Can Rom & Schalke be allocated their budgets as transfer budget for my manager to make signings for me as I am currently away and cant get to my computer
If this is coming to an end then we should definitely do some kind of super window or super summer. I haven't been as active on here for a while because of work but always tried my best to keep up with the transfer windows etc but it would be a shame for this to fizzle out, we need to end with a bang!

So, one more season and then a crazy transfer window next weekend to celebrate the most successful chairman save in FM history?
Can Rom & Schalke be allocated their budgets as transfer budget for my manager to make signings for me as I am currently away and cant get to my computer
Will do mate

So, one more season and then a crazy transfer window next weekend to celebrate the most successful chairman save in FM history?
Sounds fair! Should be an interesting season
Transfer window overview, in order of priority


Joaquim Pedroso (MON) - £49 million from OGC Nice
Mauricio Freitag (DOM 1) - £41 million (TL) from Gladbach
Manolo (DOM 2) - £47.25 million from Bayern
Claudinei (FGN 1) - £23 million from SEP
Armando Melo (FGN 2) - £25 million from FLA

AS Monaco

Denis Geiger (MON) - £50 million from Lazio

AC Milan

Bobby Aktas (MON) - £17 million from Bordeaux
Riccardo Orsolini (MON loan) - loan from Leipzig
Giuseppe Marchetti (DOM 1) - £245,000 from Torino
Dino Heitinga (FGN 1) - £150 million from Manchester City
Fabricio (FGN 2) - £400,000 from INT
Zelijko Krznaric (FGN loan) - loan from Barcelona
Tom Smith (U18 1) - £1 million from Southampton
Zidane (U18 2) - £1 million from COR
Sergio Llacsa (U18 3) - £90,000 from Alianza


Nuno Meneses (DOM 1) - £22.5 million from Bayern
Brinquedo (MON) - £69 million from Toulouse
Ivan Tkachev (FGN 1) - £24.5 million (TL) from Manchester United
Jadon Sancho (FGN 2) - £47.5 million (TL) from Real Madrid


Manager - Mauricio Pochettino
Israel (FGN 1) - £94 million from Barcelona
Vladimir Pakhomov (FGN 2) - £2.6 million from CSKA Moscow
Hirving Lozano (FGN 3) - £45 million from Liverpool
Eddie Castro (U18 1) - £150,000 from Atletico Nacional
Edison Nunez (U18 2) - £80,000 from Liga de Quito
Ben Sargent (U18 3) - £1 million from Tottenham


Niklas Sule (C2C) - £5 million from Bordeaux
Abdessalam Hermach (FGN 1) - £28 million from Manchester City


Belmin Kahric (FGN 1) - £1.35 million from Ajax
The two other offers made were for players on loan from chairman clubs, therefore could not go through


Gelson (MON) - £36.5 million from Dortmund
Frantisek Pelikan (FGN 1) - £4 million from Sparta Prague
Alexis Pena (C2C) - £5 million from Leipzig


Manager - Julian Nagelsmann
Charly Musonda (MON loan) - loan from Monaco
Samuel Umtiti (FGN 1) - £11 million from Barcelona
Billy Gilmour (FGN 2) - £2.8 million (release clause) from Rangers
Antonio Amic (FGN 3) - £4.2 million (release clause) from Dinamo Zagreb


Manager - Diego Simeone
Darwin Avendano (DOM 1) - £71 million from Bayern
Kenneth El Bahraoui (FGN 1) - £18 million from Ajax
Kai Havertz (FGN 2) - £60 million (TL) from Manchester City
Alfredo (U18 1) - £360,000 from SEP
Darryl Rojer (U18 2) - £160,000 from AZ
Senad Dzaferovic (U18 3) - £200,000 from Basel

Olympique Lyonnais

Malcoon (FGN 1) - £150,000 from ATP
Andres Perea (FGN 2) - £140,000 from Santa Fe
Moustapha Soumah (FGN 3) - £22,000 from Horoya
Mor Talla Lo (U18 1) - £2.6 million from Real Madrid
Dzemal Cosic (U18 2) - £50,000 from Vojvodina
Dzenis Preljevic (U18 3) - £30,000 from Sarajevo


