 1 - 0 Lazio (Serie A)

Really disappointing to get our first defeat since August against our rivals but what can you do, our run had to come to an end sometime I guess.

Lazio 3 - 1 Verona (Serie A)
Hernanes x2, Kozak

Back on the winning track! Hernanes is some player on this game (and in real life) and he won us this game as he scored 2 and set up the other!

Here's the table after a hugely successful start to the season:
View attachment 370535

We're top and looking quite comfortable already. We are due a bad run at some point in the season but I just hope we're able to pull out a pretty big gap up top by then. Juve and AC Milan have both had pretty poor starts too which helps us and I'm not too worried about my game in hand against Fiorentina now because they've been rubbish so far!

Player of the Month - Davide Astori and Libor Kozak
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Had to share it out as they've both been incredible. Astori really has ran the show in defence and Kozak just can't stop scoring for me! Klose's being kept on the bench by him at the moment!

That's all for now. Monthly updates from now on


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Not much to report straight away, no new deals during this month so straight onto the results!

Torino 2 - 3 Lazio (Serie A)
Sarabia, Kozak, Candreva

A good win again! Torino are really struggling at the bottom with Fiorentina surprisingly but still good to come from 2-0 down to win 3-2 anytime.

Lazio 2 - 0 Zulte Waregem (Europa League Group K)
Kozak x2

Klose can't get back in the team! We top our group which should (hopefully) give us a bit of an easier draw however the way things are going we're going to have 2 games a week from January onwards it seems.. Basel beat Wigan 2-0 but Wigan destroyed them 4-0 in the reverse fixture earlier so Wigan get through to the knockouts as well!

Lazio 0 - 0 Inter (Serie A)

Disappointing in one way but not too bad in another as Inter have been very good this season (in game) under Mazzarri.

Lazio 2 - 0 Atalanta (Coppa Italia 1st Round)
Klose, Andre Dias

Being last season's winners of the Coppa Italia we come in at a very late stage (round of 16) and are comfortably through to the quarters, where we will play Parma at the Olimpico

Bologna 0 - 0 Lazio (Serie A)

Can't be too disappointed here as the games have really piled up recently so the players have been getting very tired. Cana got his 2nd red card of the season and I've already decided to replace him at the end of this season because of that.

Fiorentina 0 - 3 Lazio (Serie A)
Candreva, Zarate, Kozak

Poor Fiorentina... They just can't buy a point at the moment. We took them to pieces in the second half and should've scored more.

Lazio 3 - 0 Sassuolo (Serie A)
Kozak, Sarabia, Klose (pen)

Kozak scored and then promptly got himself sent off for diving twice.. Comfortable win in the end but Perrin had a horror show in the Sassuolo goal!

So at the end of the month we are doing very well, still in with a chance in all 3 competitions however because of how good we're doing in the league, the Europa League is very much on the back burner, I really couldn't care less how we do in it now as I want to win the league.

Speaking of the Europa League, we've been drawn against Club Brugge and if we get through that we will get either Udinese or Valencia.

Here's the table:
View attachment 370809

We're looking rather comfortable at the top however fixture pile up may play into our rivals hands and Juve are really starting to motor now.

As it is the end of the year, that means the end of year Serie A awards! Our players got a few:
View attachment 370813View attachment 370814

Unsurprisingly Kozak's got a few awards to his name, winning young player of the year and coming 2nd in foreign player of the year. He's been superb so far for me.

View attachment 370815

This was a bit of a surprise to me really! I expected Buffon to be 1st for goalkeeper of the year so for him to not even be in there is weird, good to see Marchetti get the credit he deserves though.

Player of the Month - Andre Dias
View attachment 370823

While Astori's been injured this month, Andre Dias has had to fill in and he's done it pretty well! Best player by a country mile this month.

Next up is January, a very exciting one too!​
Awesome story so far man, looking forward to see the next results. Sarabia was an absolute MONSTER for me when I was playing with Spurs. Best Winger in the game for me. Btw, what skin do you use?
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Awesome story so far man, looking forward to see the next results. Sarabia was an absolute MONSTER for me when I was playing with Spurs. Best Winger in the game for me. Btw, what skin do you use?

Cheers mate! Yea Sarabia is beyond belief really, best left winger in the game imo.

It's Steklo x3 I think. I just change the background from the original one because I prefer this

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Well I'd just like to start this by saying that I got very very lucky this month. Like insanely, unbelievably lucky.
Here's my transfers:

View attachment 370932

I had agreed deals to bring in Vergara and Coman before the start of the window, neither of them are good enough for the first team yet but they'll both be in or around it next season for sure. Vergara will be in the squad this season and may get a few games, but not too much. Then the luck came. Here's a better look:

View attachment 370936

Like I said Vergara was agreed before the window, not good enough to start yet but hopefully he'll be good enough in a couple of seasons. High hopes for this lad.

