Mr Hough Ft Mr Langvatn Tactic Thread.


Dec 1, 2009
Here is mine and Mr Ken Langvatn’s new tactic for Football Manager 2013 Patch 13.3.2 and 13.3.3

The formation is a flat back 4 with a Holding DM 3 Central Attacking Pressing Midfielders, An AMC in the Ghost Role and an All Out ST Scoring Goals For Fun.

The Back 5 (Flat back 4 and DM) explain themselves.

The idea to have 3 midfielders is so we can press the player rather than the ball. Pressing the players I believe is better because then when the opposition pass the ball about, we have our players pressing them and drawing them into mistakes. Having three central midfielders helps us do that, especially with the DM backing them up.

The ‘Ghost’ AMC Role is essentially the False 9, but I call it the Ghost Role. He will be dropping in and out, linking the attack and is the main creative threat against the opposition.

The ST is the main focus of attack – He is the Scoring machine in the side and will score the Bulk of the Goals for your side.

Hints and Tips from a pair Of FM Masters…..

Remember that Winning Boasts Morale From Supporters to Players to the Board of Directors so always offer the Highest possible Bonus’s for Competitions because even if you have to pay 8 Million out in Bonus’s you will probably get that back and remember Players like to play for Winners so try and win everything Possible, WE DO!!!

Keeping Players Happy is a BIG factor in this years FM – You can keep moral up in various ways, Playing a player and Winning Game, having Team Meetings to talk points with all of your players of Praise players for Good Performances, All these Tips Help in gaining good Morale.

Match Preparation is set as Defensive Positioning, Every Tactic is always made as attacking as Possible so to have the extra defensive positioning for training is the logical Choice.

Training is set to Balanced this is so that every position get abit of training focused on it.

I Don’t use Team Talks too much I generally as a rule Get a Decent Assistant Manager to Do them, If you are gonna get a Decent Assistant Manager look for High Stats in

  • Man Management
  • Tactical knowledge
  • Motivation
  • Determination

But if you wanna go with someones elses team talks then this guide is a great starter point.

FM 2013 Guide - Team talks, how to get the right reaction

We never use Opposition Instructions so don’t use any for Full tactic potential.

Tactic Link - Mr Hough and Mr Langvatn Degeneration X Tactic..tac

Thanks very Much and enjoy the tactic.


Sep 3, 2011
im going to give this a shot with dortmund will give some feedback once completed my season. Looks good :)


May 30, 2013
Going to test this tactic with Liverpool, lets see if I can go unbeaten with it.

Going to post screenshots after a season.

Mr Langvatn

Dec 21, 2012
I get a lot of yellow cards ;/
Ye, but it's no problem really. It's part of the aggressive playstyle, winning back the ball often. If you get a red card, just take off the amc and set the striker in the centre position. Usually not a big problem.