Manager - Marco Silva
Giovanni Bevilacqua (MON) - £6.75 million from Leverkusen

OGC Nice

Claudinei (MON) - £23 million from Leverkusen
Domingos Santos (FGN 1) - £2.7 million (TL) from Augsburg
Fabio Brito (FGN 2) - 7.2 million from Sampdoria
Xavi Salido (FGN 3) - £18.5 million from Bayern


Vincent Grilz (DOM 1) - £3.6 million from Hertha Berlin
Santiago Peraza (FGN 1) - £90,000 from Defensor Sporting
Luis Portillo (FGN 2) - £600,000 from Olimpia
Gerry Van Zanten (FGN 3) - £340,000 from Ajax
Justin Ruff (U18 1) - £800,000 from Stoke
Pedro Henrique (U18 2) - £800,000 from INT
Neil Harding McCammon (U18 3) - £500,000 from Everton

Free transfers


Patrick Cutrone - £105,000 a week


Orbelin Pinea - £35,000 a week
Richard - £80,000 a week
Nathan Ake - £50,000 a week


Arthur - £150,000 a week
Timo Werner - £100,000 a week


Aymeric Laporte - £55,000 a week
Xadas - £75,000 a week
Milan Skriniar - £20,000 a week


Hugo Pimentel - £125,000 a week
Miroslav Spasov - £50,000 a week

Apologies for the late update, just started work again this week so will be a little busy from now on but it shouldn't impact the updates too much. I'll start simming now for tomorrow's update so if you spot a mistake, please send a PM to let me know quickly!
Some pretty big moves throughout July with a lot of big clubs signing some big players and a couple of chairman to chairman team transfers. Nothing exceptional to note though, as we now get ready for a super summer at the end of the season.

Ligue 1 is the league that's played the most games so far, but if last season is anything to go by, well, we know all these tables will change drastically by the end of the season! The big shocks so far are Milan not top of the league, Inter in 18th, Napoli and Roma in 12th and 11th respectively, Toulouse in 14th and Köln in 5th!
Season 2028/29 part 1 update


View attachment 36720
A perfect start for Dortmund who lead the title race with Leipzig not far behind. Leverkusen, Bayern and Wolfsburg are the other big teams on Leipzig's tail.

View attachment 36719
The usual top 3 are all there with Nice close behind. Marseille have, as usual, had a slow start to their season but will surely get back up to those European places by the end of the season. Toulouse are also climbing back up slowly after a bad start themselves.

It's Lazio who impressively lead the league so far this season, with Juventus and Napoli close behind. Milan are in 4th but with the team they have will surely get back up to 1st. Inter need to do better.

Totally forgot to show you the groups when I wrote the August update, but some pretty decent ones in there! Monaco and Dortmund face off, as do Milan and Bordeaux. Wolfsburg face Real Madrid and Lazio, while Inter are in the same group as PSG, Celtic and Porto. Leipzig are in with City and Toulouse, so a couple of tough groups for some chairman teams and it shows, as Inter are bottom of their group, as are Lazio and Toulouse look set for another group stage exit.

Some interesting groups in the Europa League. Nowhere near as good as the Champions League, but that's understandable. Lyon, Roma, Stuttgart, Marseille and Napoli look like the favourites from the chairman sides to go through to the next round at the moment.


View attachment 36712
It's Leipzig who now take the lead in the title race as Wolfsburg drops out of the top 6 with Schalke overtaking them. Leverkusen are down in 4th and Bayern now in 3rd. It's going to be a very tight season in Germany that's for sure!

No change to the top 3 once again. Lyon are now in 4th, taking Nice's place who fall down to 5th. Toulouse's rise is slowed down by some bad form as Marseille are now in 6th.

Juventus and Lazio lead the pack, with Napoli right behind. Milan are somehow stuck in 5th, behind their city rivals of Inter who are now up to 4th!

City have impressively already qualified for the next round, same with Nice and PSG who can look forward to the 1st knockout round. stonecold's Milan and Bordeaux sides also look like they're going to qualify, with Leverkusen, Dortmund, Monaco, Wolfsburg, Inter and Leipzig also looking like they should make it through. Lazio and Toulouse should be going down to the Europa League.

