Pep`s Old School 4-3-3 Barcelona style


Jul 16, 2012
Ive been using this one for about 15 o so matches with Barca and it is working very nice. One draw though at home against Sociedad which was a bit disappointing. But in general its a great tici-taca tactic


Jul 20, 2010
I seem to leak goals with barcona. Done everything you said and I seem to leak goals from mistakes or the opposition running in behind. Ideas?
Mar 25, 2013
I seem to leak goals with barcona. Done everything you said and I seem to leak goals from mistakes or the opposition running in behind. Ideas?
Get the tactic fluid, train tactics and results will come. If you concede via free kicks/corners and **** like that (away i mean, home you should smash everyone) then train defending set pieces, if you leak goals randomly (away) train defensive positioning. THis could also be used for tougher matches.

Edit : also make sure either you or assistant do the opposition instructions. Make sure he has good tactical/tactical knowledge/motivation/adaptability/level of discipline.

Does it work with the latest patch?
Should work, yes. Especially with good teams as the players already have decent "tactical attributes".

Ive been using this one for about 15 o so matches with Barca and it is working very nice. One draw though at home against Sociedad which was a bit disappointing. But in general its a great tici-taca tactic
Do you remember the celtic-barcelona a few years back when celtic had only 3 minutes on the ball and won 1-0 ? Things like that can happen in football, hitting the woodwark 2-3 times and missing countless others then the opposition winning. Same applies here.

I had a barca-madrid game (5-2 for me, screen is posted in a page around here) where real had 2 shots on goal with 100% efficiency aka 2 goals from them. i had over 35 shots with over 15 on target. This can also happen :D
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Apr 29, 2012
How to get Messi to score like in your case? In my game for 5 seasons he didnt score more goals than he had appearencess.

I just want him to score more so he can win Golden Ball. Right now he won it 4 times in 5 seasons but it wasnt too convincing. Ronaldo was always right behind him. I know that you understand me @Mamaiemaipunemfesu. Im winning almost everything I can , but still its not enough. I want it to be perfect 100%.

BTW I am playing FMC. So that might be the case/problem. Not sure. When I see how FM became so complicate I just press Exit and get back to FMC. ;)
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Mar 25, 2013
Try changing to either poacher or trequirista.

I don`t have that problem at all, could also be FMC.

Currently playing a new united LFC transfer update save, undefeated with Man Utd with only 2 draws till january.


Jan 4, 2014
View attachment 587790

The Barcelona `08-`09 success story.

Basically the formation i have in mind is this :
View attachment 587793
Its a system Pep has always been fond of, variation of it can be found currently at Bayern Munich.
View attachment 587796 or View attachment 587799

It is the same system, really.

I replicate it like :
View attachment 587836

The attack phase :
View attachment 587810
Both the right winger and left inside forward are set to cut in and get into scoring positions. The main reason we have the right more advanced is Dani Alves who usually provides wide support in both midfield and attack. It is therefore more likely for the right winger to score more, easily losing his man and getting more frequently in the box.

The defensive phase.
View attachment 587816
First is out of possesion, second is on the ball. System goes from 4-3-3 to 3-4-3.


View attachment 589440
As you can see the default is tactics, as its by far the most important by developping into players the reading of the game. Tactics is to be used 2 out of 4 weeks, the other 2 should be Attacking/Ball Control. Default match training is attacking movement (this is used when you are the better team, as Barca is the best i always leave it so. If you got a very very tough opponent you can switch to defensive positioning. Just for that game though.

Coaches :
View attachment 589461
Best is to add both Germany and Spain when starting game, regardless of the fact that you will only play barca. Germany allows access to coaching staff in both England and Italy.

Best coaches are :
Gk : Otxotorena - Handling 5/5
Gk : Nista - Shot stopping 5/5
Defense/Tactics : Mauro Tassotti 4.5/5
Tactics : Bernhard Peters 4.5/5
Shooting : Rodolfo Borrell 4.5/5
Attacking : Andrea Stramaccioni 4-4,5/5
Attacking/Tactics/Shooting Leo Beenhakker 4.5/5 (quite expensive though)
Attacking/Tactics/Shooting/Ball Control : Ralf Rangnick 4.5/6
Fitness : Neri, Bisciotti, Venturati, Carravetta, Paixao - all are 5/5 I prefere to get them south american ones aswell for scouting purposes.

