Nov 21, 2010
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As I woke up and got my cuppa tea and sat and put sky sports news on, I was shocked to see that Claude Puel the Lyon manager was killed in a car crash, but to be honest I sat there like any Englishmen in England getting ready for work for money and thought it didn't mater me.
They even showed a picture of him, while he was managing his team in a game.

I am Luke Fish, a everyday Englishmen who works 9-5 for a computer firm, once a week I help out at Fulham FC with disabled children to help give them a better future, so the next 10 minutes are going to shock me.

The phone rung.. I picked it up to hear a voice I didn't know, I asked who it was and he answered Jean Aulas, and to be honest I had no idea who this was, in till he said he was the chairmen of Lyon, and wanted to offer me a job, I was shocked, me? I have no football managing experience at all, I never even played professional football, he told me to take the next flight to Lyon to talk to him. So I did...but first I run up work saying I was quitting, maybe a bit of a rash thing to do, but I was hoping not.


I arrived at the Stadium and was greeted by Jean Aulas himself, I quickly and happily signed a £8750 per week deal, thinking I earn more in two weeks then I did in a year, I then received a tour of the grounds before being let loose to start sorting out the team and the tactics.


The stadium.

At this point I decided its my team now, I will take charge and do things my way.. but what way is that?
I was about to find out...
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Mate thats a pretty good OP i must say! may want to look into different layouts thought but your choice? look at my story if you need any layout tips or anything, click my sig at the bottom about hansen managing :) leave us a comment :)

One bit of advice would be not to start a story with '(This is a story by me, a person who enjoys FM but inst very good at it, and not very good at stories either)' just dont look for sympathy :) but its a great op mate! story writing seems your thing look forward to next update :) KEEP IT UP!! :D
I will look at yours, cheers for the advice, I will delete the top bit :)
Good start mate, very honest about your working experience :D

Cheers buddy :) that looks much better now and it cuts out any chance of sympathy :) Your story works, got the background and the information needed :) All sorted :D
yep cheers for that :) I going to update at the end of every game month, so every day or every other day depending how busy I get :) hopefully this story will keep me motivated to stay on as one team instead of keep starting a new season lol!
yep cheers for that :) I going to update at the end of every game month, so every day or every other day depending how busy I get :) hopefully this story will keep me motivated to stay on as one team instead of keep starting a new season lol!

yer thats what i do, every month i will update with stats and that, usually a couple months a day depending on how busy i get and that! but will check back tomorrow for an awaited update from you :) yer i always get bored but my story is keeping me going :D
yer your story is awesome, read the first half so half, will finish reading it tomorrow morning and hopefully finish my first month tomorrow morning :)
yer your story is awesome, read the first half so half, will finish reading it tomorrow morning and hopefully finish my first month tomorrow morning :)

Its a long story tbh alot of reading lol :) give us a comment on it once you read the whole thing with your thoughts etc :) anyway i need sleep so will check back tomorrow morning sometime :) Good Luck! KIU!
The month of Friendlies and Transfers​

As I woke up and looked out my window to the stadium, that's when it really hit me.. its real I am really the manager of Lyon, I was filled with a rush of joy and happiness but released the about of responsibly on my shoulders.


As a Chelsea fan who didn't really care about other countries teams, I always thought the big clubs in each league had a lot of money to spend, like Chelsea and Man City had, so I was looking forward to splashing some cash and hopefully winning all the friendlies Lyon had left.
Lyon had played one friendly against Yokohama before i had joined and lost 3-0 but I believed I could do better.. but could I? I didn't know what I was doing.


Westerlo 0 - 3Lyon
Belfordil (27, 44), Braid (39)

Lyon 2 - 0 Lyon Reserves
Toulalan (21), Bastos (pen 69)

Oostende 0 - 5 Lyon
Kallstrom (25), Braid (38, 45), Belfordil (48), Lacazette (56)

Lokeren 2 - 2 Lyon
Halmes (84), Marchal (89) - Belfordil (6), Lacazette (70)

FC Brussals 0 - 7 Lyon
Braid (14, 90), Reveillere (20), Lacazette (39), Toulalan (58), Cissokho (69), Lovren (88)

Dresden 0 - 1 Lyon
Cris (71)

Overall I was very pleased with these games the game against Lokeren we seemed to take out foot off in the last 7 minutes and the game against Dresden we seemed to not even turned up, overall though I am pleased with these, my first games as a manager of a football, even though they weren't competitive was happy with.



So after finding out I had nothing to spend except about 5 million (So I found out the hard way that not all big teams had a rich billionaires like Chelsea and Man City), I went out to look for deals, I wanted Menez, but I he was out of my price range intill they transfer listed him, Real Madrid had came in with a £15million bid which was turned down and Menez came unhappy and was offered to me for £6,25 Million, this I was very pleased about, and then for him to choose Lyon over Madrid pleased me more.


Transfers In

Menez -£6.25 Million

Park ji-Sung - £4.2 Million

Transfers out

Gomis-Loan fee, £210k, Future fee of £4 million

Gassama -£1.2 million

Novillo- Loan

Pogam- Loan

Kolodzieczak - Loan

Grenier- Loan fee, £250k

Delgado - £6 million

Overall I have been pleased about this month, it has allowed me to get a wonderful player in Menez transferred in and gave me my first taste of football management, and now I look forward to next month for my first taste of competitive football.

Wonderful mate! no problem in the story writing here! :) great transfers and friendlies, banging in loads of goals early! its vital! KIU! :D
cheers,I hope you dont mind me nicking your layout lol, yep I am happy with my signings both I think will do well ^^)
good start mate, when you have time if you want look at minew :)
A Important Month

Breaking News


Blackburn's Givet Signs for Lyon, on a £13 million deal, which will be paid over a years, a massive £1.1 million a month!