Decent performances from the chairman sides overall, as Napoli, Lyon, Roma, Stuttgart, Marseille and Fiorentina seem like they should be able to make it to the next round!


View attachment 36697
Leipzig continue to lead the title race as Bayern follow very closely. Dortmund are too far off them and Leverkusen trail behind, just ahead of Wolfsburg, Stuttgart and Schalke are fighting for the Europa League places.

No changes to the top 3 once again as it seems like Monaco, PSG and Bordeaux are destined in that top 3 till the end of times. Lyon and Nice aren't too far off behind though and could cause an upset with results going their way. Things still aren't looking too great for Marseille and Toulouse, who find themselves outside of Europe.

Milan roar into 3rd, Napoli crumble to 6th and take Roma's place who fall down to 7th. Sampdoria impress and sit in 5th, while Inter have taken the last CL spot for now. Lazio are close to Juventus and could mount a title challenge in the second half of the season if all goes well.

Leipzig, Bordeaux, Milan, Dortmund, Monaco, Leverkusen and Wolfsburg are all going through to the next round, as Toulouse will need to go down to the Europa League once again, so will Lazio.

Marseille, Roma, Stuttgart and Napoli all get through, as Fiorentina are the only chairman team yet to qualify.


View attachment 36684

Leipzig are the only unbeaten team left as Bayern stay on their tail with Leverkusen and Dortmund also chasing another Bundesliga title. Wolfsburg are comfortably in a Europa League spot while Schalke are battling with Stuttgart, Schalke and Hoffenheim for the last one.

Same top 3, as always, as the race for Europe intensifies. Lyon and Nice are on the same points with Toulouse and Marseille really close behind. It should make for a really interesting second half of the season.

Lazio now top of the league in the Serie A for what would be a historic title win. Sassuolo have somehow made it to 4th despite their chairman leaving almost 2 seasons back now. The 4-time holders Milan are in 5th, with their rivals Inter in 3rd. The top 4 is as close as ever and Milan are just 3 points off the top of the league, so it's all to play for in Italy. Napoli have crumbled down the table in 8th.

UEFA Champions League
View attachment 36681
Some great ties here in the 1st knockout round. Leipzig against Bordeaux is a huge match. Leverkusen-Juventus is another great matchup, same for Wolfsburg-Arsenal, Dortmund-Manchester City, Milan-PSG, Liverpool-Real Madrid and Inter-AS Monaco. Nice, considering their stature, probably got one of the toughest draws being put up against the giants FC Barcelona.

View attachment 36680
Once again some decent draws, although some teams got much nicer draws than others. Lazio, top of the league in Serie A, will need to focus on beating Chelsea in February. Napoli play against Bilbao, Roma against CSKA, Marseille against Krasnodar, Schalke against Leicester, Fiorentina against Sporting, Lyon against Feyenoord and Toulouse against Spartak. Stuttgart face Benfica as one of the more entertaining ties of the round.

Mini super window is open!
Until Wednesday, 9pm


Jan 2029 balance

Linecoigne1998 - Bayer Leverkusen - £100m
LiamCFC88 - AS Monaco - £100m
stonecold - Milan - £100m
Hampus Silverholt - Dortmund - £100m
stonecold - Girondins de Bordeaux - £100m
Hampus Silverholt - Inter - £100m
LiamCFC88 - Wolfsburg - £100m
Hampus Silverholt - Toulouse FC - £100m
LiamCFC88 - Lazio - £100m
stonecold - RB Leipzig - £100m
RVP20 - Olympique Lyonnais - £100m
Linecoigne1998 - Napoli - £100m
KillerRoo - Schalke 04 - £100m
Linecoigne1998 - OGC Nice - £100m
KillerRoo - Roma - £100m
RVP20 - Stuttgart - £100m
bcfc1 - Olympique de Marseille - £100m
bcfc1 - Fiorentina - £100m
bcfc1 - Mainz - £100m
KillerRoo - SM Caen - £100m

The list above features the teams in order in terms of transfers priority, as always.