Opposition Instructions :

Assistant, usually they should be set by me as i know better who the opposing threats are and how to counter them. But it takes time and i didn`t wanna waste 2 days to finish a season. Your assistant should have high tactics/tactic knowledge determination motivation discipline.

Player Preffered Moves (PPM) :

Fake 9 = messi`s.

The important ones are come deep to get the ball (Off the ball, Anticipation, Decisions, Creativity) (to involve himself in the building of the attack) tries killer balls often (Passing, Technique, Creativity, Decisions, Teamwork) (already instructed for direct passing) - to set up team mates that move into goal scoring / play one twos (Passing, First touch, Off the ball, Anticipation, Decisions, Positioning, Acceleration) = fasten up the game. Places shots (Finishing, Technique, much Composure)= the type of finishing. Player will put shots unreacheable for the goalkeeper. This could have been even better by having "curls ball" but its one of the hardest ppm to train as it requires tutoring. Lob keeper (Creativity, Technique, Composure, Finishing, Flair, Decisions)= 1v1 situation. It is highly recommended to have at least 1 guy having either this or go round the keeper in your team.

Inside forward (your typical villa/neymar).

Remember villa was a striker. Henry was a striker. the reason they were asked to stay by the line is to stretch the defense and create space between the defender assigned to them and the central defender. When they get the possesion usually they go for the net, allowing alba to stay wide and keep at least a defender there.

So i`ve trained neymar to have Run with ball often (Dribbling, Acceleration, Flair, Agility), Dribble through center (Dribbling, Flair, Quickness, Balance, Agility) cuz he will Cut inside(Dribbling, Anticipation, Decisions, Flair, Agility, Finishing, Passing) and Place shots (Finishing, Technique, much Composure) . Basically this should instruct the player to cut inside and shoot/pass. Will train him to "play one twos" (Passing, First touch, Off the ball, Anticipation, Decisions, Positioning, Acceleration ) aswell. Tries killer ball often could also be useful for your IF, but Barcelona has the killer supplied mostly through middle by either iniesta/xavi.

Winger (right) the pedro style. (usually second goalscorer)

move into channels/cut inside/place shots/gets into opposition area.

Central midline.

Left = the more attacking midfielder (typical iniesta)

Tries killer/dictates tempo/ play one-twos/gets forward. I`m thinking of training him move into channels aswell.

Right = the DLP, usually xavi,

the guy that comes back to take the ball from either busquets/defenders, usually doesn`t venture too much in attack and is almost never to be found in the opposition box.

come deep/try killer/dictate tempo/one-twos.

HB - busquets.

Originally a def midfielder aimed at recycling possesion and pressing up the pitch, he was later used in guardiola`s setup to help the defenders when wing backs venture in attack (he was even used as cb, which he sucked balls at cuz he had not enough speed to catch up with the loose defenders)

Stays back at all times/ runs rarely with ball/short passing

Left back (alba)
gets forward whenever possible, runs down the left, knocks ball

Righ back (alves).

Alves usually is to be found in guardiola`s setup as a winger/defensive winger. There are times when he is even more advanced than the Winger. What his going up allows is the winger to get into goalscoring opportunities by having almost permanently his back covered. In my setup i`ve sold alexis and pedro (each for 40+ mils) cuz i hate them irl and i`m playing deulofeu (cheap free + shitloads of skill). He has over 20 goals, more than neymar simply because alves`s pushing forward.

Runs down right/gets forward whenever possible/dive into tackles/ hugs line/shoot with power (this is not a must, alves has it so he scores some goals aswell).

central defs

should have just "does not dive into tackles" and "tries to play his way out of trouble"

Finally, results :

View attachment 587346
View attachment 587352
View attachment 587353
View attachment 587355
View attachment 587327

16 goals received in a full campaign with over 100 scored. Just 3 goals in all CL matches lol. Defence looks rock solid, interceptions are made mostly before getting any way closer to the box.

Messi has !!!! 74 goals
View attachment 587575
View attachment 587577
View attachment 587580

Under 19 has same tactic. Manager is Samaden (ex inter youth develop)

View attachment 587582

Pretty similar to my team and i got noob youngsters. Just 2-3 are good, rest are ****. The best are loaned out.

