It doesn't work for me as well. Could you please help us? Not working after 24.2
Hi guys, any idea why newgan manager only generates the config file for this years intake players even though the rtf file contains all the previous seasons newgens? I tried overwrite and generate modes but it was the same results.

I just rechecked and the config file does contain all the players, but the file does contain all players, even stranger

Edit: finally got it. coppied the config file to the wrong folder by accident and it was reaching it instead of the correct config file
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Hello all,
Playing on FM23, it's Oct2026 ingame and I'm playing on a full leagues database about 590k players and about 300k newgens after applying the "Is NewGen" filter. Trying to run newgan and it bogs down while mapping faces at about 20%. I even let it run overnight to no avail.

Closed everything, restarted the comp, then created a new rtf file limiting the newgen list to just those based in north american clubs, roughly 9500 newgens. Clicked overwrite and let it run, and it's still sitting at about 20% for the last 45 minutes.

Curious if anyone has a helpful tip, or just go to the extreme end of copy the save files, reinstall fm23, and try again. As a note, I did uninstall newgan mngr and downloaded the newest v1.4 of the application and the newest facepack.

then try version 1.3.1 because version 1.4 is only for FM 2024
clean Newgan Manager files in %appdata% if you have them
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then try version 1.3.1 because version 1.4 is only for FM 2024
clean Newgan Manager files in %appdata% if you have them

Update, 1.3.1 didn't end up working and it still bogged down at 20% on a shortened newgen list.
Distinct lack of blonde haired players in the latest newgan facepack and update. Players on the ME also showing with blonde hair then go on their profile and it's black
I'm greeted with this when i try to run the app. I haven't a clue what it's going on about obviously

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "\app\newganmanager\", line 4, in <module>
File "\app_packages\toga\", line 663, in main_loop
File "\app_packages\toga_winforms\", line 285, in main_loop
raise self._exception
File "\app_packages\toga_winforms\", line 258, in run_app
File "\app_packages\toga_winforms\", line 113, in create
File "\app_packages\toga\", line 624, in _startup
File "\app\newganmanager\", line 62, in startup
self.profile_manager = Profile_Manager(Config_Manager().get_latest_prf(str("/.user/cfg.json"), str(
File "\app\", line 10, in __init__
self.prf_cfg = self.load_config(root_dir+"/.user/"+name+".json")
TypeError: can only concatenate str (not "NoneType") to str
Hello, i followed every step and have done everything right. I'm failing at the final hurdle, i press generate and nothing happens. Im stuck on Parsing RTF forever. Does anyone know a fix?

"Similar to the original facepack, just with higher quality images and with some bugged faces removed. Thanks to JGdaCaesar for upscaling all the images"

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So I think I found the problem why regen faces have wrong ethinicity. One of my Asian born regen kept getting black faces after many tries, so I set the image file to asian only. That was when it said no SOUTH AMERICAN file was found. I think some of the countries were assigned to the wrong region. How do I fix this?