May 30, 2011
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As the Title says i will be trying the new craze that is a player story i am currently 5 years in so i know i am commited to keeping it up before i started the story thread.
To make it slighlty different to the other stories instead of being English like myself i have made him Welsh with a Scottish parent so should make it interesting if he becomes good to see the international teams fight over him!

Aims So Far
500 League Games
1000 Professional Games
100 Caps
50 International Goals

Let me know if you think he should have any other aims first update will be about his strengths and weaknesses

July 2012

14 year Old Chris Tonkin

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I wanted him to become a good poacher/striker in the mould of Michael Owen or on this years game Billy Sharp and Charlie Austin, someone who doesnt do incredible things but knows where the goal is.

I like to think i havent made him too much of a superstar, i have given him good stats in striking areas but he has very low stats in the likes of everything else.
He is an out and out striker and has poor midfield and defending attributes like crossing, long shots, heading and so forth.

The interesting part is he has Dual Nationality with Wales and Scotland

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History Stats 2012

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Well i hope by the end of this story he has a lot more stuff going on in this section!
Well tbh they are a bit too over the top stats for a 14 year old.
Surely He will improve and by the time he's 20 or so, he will surely be 20 in everything which is 14 now....
Would have preferred him to be kept at the level from which John Price (Pricey01) started...Or for a Template U can see how Adam Campbell stats are at the Beginning of the Game, he has -9 Potential so if are going to make ur player-10 then surely he will be much better than how Adam Campbell turns out after a few years...Also have a Look at Timo Werner's profile...
Anyways these are some suggestions, so do as u feel would be best for ur player..........
Well tbh they are a bit too over the top stats for a 14 year old.
Surely He will improve and by the time he's 20 or so, he will surely be 20 in everything which is 14 now....
Would have preferred him to be kept at the level from which John Price (Pricey01) started...Or for a Template U can see how Adam Campbell stats are at the Beginning of the Game, he has -9 Potential so if are going to make ur player-10 then surely he will be much better than how Adam Campbell turns out after a few years...Also have a Look at Timo Werner's profile...
Anyways these are some suggestions, so do as u feel would be best for ur player..........
I thought this too at the beginning i even mentioned it on the other 2 threads yet he has only broken in to the first team in my current season in 2018 so i thought i would give it a go he only has potential 4 star rating when i scouted him as Arsenal manager and i thought i had given him a fair few poor stats to make up for it. I will see how this turns out i have loads of data ready and info but if everyone feels this way i wont even bother to get started, i didnt want him to be rubbish but i made at least 12 of his stats only 8 or less to try and even it out, he has potential of 170 so i didnt think i even put that up too ridiculous levels, oh well never mind
Just checked his stats now at 20 and he only has one at 20 which is natural fitness and one at 19 which is penalty taking
Tonkins First Club

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14 year old Welsh Striker Chris Tonkin has joined his first club today in the shape of Leicester City.

Immediately after signing he played a part in a friendly against Benfica even starting the match

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Media reports suggested he didnt have the best of debuts
Originally he joined Man City as you can see in the thumbnail and i got 6 seasons in and realised that all reserve and under 18's match info disappears after the current season so have restarted the save so i can post more screenshots
August 2012

First Month for Chris Tonkin at his club and he has been all over the place racking up 6 appearances scoring 5 goals with 3 games for the first team, 2 for the under 18's and a reserve match along with this he also changed loyalties and played his first game for Scotland under 21's

Proffesional Debut

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Tonkin came on late to grab his first league goal of his young career on his professional debut breaking all sorts of records

Records Broken

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First Game and Goal For Scotland Under 21's

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Cardiff born Chris Tonkin didnt take long to change his loyalties as he plays for Scotland under 21's but until he has a full cap he is still very much up for grabs.

Dirty Side Of Youngster

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In only Tonkin's 3rd game for Leicester he showed his dirty side by getting sent off in this cup game early in the second half.

This is only the beginning.
September 2012

Tonkin continues his good start at his new club playing in 8 games this month and scoring a massive 10 goals including 3 goals in 2 first team games 2 goals in 3 under 18's games and a whopping 5 goals in 3 reserve games.