If you are gonna go on a "you save-loaded" rampage on me, there is proof i didnt around inbetween page 15-25.

I will update this initial post to supply further tactical guidance. Just not now.

This link will always be the latest update in order cut the searching through 15 pages to a minimum.

Cheers ^^
Work well for an underdog team and for more seasons???


Sep 13, 2012
First season went well. However I am having a lot of trouble scoring in the second season. Any tips?


Sep 13, 2012
I am playing with Liverpool using the LFC database. I have Sturridge, Remy and Lambert as my forwards and they were on fire in the first season. Now they hardly score, I've tried changing training etc but no effect.


May 30, 2013
So, first season finished with Barcelona. Nothing to say, except I raped everyone and did the quadruple ;) The tactic is excellent, with the right players you can easily win every match.
Here some pictures:
View attachment 351831 That's the default XI
View attachment 351830 The players I brought in: pretty much just youngsters for the U-19 team and the B team.
View attachment 351828Messi was simply on fire, 65 goals in 55 matches, 27 assists, 22 MoM. WOW, of course won the Balon d'Or ;)
View attachment 351827 He was deadly as well. Won the Golden Boy and finished 2nd in the race for the Balon d'Or
View attachment 351825 He's simply a beast. Tutored by Puyol, he gets too fast and strong for opponents.
View attachment 351823Another star. He's not that strong or fast but he's so good at intercepting ball. He's always in the right position at the right time.
View attachment 351822 Future Xavi. So ******* consistent, he always had a 7,5/8 mark, each match.
View attachment 351821Future Messi here :) Bought from Schalke for 1,2Mln, he wasn't that good to be honest initially but when he learned all the PPMs from Messi, he started to score.
View attachment 351820This guy is insane! Really, I think he gets even better than Alba.
View attachment 351819View attachment 351818View attachment 351817As you can see, there are some losses and draws, that's because sometimes I had to play with reserves (Messi's fitness is ****, he needs to rest after 3-4 games in 12 days). Otherwise we scored plenty of goals and we concedes as well just few View attachment 351816
Here some amazing matches
View attachment 351815 View attachment 351814 View attachment 351813
And here my favourite one: Even down to 10 men, we raped City 4-0 ;) View attachment 351812
The PPMs are fundamental - that's the only con of this tactic, it works brilliantly with Barça or Bayern but if you want to try it with other teams you have to retrain all the player with the right PPMs.
However, it's an amazing tactic, the best I've tried so far.
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May 30, 2013
Just about to start new season :)
Actually I made a revolution since I had really important wages and the finances weren't that good to be honest
View attachment 351383
As you can see, PSG decided to splash the cash on 4 of my players :D
Actually the ones I wanted to sold were Tello and Mascherano but I received some unanswerable offers such as 45Mln for Sergi Roberto and 43Mln for Pedro (actually used as a backup, Sanchez is better ;) ). I really wanted to keep Monotoya but PSG paid the clause of 32,5Mln (I hate them :( ). I brought in Januzaj (I will use him as backup for Messi, Avdijaj is not ready to take such a big responsibility ), Jesé ( so ******* good, has already the right PPMs to be used, much much better than Tello and costed the same), Peruzzi (will tutor him with Alves and then I will use him as a starter, Dani is asking too much atm, I might sell him and bring in another youngster), Shaw (Southampton got relegated, costed just 24Mln and he's already the right PPMs), Thiago (much better than Sergi), Ter Stegen (asked for being sold, 12Mln is such a bargain for him), Verratti (again, will be used as rotation and then he will take Xavi's place since he's getting older), Trapp (dunno why but they asked nothing for him, Eintract got relegated so I suppose their finances weren't that good).
I sold as well some player from the B team I wasn't going to use (8Mln for Afellay is too amazing, he had problems with his knee and became really **** but somehow they still managed to pay that much for him) and loaned some youngsters such as Andrija or Grimaldo (yes, I really wanted to keep him but I think he will develop much better if playing every match instead of being benched).
I'm trying to bring in Morrison (West Ham got relegated and he's unsettled, 14Mln for him is a bargain) and use him in the B team.
That's all :)