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Jun 2, 2013
My dortmund ,Lost 4-1 away in QF vs ManCity then won the game 5-0 in the return home leg. ..

lost 4-1 in aggregiate against Juventus in SF though, failed to capitalized 10 man Juventus in 1st leg (home, finished 1-1)


Jun 18, 2014
As an update to the novel I posted above:

I finished my season with Farense FC going 40-1-1 and won both the Portuguese League Cup and the Taca de Portugal (which gives me a Euro Cup bid).

My League sucess should come as no surprise given my first half success, however the Portuguese League Cup and Tarca de Portugal may seem a little out of the ordinary. In the Portuguese League Cup I only faced a premier league team twice. The first time comming against an under-achieving Vit Guimaraes team and the other coming in the final against National de Madiera (14th in the Portuguese premier league). Both of these games were upsets, however they both were within reason given the form my team was in.

The Taca de Portugal on the other hand really was a miracle. In my above post I discussed playing Benfica (who was woe-fully underachieving in the premier league at the time in 10th until their head coach was fired). I was lucky and got Benfica right after they hired their new head-coach (literally 3 days after). This allowed me to face them while they were unprepared.

Again, I got lucky in the finals of the competition. I was matched against a Porto side that was #1 in the Premier league (and would win it). Earlier in the season Porto had been almost unstoppable, but injuries to key players (as well as the desperate need to rest others) such as Adrien, Jackson Martinez, and Hector Herrera saw me face a much weaker Porto side. Make no mistake, Porto were still the favorites, but it wasn't like I would be dealing with the Super squad that was undefeated through their first 14 games.

Excellent play from the likes of Pedro Eugenio, Joao Reis, and new signing (ST) Diago Testa allowed me to more or less control the ball from the outset of the game. However, my side just wasn't able to score on the solid Porto squad. Similarly, Porto, who's offence was sorely missing it's top 2 play-makers, just wasn't able to do much against my solid defense (I talk a ton about my offense, as that is my big focus, but in reality my defense is where it is at)... The first goal of the game came 97 minutes into the match (yes extra-time) about 46 seconds from the end of the extra time, and it was from none other than Joao Reis. It was a brilliant goal, where Pedro Eugio fired a bullet over to Etari Regis who attempted to head it in, only to have it ricochet off the Goalies hands. Chaos ensued (headers and counter-headers) and somehow Joao Reis ended up with a beautiful first touch goal.... Giving me the win and the trophy I desired.

All in all it was an incredible year for a team that was in administration at the beginning of the season.



Aug 18, 2010
After winning an expected promotion with QPR i finished 3rd in my first year back in the Premier League!


Nov 28, 2008
Won the league with Arsenal in 2013-14 & 2014-15, Won CWC 2014-15 & 2015-16, Won Champions League 13-14 & 14-15 season, Super Cup 2014, FA & Capital one cup 2015-16 & Community Shield 2016, Lost everything in my 3rd and final season with Arsenal.

Signed some great players:
season 1 bought in
Ashley Williams - 5.25mil
Blaise Matuidi - 4.7mil
Alexis Sanchez - 29.5mil (January)

Arteta 6.25m

Season 2 Ins:

Michy Batshuayi - 6.25mil
Ter Stegen - 10mil
Stefano Denswil - 4.3mil
Alex Sandro 10.5mil
Mangala - 15mil
Strootman - 29mil (overpaid but sodl for profit!!)
Verratti - 15.5mil
Nicusor Stanciu - 6.5mil ( worth every penny & more)
Coleman - 7.5mil ( dissappointed)
Fernando Velez - 4.9mil (regen)
Casemiro - 1.5mil (bought to cover dm position due to sales)

Total: 111m


Bendtner - 5.75mil
Vermaelan - 11.75mil
Park CY - 2mil
Walcott - 18.5mil
Monreal - 11mil
Coquelin 2.6mil
Mertsacker - 20.5mil !!!!! thank you monaco
flamini - 5.25mil
djourou - 1.5mil
Matuidi - 21.5mil (profit of 15+mil)

total earn: 100mil!

Season 3 Ins:

Arjen Ademi - 3.7mil
Jonathan Silva - 4.9mil
Carlos Fierro - 17.5mil
Caulker - 6.5mil (regret)
Chambers - 5.25mil (never got to manage him went back on loan to sompton for 1 season then i resigned)
El Sharaaway - 23.5mil ( regret signing him as I now manage AC MILAN!)
James Rodriguez -17,5mil (Bargain for him scored like 10 goals in 10 games instantly!)
Mario Balotelli - 24mil (FLOPPED)
Courtois - 3mil (3 great keepers but what a bargain last year of contract)



Strootman - 41,5mil (PSG easy profit after 29milspent on him)
Giroud - 20mil (regret selling but too good to refuse)
podolski - 6.75mil (one of the best players first 2 seasons but injury prone)
Cazorla - 5.25mil (*****)
Ozil - 37mil never played
Chamberlain - 32.5mil

total in 142mil

AC MILAN JOB 1st season signings only not played any competitve games yet


Trigueros - Villarreal 11.25mil
Ademi (arsenal signing) - 5.5mil
Armenteros - 10mil from anderlecht top scorer in UCL last season
cleverley - 6.25mil (limited funds at start needed midfielders)
Batsuahyi from my arsenal - 4.9mil BARGAIN
szczesny 6,5mil
Marcos Rojo 1.4mil
fierro & pugliese (loan)


Jun 18, 2014
Just found a Striker (Regen) named Adama Yao from the Ivory Coast who at age 16 is 6'4 215ILBS (something like 194cm, 85kg).

