March Challenge!


Sep 17, 2005
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CSKA Moscow Russia only and Small DB

will update table soon....good luck :D


Honey Monster 5
Kris 5
NUFC4Life 7
AD 0
Lloyd 0
Sam Morris 0
theKillerDR 5
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Ok so updated League Table is

1. NUFC 17
2. Kris 9
3. Sam 7
4. Sherry 7
5. Honey Monster 5
6. TheKillerDR 5
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Yeah I suppose Ill have a go at this one as well. Seeing as we have all month I will take my time with this one.

Cannot believe i didnt get anything for the last one when Torres had the season of his career though, im gutted :yikes:
i shall finish this one....i hope....and will try not to be a woman and pack it in.....league shud be relativly ok.....but euro glory??....maybe....:D
I'll try and give this one a go, though uni work is starting to increase :(...although easter is in three weeks...
this time i wont give up the second i get in a mood with lol
seriously how do u do it in 6 hours!!!!!!!! do u just click continue without even thinking lol
pfft we've had this debate before...though a game w/ someone like cska should go quicker...i don't know why,but it should :D
lol is it 1 point for winning russian super cup?
Rofl, like i didn't get any points with Atletico :eek:

Going to have to pwn yall now.
i hope i aint speaking too soon but this is easy lol 3 win in 3 games, nd i aint even signed any1

also i aint played a game without a sending offlol
30, every ****** game is a derby over here aswell 90 bloddy moscow sides :p
Theres 1 called Tom Tomsk!

CSKA's defence is rubbish :(!!!!!!! And the transfer window is TINY!
the defence is pretty decent. im 15 games in and top :D only conceded 10
most people should win the league i think the point will be decided on best average rating and goals scored etc