Nxt Versions [New V6-Shark] - Closer step to Perfection [15.1.4]

big thanks for these tactics, taken bristol rovers from non-league to prem champs in 7 seasons
All people that are saying this tactic is still working / Are on the older patch / post recent success are pirates of te game. If you like it so much, and are so involved that you go to a fan forum, you should really buy the game. Pirating sucks.
In big club it's working. I've tested in Barcelona on patch 15.3.2 and average is still ~5 goals/match, but is to leaky on defense and in some matches you dont create chances.
Or they play off line and haven't updated the game.

Sure they all have not patched the game since 15.1.3 which happens to be the only version that is currently available as a pirated download? Why are they not still on 15.1.2, 15.2.1 or any other patch.. why are they only on the patch that is the same as all other illegal downloads.
I'm sure 90% of the people using that patch have illegally downloaded it but that doesn't mean all have.
Can this be recreated for 15.3.2 please? I have had amazing results with this on 15.1.3 but it is not good on 3.2.
Sorry mate i know u all switched to fm 16 but I'm still playing 15 so i cant see the pictures in this post; what I need are OI's. Can u help me with OI, what should I do? Leave them to assistant or do it for every opponent different?