Let me know what you all think about this, but I've decided to give everyone £100 million to work with this January to make things more interesting. This should allow most teams to make one super signing (FGN) or maybe 2 good signings, you choose what you spend the money on! I figured it would be nice to finally have some money to spend in the winter and should make for a great second half of the season to prepare for the finale. If you would like the amount to be increased, or for me to just not give anyone the money, then please let me know!

Monopoly Transfers - Players Value
Transfers - 2 per team
Loans - 1

C2C - Agreed by chairmen
Transfers - Unlimited
Loans - 1

DOM 1.5x Player Value
Transfers -2

FGN - 2x player value
Transfers - 3
Loans from foreign clubs - 1

U18 2x Player Value
Transfers - 3

Offers per season - 2
You just need to enter what wages you will offer. Highest bid wins

£100m now is a great idea!
Glad you agree! I figured £100 million is the average of what we got in the last few summers all together, so we might as well get that now and either some ridiculous/unlimited amount in the summer!

Transfer List


C Solari - Big offer?
Xadas £10m
M Kean £10m

A Mani
L Sosa
F D'Antonio

MC G Perego £5m
AM V Vincenzi £5m
AM Y Cornelie £5m
ML L Lozito £5m


MC S Szymanski £10m
AM Richard £5m
ML H Lozano £20m

Message me about any offers for any of my players, from any team! Everyone is available for the right price :)
Transfer window closed! For those of you who missed out on the mini super window, don't worry. You'll have plenty of money to spend in the summer... Update coming soon!
Mini super window update


John English (DOM 1) - £25.5 million (TL) from Bayern
Alonso Mercado (DOM 2) - £1.8 million from Koln
Jose (FGN 1) - £5.4 million from FLU
Ollie Campbell (FGN 2) - £62 million from Arsenal


Daniel Diaz (MON) - £230,000 from Leipzig
Maicon Thiago (DOM 1) - £14 million from Sampdoria
Donny van de Beek (FGN 1) - £48 million from Manchester City
Alfonso Sanchez (FGN 2) - £30 million (release clause) from Sevilla
Burak Mercan (FGN 3) - £7 million from Fenerbahce
Burak Yuksell (U18 1) - £230,000 from Besiktas


Tanguy Ndombele (MON) - £14.75 million from Leipzig
Naby Keita (FGN 1) - £18 million from Manchester City
Diego Pires (FGN 2) - £56 million from CSKA
Alessio Romagnoli (FGN 3) - £5.25 million from Manchester City
Luciano (U18 1) - £300,000 from GRE
Jawad Saidi (U18 2) - £45,000 from Wyad
Reda Azaough (U18 3) - £110,000 from Standard


Turgay Sivka (DOM 1) - £600,000 from Hertha
Trent Alexander-Arnold (FGN 1) - £106 million from Chelsea
Daniel Diaz (FGN 2) - £130,000 from Millonarios
Cassiano (FGN 3) - £24,000 from FIG
David Mariscal (U18 1) - £1.1 million from Valencia
Carlos Alexandre (U18 2) - £300,000 from FLA
Bjorn Willems (U18 3) - £80,000 from Genk

Olympique Lyonnais

Ludovico Lozito (C2C 1) - Free from Milan
Luciano Sosa (C2C loan) - loan from Leipzig
Benito Ramos (FGN 1) - £9.75 million (TL) from Manchester City
David Zimba (FGN 2) - £55,000 from Mamelodi
Bruno Sandoval (FGN 3) - £12.5 million from Boca
Steffen Priske (U18 1) - £20,000 from Midtjylland
Etienne Rebsamen (U18 2) - £75,000 from Basel
Gleidson (U18 3) - £110,000 from SAN
Yerko Cabrera (FREE) - free (£5,000 a week)


Manager - sack Silva (£2 million), hire Deschamps (£650,000)
Benjamin Henrichs (FGN 1) - £75 million from Manchester City
Mikhail Korzh (FGN 2) - £6 million from Spartak
Andres Ortiz (FGN 3) - £5 million (TL) from Bayern

Schalke 04

Nicolas Villalon (FGN 1) - £75 million from Tottenham
Matias Mesenguez (FGN 2) - £9.6 million from San Lorenzo