View attachment 370937

Signed Coman in November I think and he's definitely not good enough yet but I've always wanted to try him out as my friend said he develops into a beast.

View attachment 370938

I put in a bid for De Sciglio just as a tester to AC to see how much they'd want for him, around £7.5m I think and they promptly rejected it, however De Sciglio wasn't happy about this for some reason and quickly requested a transfer!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it and for £15m he's a bargain since he's Italian as well. Starting RB from now on

View attachment 370935

I honestly don't know how this happened. I'd kept an eye on El Shaarawy from August but he had always said he didn't want to join but then I looked towards the end of January who on my shortlist was available as I had a bit of spare cash and lo and behold, there he was! Not cheap but definitely worth it. Can't believe I got him and for such low wages too!

Well with those transfers I have probably crippled the club financially for the next 4 years as I'm paying AC Milan about £35m over 48 months but it's worth it I think.

I also agreed deals to get 2 young players at the end of the season on frees:
View attachment 370943View attachment 370944

Neither is going to be a world beater but they'll both be decent as back up. Wootton has the added benefit of being a decent Anchor Man too as I'm pretty short in that area.

So with all those incomings there must have been some outgoings right?
View attachment 370945

Mostly just young players but 2 players from the first team squad left.
Ciani was my 4th choice CB and with Vergara coming in, who is better at 18 years old, there was no place in the team for him.
Zarate was very hot and cold for me, some games he was amazing and some he was terrible so when I went after El Shaarawy I decided to get rid of Zarate and £7.5m is more than I expected for him so I'm happy.

Results time!

Livorno 3 - 4 Lazio (Serie A)
Klose (pen), Hernanes, Candreva, Klose

Oh what a game. we were 3-0 up, then 4-1 up then they scored 2 in 2 minutes and we just had to hang on! Great victory against a rival.

Lazio 2 - 0 Parma (Coppa Italia Quarter Final)
Kozak, Astori

Yay! I always seem to do well in domestic competitions and this save seems no different as we breezed through our quarter, we play Bologna in the semi. The Other semi is Juventus vs Pescara so looks like we'll be playing Juve in the final!

Lazio 2 - 2 Cagliari (Serie A)
Candreva, Sarabia

We were terrible here at the start, 2-0 down after only 10 minutes but in the end we should've won. Ended the game with 70% possession despite having 45% in the first half shows how much we dominated the second half

Lazio 2 - 1 Fiorentina (Serie A)
Kozak, Novaretti

An easy win against a Fiorentina team who are really struggling, they should be challenging for top 3 but instead they are rooted to the bottom. They're pretty much certain to go down already!

Bologna 1 - 1 Lazio (Coppa Italia Semi Final 1st Leg)

Decent draw since away goals count in the Coppa Italia. We should easily finish the job off at home.

Genoa 0 - 0 Lazio (Serie A)

2 points dropped, enough said.

Lazio 1 - 0 Bologna (Coppa Italia Semi Final 2nd Leg)

We are into the final! Can we make it a second Coppa Italia in 2 seasons? Well if we want to we'll have to beat Juve in the final.

That's it for this month, here's the table:
View attachment 370948

Sitting pretty at the top now, however we have 2 games a week for about 2 months now and we are still due a bad run. Plus Juve are on some ridiculous run of 8 wins in 9 or something.

Player of the Month - Diego Novaretti
View attachment 370949

The Argentina CB was amazing this month no matter who he played with. Didn't miss a game and has barely missed one all season.​
Awesome story. Did a save with LAZIO myself (discussed in MANUMAD's Box of Sweets) which I loved so Ill follow with interest.

A couple of points:

1. Lulic I had no idea before my LAZIO save but he's one of the best wbs/wingers/IFs/APs in FM - he was valued at 23m within a season and a bit for me - so bad call to sell him imho.
2. Mattia Perin is great (use him in my current Fiorentina save) but in MARCHETTI you have one of FM13's hidden gems - on top of everything I never saw a gk in the game save more pens than he does!
Nice work mate! I hate this club but it is a game, and i loved italian storys so i will follow this. You judt lost one game an this was against roma, nice ;) !

good luck
El Shaarawy is a crazy good signing. KIU pal
That's some crazy good, and expensive signings there. How much did the board give you in January for transfers exactly? Lazio aren't that rich are they?
Awesome story. Did a save with LAZIO myself (discussed in MANUMAD's Box of Sweets) which I loved so Ill follow with interest.

A couple of points:

1. Lulic I had no idea before my LAZIO save but he's one of the best wbs/wingers/IFs/APs in FM - he was valued at 23m within a season and a bit for me - so bad call to sell him imho.
2. Mattia Perin is great (use him in my current Fiorentina save) but in MARCHETTI you have one of FM13's hidden gems - on top of everything I never saw a gk in the game save more pens than he does!