At age 16 he had:

PHYS: 15 pace, 16 acceleration, 12 agility, 14 balance, 12 strength, very low injury risk.

Notable Mental: 11 aggressiveness, 10 bravery, 12 creativity, 11 concentration + composure, 9 influence/leadership, 18 Determination

Notable Tactical: 15 finishing, 12 dribbling, 8 crossing, 10 passing, 13 first touch, 11 penalty, 10 heading, 9 technique, 12 long shot....

Important Matches: 18

Personality: Professional.

In short the guy is a BEAST! I did everything in my power to sign him as a year 2 AFC Wimbledon side and managed to grab him after inviting him over on a trial.


Nov 30, 2013
Managed to get Salisbury from Skrill south all the way to the Premier League, and finished in 6th on my first season in under 12 years. I didn't even cheat either :3

LLM is the best thing ever


Jan 12, 2011
Shoots With Power PPM is possibly the best PPM in the game for me.

When combined with the right player, it can turn an average striker into a beast.

I have this regen who has 17 Finishing, 13 Composure and 17 Strength. The rest of his stats are very very average. Before I gave him this PPM, he wasn't doing anything on the field and I was ready to ship him out. But then I gave him this PPM and he's turned into my top goalscorer. He plays like a poacher in a CF Attack role.

I think that fact that he has 17 Strength helps the Shoots With Power PPM. I've noticed a lot of his goals are shots which are pretty much straight at the 'keeper but then somehow always find their way in the back of the net, almost like his shots are too hot to handle so to speak.


Nov 23, 2008
Amazing there. I assume Lahm was at Bayern as manager.

How long have you been playing this save?
Yes lahm was the manager for bayern for 15 years then ritired been playing the save for 6 months on and off started a new one with stirling now.

All so this save was inspired by wank3r long term save.


Apr 17, 2011
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Norwich win the league by 10 points... and the funny thing is that I wasn't even managing them. I left them two seasons before this, from the frustration of banging my head against the glass ceiling of the Manchester duopoly.

Usually when I leave a side I've built up in Football Manager, it goes into decline. But Norwich hired the only man who did manage to break the Manchester duopoly between 2012 and 2027 - Luis Enrique - and Norwich won the Champions League the season after I left. Then they stormed the Premier League the season after. And with my team as well - in those two years after I left, they literally signed one single new player. A backup centre-half.


Well, it wasn't all bad. In that greener grass of managing Paris St-Germain I did manage to break Racing Paris' ancient Ligue 1 goalscoring record, with 119 goals in my second season. But still, as the great man said...

...the loneliest words you'll ever know: If only, if only it was so; the emptiest words that there'll ever be: It could have been me, it could have been me...


Feb 2, 2014
On the Vita I managed to get Gerrard's contract down to 65k, Sturridge's down to 50k, Agger down to 50k and Lucas down to 49k. That's my achievement


May 15, 2014
Just got Kaiserslautern into CL group stages after a thrilling play-off game against Valencia. Now listening to the CL theme song while watching the draws haha.


Jun 18, 2014
My AFC Wimbledon Campaign continues!

I am now 1.5 years into the campaign and am in League 1 in 1st place. I made it to the semi-finals of the Capital One Cup before being put down by Arsenal in 5-3 agg.

Despite losing a ton of key players from last year my team has kept on clicking, with my new additions of Devante Cole, Angelo Balanta, Joao Reis, and Craig Moran (regen) kicking some serious ***.

This year in the game scoring has been rampant. The top two scorers of the Spanish Premier League are Messi and Saurez (both Barcelona) with 19 a piece each in 25 games, yet Barcelona is currently third behind Real Madrid and Athletico. The same theme rings true in the BPL where Mario Balotelli leads the league in scoring with 18 through 24 games, and where there are 14 different players who have scored at least 10 goals already!

My transfers (to the other teams) from last year are all performing excellently, with special regards to Pedro Eugenio, who has an incredible game score average. And Adama Yao, my legendary regen from last year (only 18 now) is already a starter on a deep Arsenal squad.

Chelsea's 51 million dollar purchase, Abel Camara, has been impressive so far, scoring 12 goals and setting up another 12 assists, something that is easy to do when you are surrounded by the likes of Diego Costa and Eden Hazard.

Man Utd started incredibly slow this campaign, dropping as low as 14th before rocketing up to 3rd where they currently sit. This change is undoubtedly a result of their change in Managers. Man Utd has 2 players with 10+ goals (Luk de Jong and Rooney).

Oddly enough Josey Altidore, who was bought by Leeds last year at the beginning of my campaign, is second in the BPL in scoring with 16 goals!
Just noticed something awesome that I've never seen before! Bohemians FC (IRE) reached the First Knockout round of the Euro Cup (the stage immediately after the Group Stage). It somehow made it through qualifications, then managed to get second in a group of Liverpool, Bohemians, Dinamo, and Partizan. They even managed to draw against Liverpool!!! Go Boh's!

Also, in general the Brit's are killing it in Europe. Man United and Liverpool had the largest Goal Differences in the Euro Cup group stage (and were, of course, tops in their groups). Man City went undefeated in it's Champion league group, Everton topped it's group (which featured Juventus), Arsenal topped it's Champions League group, and following the trend Chelsea topped it's Champions League group....
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Mar 10, 2011
Aalborg, Denmark
Being down 1-3 on aggregate in the CL semi-final against PSG, and then coming back to win 8-3 (9-6 aggregate) counts as a success in my book. Only in my first season as well.