May challenge!!!


Sep 18, 2005
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Ok, back to Europe for this one, May's challenge team is Paris. They're doin **** irl but are pretty decent in the game, in the UEFA cup and media prediction of 4th i think. As usual small db and as low as the second division only. I'll give a reminder of what points can be gained for as well:

3 Points-Highest League Position
3 points-winning major cup
2 points- winning minor cup
1 point- most games without losing
1 point-most games won on the run
1 point-highest goal difference
1 point-most goals scored
1 point-least conceded
1 point-biggest win (all comps)
1 point-highest scoring game (all comps)
1 point-top goalscorer (all comps)
1 point-most assists (all comps)
1 point-highest average rating (all comps)
1 point-most man of matches (all comps)

I've got rid of things like points for highest attendance etc and put goal difference, games without losing etc cos they're more relevant to playing the game and management etc (no offence Kris :p). If people don't like it they can suck my ****. :D.

O yeah and the points for April and so far:


1.Kris: 37
3.Ajw: 17
4.Sherry: 16
5.Honey Monster: 13
6.Shaun: 10
7.Sam: 7
8:TheKillerDR: 5
9. Andal: 4
well i don't like it luks like am gona have to suck your ****...i mean..yeh it sounds dandy....

seeing as i posted too many screenies last time....which ones do i actually need to send??...
for top scorers, assists etc, u only need that overview one from the history bit, not the ones with the leagues top scorers etc.
Don't worry i sent him to many screenshots aswell. Can't see me doing that well on this one with Lyon in the league.
Do we need the most recent patch?? if so can you give me a link to download it please :D:D
duno if anyone else has started but im doin ******* **** :D

I won the champions trophy thing v Lyon but got knocked out of the french cup first round, have got a tough UEFA cup group and im 16th after 8 league games :(
lmao, well i won that french charity thing and won 1 drew 1
i lost the charity thing, and played one game which i won
Well 5 games in, won the cup v Lyon, won 2 drew 1 lost 1 in the league but asked for more transfer funds and got em! woohooo!!!

Bought Kone CF for 4/5m - so far a BIG let down but Bale LB big hit!

I reckon that braaten or rothen will win the most assists, both doing really well so far.
hmmm asking for more money would have been a smart thing to do. I'll ask for some in Jan :D
Im going to give it a miss as i am too ingrossed in my gainsborough Trinity game. Ill see what happens next month.
havn't started mine yet.....but my exams are over have got plenty of time to start....people who i have spoken to aint been doin toooo good so far :p
i hate people who quit, thats why it's called May Challenge :p
Well im doing quite well here. 10 games gone in league and top, quarter finals of cup and won the old charity thingy
will do mine after 25th as that is when my final exam is and i got lots of spare time
i have hardly played it. will prob just finish it in 1-2 days soon
i reli cant be arsed with fm at the moment, its boring me
Well, I had such a wank season, but still managed to finish 3rd!! Couldnt believe it, i was low mid table half way thru the season, but a change to a normal 4-4-2 formation and a couple of signings changed things round! And the board were unhappy I didnt win the league even though they wanted mid-table! So i wont get many points this time cos I only won the champions trophy, but oh well.

i reli cant be arsed with fm at the moment, its boring me

you ought to be burnt at the stake :D. Create a team on the editor...