First Hattrick

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Impressive youngster Chris Tonkin grabbed his first career hattrick today in a game for Leicester reserves against Deby Reserves.

Brace For First Team

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Fantastic brace for Tonkin in the Npower Championship against Crystal Palace to win the game for his side.

With it only being 2 months into Tonkin's career he has already amassed a massive 16 games in all competitions including 2 Scotland under 21's games lets hope he doesnt suffer with the all dreaded burnout Arsene Wenger bangs on about!
October 2012

Tonkin has a bit of a stuttering October as he doesnt start a single first team game and plays in 10 games at all levels scoring 3 goals.
He came of the bench 4 times for the first team scoring once, played 3 times for the reserves with no goals but managed 2 goals for the under 18's in 3 games

Important Under 18's Goal

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Tonkin scored a very late winner here for his side against a tough Coventry under 18's

First Penalty

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Tonkin's only goal for the first team came against Middlesborough scoring a late penalty to confirm the win for Leicester.

He is also yet to get back into the Scotland under 21's after a good couple of games not being involved in the last 2 matches.

In other news Sam Allardyce has already been sacked as West Ham Manager .
November 2012

First off the manager axe is sharp as AVB gets sacked from Tottenham, Dougie Freedman gets sacked from Bolton, Malky Mackay leaves Cardiff for West Ham and our very own Nigel Pearson gets the boot too.

Tonkin played 12 times this month managing 4 goals with 7 of his appearances for the first team scoring just the once, 2 appearances for the reserves with a goal, 2 apps for the under 18's with 2 goals and he also got a game for Scotland under 21's

Scores Equalizer For Under 18's
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Tonkin scored a wonderful equalizer for Leicester under 18's after barnsley under 18's took an early lead.

Only Goal For Reserves In November

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Tonkin grabs another late equalizer this one with only minutes to go in a reserve game.

Important Goal Against Cardiff

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Despite scoring a good goal against hometown team Cardiff Tonkin is unable to stop Leicester from going into the dropzone and Nigel Pearson losing his job.

December next lets hope the new manager likes Tonkin!
December 2012

Leicester Appoint Owen Coyle

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The manager merry go round continued this month as the likes of Wigan, Reading and Millwall changed managers to name just a few.

Owen Coyle definetly doesnt consider Tonkin a first team player as he only plays 3 out of a possible 8 games this month.
Tonkin played 7 times this month scoring 4 goals with 3 games for the first team and only one goal. 2 for the reserves with no goals and 2 for the under 18's and 3 goals.

Tonkin Scores Brace For Leicester Under 18's

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Tonkin managed a good couple of goals here in a high tempered game with both sides having players sent off.

Tonkins Only First Team Goal In December

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Tonkin got a goal back for Leicester after Blackburn took an early lead with two goals.

January 2013

Tonkin had a good month with appearances managing to play 11 games but only hit the back of the net twice. He played in 5 first team games but didnt score had 4 reserve games and scored once and 2 under 18's games with a goal in the first game too.

Tonkin also played a part in his 4 under 21 match for Scotland.

Tonkin Becomes Youngest FA Cup Player

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Another Pen for Tonkin in under 18's Match

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Tonkin Scores First In Thrashing For Reserves

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Tonkin has made 60 appearances for different sides this season including Leicester, Leicester Reserves, Under 18's and Scotland Under 21's and has a very healty 27 goals.

Finally Rafa Benitez Gets Boot

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Feb 2013

Did Tonkin End His Goal Drought

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Yes he did! 13 games this month for Tonkin and he hit the net 6 times! 6 first team games with 3 goals, reseve games with 1 goal and 4 under 18 apps with 2 goals.

Tonkin Likes Leaving It Late

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To break his 8 hour goal drought Tonkin managed to grab 3 late goals and helped lift Leicester into Playoff potential

March 2013

Tonkin had probably his worst month of his young career so far in March.
He only played 6 games this month scoring once with 5 games being for the first team and none for the reserves it seems at least that Tonkin may be becoming a more regular fixture in the first team despite being in the Under 18's at present.

