LI4MS Easy 442 (Won all competitions with Dortmund first season)


Mar 1, 2011
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Welcome to LI4MS Easy 442
If you want a tactic that is tight at the back and creates plenty of CCC'S this tactic is for you.

Here's the link - LI4Ms Easy 442

This tactic has been very consistent for me so I though I would share my success with the great FM Base community. This tactic will be very solid and you will concede few goals, not only that but you will create chances and score goals for fun.

The Formation

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As you can see the formation is set up as a standard 442. I started making the tactic with intention of keeping the shape and playing organised football, this is why the style is set to standard. The mentality of the team is set to Balanced, this is so I don't have defenders wandering to far forward messing the shape of the team up.

You should set the assistant manager to set Opponent Instructions.

I don't use shouts as they interfere with how the team plays. But feel free to test some shouts and let me know how they do.

Pitch size should be set to standard
Pre season set training to tactics high on general and match training. Once fully fluid with the tactic change match training to either defensive positioning or attacking movement depending on what area you think your team needs to improve in.


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Corners are set to near post with the default settings on the players. The left central defender will attack the near post and as you can see Subotic has score 24 goals!​

Results and league table

View attachment 316516View attachment 316517View attachment 316535
View attachment 316536

Please feel free to ask any questions and share any feedback you have for the tactic.


LI4M (H)
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works good so far for me with FC Arges in romania second league
I have updated the opening post with the info you have asked mate.
I am going to give this a try on my Man Utd save.
I love 442's.

I was previously using Nezza and modern warfare but it seems like somehow it doesn't work as well now. I really hope this tactic is gonna help me!

Just a few qn.

I have Cavani (For headers) and Rodrigo (For speed) as my strikers. Which one should be STL and STR?
And also for your MC, which one should be the more defensive ones?
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Nezza doesn't work as well? lol it's actually still the best tactic from far :D
Isn't this the 'Modern Warfare 442' tactic with tweaks?
Nezza doesn't work as well? lol it's actually still the best tactic from far :D

Nezza was working for 2 seasons for me. Won everything in that 2 seasons. I am not sure why but it is suddenly falling apart.

Anyway, tried this tactic for 5 games. L2 D1 W2. I drop this tactic for the last game which i lost to Man city 5-2. Too humiliating for my board. :p Don't know what went wrong though.
Isn't this the 'Modern Warfare 442' tactic with tweaks?

This is what is annoying me at the moment,

Everytime some brings out a 442 tactic people say straight away, Orr this is just modern warfare with tweaks, just because it looks similar doesn't mean it is MW, y don't u give the lad some credit for what seems a decent tactic he's manged to create.
great results you shown LI4MS . Any idea wich team i could use for this tactic? looking for a challenge...