I was pleased to have got a transfer deadline deal for a French defender after deciding this is what I needed to strengthen on, I believe I may have over paid, but it was transfer deadline day and so it was a last minute rushed deal, I hope he plays well for us, as he is going to cost us £13 million this season, so lets hope he plays well.

I was hoping for a good start to my management career knowing if I didn't I would soon be under pressure by the fans and the board, I asked the players to make sure they won all their home games and not to lose away, I thought this could be a good start if they could do this.

As I walked onto the pitch in our first game of the season which was in Lyon, I got a idea of how much this meant to the fans, the stadium was fall, and that put me under pressure straight away to perform...


Lyon 1 - 0 AS Monaco FC
Kallstrom (15)

SMC 2- 1 Lyon
El Arabi (12), Yatabare (90) - Menez (50)
Diakhate (sent off, 90)

Lyon 4 - 0 Stade Brestois 29
Bourgis (Own goal, 8), Menez (35, 58, pen 70)

FC Lorient 1 - 1 Lyon
Kitambala (3) - Briand (17)

Overall I was pleased with out home record but disappointed with our away record, in the goals in the game against SMC Diakhate was at fault and so I sent him back to his club and bought Givet on the last day of the transfer window to replace him, against Lorient we were unlucky we were all over them, their goalkeeper even got Man of the Match.


Chapions League Draw-

Wow what a group we got, a real tough group, I told my players I believe we can finish top and I hope we can, but I have my doubts.


Manchester United

Manchester is going to be the team to beat in our group, I believe we can do it if we play our game against them and not let them play theirs against us.

So on we go, I still have a job and as a guy with no managment experience I am pleased with this, and I now have earned more then I could ever done in 3-4 years, so I am happy for now.

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I scored, I did it! I won Lyon the Champions league final! I scored a 25 yard screamer, what a goal, I celebrated! Cris though looked annoyed it had been a close game in which he decided to play as Real Madrid and losing to his manager 1-0 at fifa 11 in such a close game seemed to annoy him slightly, but he was okay with it, he joined in on the laughs in the end. (Mind you the game before he did beat me 6-1)


Almost Perfect

This month was going to be a important month, with champions league starting this month, my team had to preform, I wanted a 100% wining run in the league this month and a solid champions league performance in our first two games.

I believed Givet could help us achieve this and strengthen our back line, with Lopez coming back from injury to, this could be a good month.


Lyon 1 - 0 Valenciennes FC
Cris (44)

Bordeaux 0 - 2 Lyon
Bastos (75), Braind (86)

Lyon 1 - 0 AS Saint Etienne
Cris (Sent off, 35)

In the league I was very pleased with these three games, two home wins and a great away win against a tough Bordeaux, we dominated all these teams and we could easily had 2-3 more goals in each game, so perfect league games for this month.


So the two champions league games I had this month, both were tough, but I wanted a solid performance in both games.


Manchester United 1 - 1 Lyon
Rooney (44), Givet (90)

I was very happy with this performance it was a very close game and a draw was deserved, this was Givet's debut and to score must have been a big boost for him, am pleased with this result, as I was expecting a lose in what I see as out toughest group game.


Lyon 3 - 0 Anderlecht
Braind (pen 6, 66), Belfodil (48)

What a performance, I was very happy with this game, and youngest Belfodil getting his first goal of the season, I believed this was maybe not as deserved at it looks, as it was a very end to end game, and that is shown by Givet getting Man of Match, what a signing he has been, he has paid back is £1.1 million instalment this month!

Overall I am very pleased with this month, a almost perfect month overall, as a new manager I am pleased to see the Board and Fans hav taken a loking to me, and so have the players, this has made my job easier, and reduce some of the pressure.

I hope to continue this form into the next month and hopefully finish top in the champions league group.

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Nice update mate :) keep it going :) just updated mine :) take a peak when you got a spare 5 :)
Lyons Lucky Lopez​


This would be the first month Lopez is available for constant section, he has his fitness back is looking sharp in training, so I am hoping for him to spearhead my attack and to see how that goes.
I am very impressed with myself to still be here, I thought I would have been sacked by now, but some good performances have made Lyon look like they are going to take the title easily.
I believed we could win every game this month, and the team knew that.


As Nancy Lorriane 1 - 3 Lyon
Sami (5) - Lopez (15, 68), Lovren (48)

AC Arles-Avginon 0 - 2 Lyon
Pjanic (20), Lopez (45)

Lyon 4 - 0 FC Sochaux-Montbe
Menez (36), Gonalons (47) Braind (50, 76)


Lyon 1 - 0 AJ Auxerre
Lopez (9)

So in the league and cup a winning month, which sees us go top of the table with a game in hand, so looking good this month, and Lopez having a great month also shows why he is one of our best.



Partizan 1 - 2 Lyon
Vukmir (41) - Lopez (13, 23)

This was a impressive mainly because Man U came here and lost 1-0! So a convincing performance and a great performance by Lopez one again.

Overall this month has been great, all games one and Lopez hitting form in his first full month back, I hope for more of the same from him, and I must say what a feeling it is when you walk out on the Lyon pitch and here the fans chanting your name.

I was a normal guy who got turned around with one phone call, and what a phone call it has turned out to be!

Yep I am surprised how well I done, I have never done this well before lol, I no its still early stages but for once a am really enjoying this season! Shame Park Ji Sung been injured so far tho

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I got some interesting news later tonite(when I do the right up), to do with the in game Man U!
well im enjoying mine to, i think its just because the story needs to be done so you enjoy it more :) oh will look out for the update then :)