Only Goal In March For Under 18's

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Tonkin's only goal this month was for the under 18's maybe a bit of fatigue is starting to kick in for the youngster who has played a whopping 71 games in various competitions this season!

Lets hope there is a Spring in his step for April

Tonkin did have a much better time for Scotland under 21's as he added to his tally with 2 goals in 2 games giving him a total of 6 games 3 goals so far.

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Kazhakstan and Cyprus are hardly the biggest teams to get a goal against!
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End Of Season 2013

Tonkin has a blistering end to the season scoring for all 3 sides including a hattrick for the reserves and a brace in the Group 2 Under 18's Final where he picked up his first silverware.

First Team Goal In Last Game Of Season

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Hattrick In Final Reserves Match Of Season

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Top Goalscorer In Reserves League

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Tonkin Brace Wins Under 18's Group 2 Final

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Top Goalscorer In Under 18's League Too

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Leicester Finish 16th

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Overall Stats For Season

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Tonkin in his debut season played a part in 77 matches this season scoring an impressive 45 goals with 20 first team starts and 19 sub appearances scoring 12 times.
July 2013

Tonkin has had a blistering pre season grabbing 2 first team hatttricks in friendlies and another for the under 18's in another friendly.
He has grabbed an impressive 10 goals in 6 friendly matches whilst scoring 3 hattricks.

Scores In 3 Out Of 4 Friendlies For First Team

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They are very small teams that Tonkin has scored against but he is definetly showing his manager he can put the ball in the back of the net!

Hattrick For Under 18's

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Tonkin is hoping his impressive performances in pre season will mean he can stay with the first team sqaud and play less reserve team football.
August 2013

Tonkin has scored 4 goals this month in 9 matches across several competitions, he has not managed to score a senior goal this month but his 3 appearances for the first team were off the bench, He did grab 2 goals in 3 reserve games and also a goal in 2 under 18's matches.
He also scored for Scotland under 21's against the mighty England Under 21's

Goal Against Birmingham Under 18's

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Brace Against Sheffield Reserves

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Tonkin Goal Couldnt Save Scotland Under 21's From Thrashing

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September - December 2013

Tonkin has had a topsy turvy start to the new season with Leicester struggling and replacing manager Owen Coyle for Lee Clarke, Tonkin's 3rd different Leicester boss in 18 months.

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Tonkin has played an impressiv 48 games over 4 different sides so far this season scoring 35 goals.

He has 18 games for the first team with most being fromthe bench and a good return of 6 goals.

First Team Goal Highlights

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Tonkin has also played 12 reserve games and scored 7 goals long with 11 Under 18's matches scoring 13 goals!

Under 18's Highlights

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Finally Tonkin has found his goalscoring boots for Scotland Under 21's with 9 goals in 7 games.

View attachment 328956View attachment 328957View attachment 328958

Leicester are currently 24th in the league so i really hope we dont get relegated but Tonkin is still stuck in the Under 18's with the likes of Chris Wood and Dave Nugent underperforming.
January - May 2014

Tonkin had a blistering start to the new year scoring 16 goals in 18 games in all competitions but then picked up a bad injury in March which cut short his season.

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Tonkin played a part in 8 more first team games this year scoring 4 goals, 5 reserve games and 5 goals and an impressive 7 goals in 5 under 18's games.

Impressive Under 18's Displays

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So in total this season Tonkin still managed to play a part in 67 games scoring 52 goals and 14 assists.

Scotland B Debut and Goal

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I didnt know the B teams really played fixtures anymore would you guys consider this an upgrade or being dropped from the Under 21's?

Leicester Relegated!!!

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Lee Clarke could not save them from the drop and with a lot of star players leaving the club it may well give Tonkin a chance to shine in League 1.

Tonkin Match Stats

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With us being relegated from the Championship i thought i would show you Tonkin's Championship Stats.
He has played 56 league games out of a possible 92 games and scored an impressive 21 goals with 7 assists.

What will the new season hold for Tonkin?