thanks for uplaoding the english team logos. you dont happen to have the logos for the welsh leagues do you?
Cheers mate, appreciate it! Can you do kits? I want the Newton Aycliffe and Darlington Kits haha.. I've posted on a forum what i'd like, and how i'd like the kits.. But there's been no reply or anything..?
Have u tried making the San Marino league and comps set up mate?

League - basically it's 2 sub divisions of a 7 and 8 team leagues called Girone A and B, every team in the respective group plays each other twice then each other from the other group once. After that the top 3 teams from each division enter a knockout system for the league title (2 rounds each stage) except for the final and the team that wins their Girone gets a by through the first knockout round.

The problem I had with making this league was the recognition of who won the league title as previous winners was listed as the Girone A, and the club that won the championship had no history of it.

Super Cup - Finalists of the Championship final and the FA cup.

Was only able to do it with the winners from each competition.

FA Cup - A group stage tournament followed by knockout rounds like the champions league.
how about a scottish lower league data base and club logo to go with it ?
I'd like a scottish lower league database. My cousin plays in goal for a team called Formartine United. He probably's won't be on the game though lol.
how do i download these lower tier pthces i cant find ouhow to??
Would it be possible to have both the english lower leagues and german lower leagues put into one file? Otherwise, I'd also like to ask if you could make a Denmark version with lower leagues.
Hello and thanks very much for your effort.

I was wondering if you could do Turkish Lower Leagues?
voasy, i love your work. could you make the italian lower leagues? thanks :)
Could you do a Scottish non league one? I've looked all over but they all look to be remodeled Scottish systems and I'd like it to be more reflective of the actual system.

I'd like it if you could get promoted into the League but I don't mind if you can't do that (as you can't do that IRL anyway so).

Hi, could you please do the bulgarian lower leagues? Will be very grateful! Thanks in advance :)