OGC Nice

Patrick Cutrone (MON 1) - £49 million from Leverkusen
Domenico Bianchi (MON 2) - £4.2 million from Leverkusen
Fernando Machado (FGN 1) - £29.5 million from SEP
Nahuel Ahumada (U18 1) - £2.4 million from San Lorenzo


William Carlos (DOM 1) - £76.5 million from Juventus
Jose Luis Ruiz (FGN 1) - £13 million from Estudiantes
Facundo Balbuena (FGN 2) - £15 million from Racing Club (void as correct value for Carlos transfer is £76.5 million, not £51 million)
Matias Tabasso (FGN 3) - £15 million from Lanus
(void as correct value for Carlos transfer is £76.5 million, not £51 million)


Moise Kean (C2C 1) - £15 million from Leipzig
Nathan Ake (C2C 2) - free from Leipzig
Michael Diener (DOM 1) - £10.5 million from Ingolstadt
Fagner Coutinho (FGN 1) - £70,000 from BOT
Lancine Cisse (FGN 2) - £20,000 from ASEC
Drausio Luis (FGN 3) - £300,000 from COR
Samuel Oakley (U18 1) - £450,000 from West Brom
James Finch (U18 2) - £900,000 from Southampton
Goncalo Correia (U18 3) - £550,000 from Benfica

SM Caen

James Nicholls (DOM 1) - £97.5 million from PSG
Geronimo Rulli (DOM 2) - £1.2 million from PSG



Riccardo Orsolini - £10,000 a week


Paulo Dybala - £10,000 a week
Marquinhos - £10,000 a week


Lucas Torreira - £9,000 a week

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2028/29 season update part 2


View attachment 36449

Looks like Leipzig might very well be the team with the top priority for the summer super window as they lead the Bundesliga by 10 points. Holders Leverkusen are second, with Dortmund just behind Bayern down in 4th.

We could have a big surprise in France with PSG sneaking in the title race and potentially getting the title ahead of Monaco! Bordeaux trail down in 3rd now while Nice and Lyon continue to battle for Champions League spots next season.

Inter could create another shock as they lead the title race in Italy, ahead of their rivals Milan who have won the last few Serie A titles! Roma have been impressive and sit in 3rd while Lazio crumble down to 5th. Napoli still struggling to get into Europe in 7th.

UEFA Champions League
View attachment 36446
Nice could create a huge upset by beating Barcelona after their first leg win. Leipzig and Milan look set to go through. It might be a little tough for Wolfsburg, Leverkusen, Dortmund and Inter though who didn't get the best results in their first leg games.

Roma, Marseille and Fiorentina are the only chairman teams who couldn't make it to the 2nd knockout round as they respectively lost to CSKA, Krasnodar and Sporting. Some great matchups in the next round though with Toulouse facing Bayern and Manchester United facing Schalke.


View attachment 36442
Leipzig continue to comfortably lead the Bundesliga, as Dortmund make a small comeback and overtake Bayern to storm into 3rd. Wolfsburg are also comfortable in 5th and could either move into 4th by the end of the season, or just stay in 5th.

Monaco continue their domination in France and pull away from PSG, who now find themselves dangerously close to Bordeaux in 3rd. Nice aren't too far behind either but will realistically have to settle for 4th place.

Lazio come back from 5th all the way into 2nd somehow, with Juventus falling to 5th! Milan are now down in 3rd, which is just unheard of considering their dominance in recent years. Napoli look like they're destined to stay in 7th this season.

An incredible comeback from Monaco sees them through to the next round, with Leverkusen, Milan and Leipzig joining them. Dortmund, Nice, Bordeaux and Wolfsburg were unfortunate and will need to just come back next year.

Just Lyon and Napoli are left in the Europa League after exits from Toulouse, Schalke and Stuttgart. Definitely a disappointing campaign for chairman teams in the competition but with the super window coming up, we'll definitely do better!


View attachment 36435
The title race is getting a little tighter as Leipzig drop points and allow Leverkusen to come back 6 points behind with 2 games left. stonecold's side should see it out and win the league regardless, but it's been a crazy season in Germany for sure.

Some impressive form from Bordeaux means they jump into 2nd. Sitting 8 points behind with 3 games left, Monaco should be winning the league but it was a great try nevertheless. Nice and Lyon continue fighting for Champions League football, as Toulouse make it to Europa League spots.

