Liverpool agree Suarez fee

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Jan 1, 2010
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Liverpool Football Club announced this afternoon that they had agreed a fee of up to 26.5million Euros with Ajax for the transfer of Luis Suarez, subject to the completion of a medical.

The Club have now been given permission by Ajax to discuss personal terms with the player and his representatives.

Suarez & Torres - Oooooft! Jizzed. in. my. pants.
Was just about to post this. COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!
26million euros. Further evidence of the over inflated market.
26million euros. Further evidence of the over inflated market.

You can blame the likes of City for this. Ajax said they wanted a higher fee due to City's spending on players like Dzeko.
26 Million "Euro's" for Suarez i woul say is not that bad over inflation really the guy is a proven goalscorer in Holland and on the International scene is only 25 and him and torres up front sounds deadly!!!
yep, this is exactly the kind of transfer he has been asking for for two seasons

This is why he is apparently not happy, the club made promises years ago and havent fullfilled them.
Am obviously very pleased with this, I have actually got a *****. :$

Can possibly see us going to 4-3-3?


reported 16.5m cash with 10m future incentives i.m.o thats a good deal for suarez as we all know players coming direct from the dutch league don't always bang in the same goal rate...I can only think of van nistelrooy+van persie who have