Cheers man, Ah well sucks on Lulic but I guess you win some and lose some.. Sarabia's a **** of a player anyways so haven't lost too much. Yeah I'm planning on keeping Marchetti 1st choice for another 2 seasons, he does some amazing stuff

Nice work mate! I hate this club but it is a game, and i loved italian storys so i will follow this. You judt lost one game an this was against roma, nice ;) !

good luck

Haha they're not my favourite Italian club either (that's Juve) but I thought Roma and Juve would be a bit too easy! Cheers mate!

El Shaarawy is a crazy good signing. KIU pal

Cheers mate! Yea I really wasn't expecting to be able to get El Shaarawy until at least the 3rd season

That's some crazy good, and expensive signings there. How much did the board give you in January for transfers exactly? Lazio aren't that rich are they?

They only gave me another £20m or so, can't remember exactly. I just financially crippled the club by paying over 48 months, hopefully they all turn out good I guess!
Nice story mate,will follow and as everyone know El Shaarawy is a beast,cant believe you were able to sign him in first season!

Straight into results.

Udinese 0 - 1 Lazio (Serie A)

Cana got sent off yet again, 4th red card this season... But a tricky game negotiated here.

Club Brugge 1 - 1 Lazio (Europa League 1st Knockout Round 1st Leg)

Not too bad, the away goal is great but I wanted a win really.

Lazio 0 - 0 Chievo (Serie A)

Dreadful result. Really should've won this game as Chievo's defence is pretty terrible.

Lazio 3 - 1 Club Brugge (Europa League 1st Knockout Round 2nd Leg)
Konko, Hernanes, Klose

Decent victory, not too happy about the goal conceded but we got through so I guess that's all that matters. The players are getting insanely tired now though.. We Play Valencia next round.

Lazio 2 - 1 AC Milan (Serie A)
El Shaarawy, Hernanes

Hernanes is brilliant, great player to have as a Box-to-box midfielder as he just scores and assists so many. This was more comfortable than the scoreline suggests as they only had 1 shot, which was a penalty as well.

Here's the table:

View attachment 371370

Juve are really charging at us now and I just worry that with the sheer amount of games we have, our squad will just tire out as it's not as big as theirs is.

No player of the month because well, I forgot to do one really!

Sorry about the shortness of this update, I'm trying to get up to date to where I am in game because it just makes it easier for me as I can't really remember what happened in these games too well anymore (I have a terrible memory) so I'm probably just going to post up the rest of this season by the end of tonight​

View attachment 371371

A big month here as we have A LOT of games in the league and our 2 games against Valencia in the Europa League. So could we keep up with the insane workload we had?

Atalanta 1 - 2 Lazio (Serie A)
Klose x2

A good win keeps up our 6 point gap over Juve who are really charging, they just keep winning every game!

Lazio 2 - 3 Valencia (Europa League 2nd Knockout Round 1st Leg)
Candreva, Andre Dias

Kozak and Cana both got sent off but we were just terrible the entire way through this match. Practically mission impossible to go to the Mestella and scored more than 3 away goals so we just have to hope we can win by 2 clear goals really..

Lazio 0 - 0 Parma (Serie A)

Bit of a disaster as we draw our 2nd home game in 2 months in the league, we really need to win every home game to stand a chance I think.

Valencia 1 - 1 Lazio (Europa League 2nd Knockout Round 2nd Leg)

Well we're out of Europe for this season. May be a blessing in disguise but we were terrible over the 2 legs against Valencia and deserved to go out. Form's really starting to slump now too..

Napoli 1 - 3 Lazio (Serie A)
Gonzalez, Astori, Kozak

Or is our form slipping!!! What a win! Napoli are one of the best teams in the league AND managed to keep a hold of Cavani and Hamsik in game too so a really great win!

Lazio 0 - 3 Catania (Serie A)

Spoke too soon. One of the worst performances I've ever had to witness on football manager as Catania just tore us apart and could've (should've) had about 10.

Sampdoria 2 - 1 Lazio (Serie A)

Not only did we lose to drop points for the 3rd league game out of 4 but El Shaarawy also got injured. We're just going downhill here really badly and Juve are onyl 3 points behind with a game in hand too, would be devastating to lose it now.

Here's the table:

View attachment 371376

So it's really tight at the top now, hopefully we can hold on but I just don't see it to be honest. We've been poor since January.

Player of the Month - Lorik Cana
View attachment 371377

Despite getting sent off against Valencia, Cana's had by far his best month for me this month, been great as an Anchor Man for me. Still going to sell him as he's been sent off 5 times..

The youth intake came in and 2 good players came through, forgot to take screen shots of them but you'll definitely see them in the future, especially the right back who's probably already good enough to start in most Serie A teams!​