The title race hots up in Italy! Inter are just 3 points clear with 3 games to go, while Roma have overtaken their city rivals in Lazio to go in 3rd. Napoli could make it all the way to 5th with a few right results as Fiorentina languish in mid-table.

stonecold will have one team in the Champions League final for sure as both his Milan and Leipzig sides make it to the semi-final and get drawn against each other. Manchester City face Barcelona in the other semi-final.

Much like Nice last season, Napoli seem like the luckiest side in the Europa League with another favourable draw as they face Porto in the Europa League semi-final. We could see a chairman team in both European finals this season!

It's all over in Germany with Leipzig winning the penultimate Bundesliga title, as Stuttgart win the DFB-Pokal. A great season in Germany overall but it was clear from the start that Leverkusen and Leipzig were going to be the ones battling it out for the title.

It's a domestic treble for Monaco in our penultimate season! They win the league by 10 points as Bordeaux narrowly finish 2nd. Toulouse's early bad form in the league couldn't really be turned around as they finish out of the top 4 for the first time since the 2022/23 season.

Huge shock in Italy with Inter winning the league ahead of Milan. Unheard of! stonecold's Milan side might feel a bit better knowing they won the TIM Cup but what a season in Italy, with both Roma and Lazio finishing ahead of Juventus as well in 3rd and 4th respectively.

It's Manchester City who win the second to last Champions League trophy of this chairman game. Leipzig were very good throughout the competition but just couldn't handle City at the end of the day, and European glory will have to wait till next year if it comes.

It was always going to be hard for Napoli, having to face their first proper opponent in the Europa League after a pretty easy campaign and unfortunately, Deschamps couldn't lead my Napoli side to European glory. It's a shame, but he'll be back in the Europa League next year hoping to win it for sure!
Until Sunday, 8pm


I will need LiamCFC88 to DM me about a new manager for Monaco as Conte has taken a job at Bayern!

July 2029 balance

stonecold- RB Leipzig
LiamCFC88 - AS Monaco
Hampus Silverholt - Inter
Linecoigne1998 - Leverkusen
stonecold - Bordeaux
stonecold - Milan
Hampus Silverholt - Dortmund
Linecoigne1998 - OGC Nice
KillerRoo - Roma
LiamCFC88 - Wolfsburg
RVP20 - Lyon
LiamCFC88 - Lazio
RVP20 - Stuttgart
Hampus Silverholt - Toulouse
Linecoigne1998 - Napoli
KillerRoo - Schalke
bcfc1 - Marseille
bcfc1 - Fiorentina
bcfc1 - Mainz
KillerRoo - SM Caen


The list above features the teams in order in terms of transfers priority, as always.

Monopoly Transfers - Players Value
Transfers - 2 per team
Loans - 1

C2C - Agreed by chairmen
Transfers - Unlimited
Loans - 1

DOM 1.5x Player Value
Transfers -2

FGN - 2x player value
Transfers - 3
Loans from foreign clubs - 1

U18 2x Player Value
Transfers - 3

Free signings - 3 per season
You just need to enter what wages you will offer. Highest bid wins

Love it, let's all go wild and ruin Juve, PSG and Bayern!

I'm guessing there's no winter window for this season... and how do we plan to get around everyone wanting the same players? Just post our transfers on the thread when it's our turn to do so?
Love it, let's all go wild and ruin Juve, PSG and Bayern!

I'm guessing there's no winter window for this season... and how do we plan to get around everyone wanting the same players? Just post our transfers on the thread when it's our turn to do so?
Sounds like a good idea yes. As it works in terms of priority, I would say we should give everyone a window of time to post transfers they're making. Using the transfer table template, chairmen could fill it up with players they want, have a time slot allocated to their club and when their time comes post the transfers so that the person after them knows which players are gone already? Also means I don't necessarily need to make a full update post with all the transfers so can start simming quicker. What do you think?
Yeah I think having an allocated time is a great idea it just depends on if people are available during that time... If we do it that way then it might mean this super window will have to go on for a quite a few days, which I don't mind, but we'll see what other people think