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Feb 8, 2014
Taken me a LONG time to get my head around the new FM. I've been playing since FM06, always with the same tactics and same 3 formations and this new system has really taken me by surprise but now it's all coming together and it's beautiful. I've stuck to my own vision and finally got my Newcastle side playing the football I want and I'm two thirds through my 4th season. I've had some great results recently but the really pleasing thing was the overall team performance and the way the goals were scored. I had an 8-2 victory over Cystal Palace (who are mid table in the EPL) in the FA cup 6th round but all 8 goals were briliant and the 2 conceded were flukes and sloppy goal keeping.
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Jun 18, 2014
So, in my Nottingham save, the combination of revenue from my friendlies should add up to be well above 30million.


Apr 4, 2013
Hello every body this is my success so far i am now in 2038 by my longest save every my manager is now aged 55 i have used one tactic from the very start of this save.

This save is over three months old when i started i just wanted to get the english hero well this has been an unexpected journey of my football manager career i dont do stories no more but i wish i made this into one.

First of where it all begain Ebbsflet 201 to 2034

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Holland 2034/2036
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Real Madrid 2036/2038
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Now am at benfica​
What tactic have you been using? been playing FMC myself and no tactic seems to work?


Jun 18, 2014
I hit the 2014 World Cup in my Nottingham Forest game, and right now it is the Semi-finals.... The teams left? Belgium, France, England, and the USA.... Landon Donovan has been the highest rated player of the tournament.


Jan 12, 2011
Not really a success but after all these years playing FM, I've just realised that I can skip the start and load up screens by pressing the space bar. :D


Oct 22, 2011
How to win the Asian Champions League for the 3rd time in a row with CLASS.

Was on a TERRIBLE run of form while FC Seoul were ABSOLUTELY crushing it.

We had lost twice to them this season in the league. Our Morale was ****. I had no other option.

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Forza Suwon.

ps. You might have noticed Lisandro Lopez sitting on my bench. He is ****, do not buy him.


Jul 3, 2012
Continued my domination with Dinamo Zagreb in 2023, won back to back Champions League and for 2nd time and FIFA Worlc Championship (newly made competition by someone on this forum) and succesfully signed one of (if not) best player in the world
at the age of 36 (but still)

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Aug 20, 2014
I managed to win the domestic treble and the champions league in my first season with Arsenal. I was unbeaten as well. the only signings i made were Diego Costa and ..................... heung-son min from leverkusen XD. I thought it was a glitch when i hammered City 5-1 at the Etihad and it must have been, because i had so many problems in the second season. FM for you i guess!


Jun 18, 2014
I have another epic save going right now. I am running with Whiz's league updates, T7FCC's US Promotion & Relegation League, Claassen's World League Megapack, and my own Irish Lower League unlocked modifications. I also have applied the real name fixes and such that allow you to coach Germany and Japan.

I started out as an American Coach with a Sunday League reputation at the June 2013 start date. My goal was to be hired by a team in a premier league or a team 1 off from being in the premier league, and I decided that I would give European clubs precedence.

- I applied for some 31 jobs and was turned down before even interviewing for 26 of them.
- Of my 5 interviews, only 3 teams decided to offer me jobs, with Boavista (Portuguese National League) and Uniao Madiera both turning me down.
- My 3 successful interview were with FC Farense, the Sacremento Republic, and the Oklahoma Energy.
- Of those offers both the Energy and Republic offered me a contract for 1 year $18.6k, to which I said "**** no". Farense offered me a $46k 1 year contract. I accepted.

But then reality hit.... I hadn't done my research, and as it turns out FC Farense was $2.7 million in debt (Administration) while being in a relatively un-profitable Portuguese Second League.... Awesome. Not to mention, they had just been promoted, and were expected to escape relegation....

Moreover, they had significant holes in their roster. As they had severe depth problems, and the only impact players they had were all past their prime. They lacked any sort of quality at ST and had only marginal quality anywhere else on the field. They did however have 3 players of some potential. Those being AM(L) Jaoa Reis, WB/D(R) Pedro Eugenio, and GK Ricardo Nieves.

To make matters worse, within the first 3 weeks of my game my ST at the time, Dido, was bought off by some Romainian club for a measly 27k (not too bad all things considered though).

However, I may have had the most amazing signing period of any of my games. Working with a $6,750 a YEAR max contract offer I managed to sign:

ST Thiago Sieji (1 yr 6750, after 15 games 7800) A striker with serious potential and 13+ finishing, first touch, dribbling, and passing. Only age 20. Starter.

AMR Danilo (1 yr 6250, 7800 after 10 games) solid AM with well rounded stats, a definite starter.

MC/DM Azeez (got him over FCP SOMEHOW!!!) solid, solid, solid MC with good potential. Instant starter material, and likely one of the few guys who would be a keeper. My scout said this guy had the potential to be an average premier league player.

MC/AMC Regis Estari (1yr 6750, 9250 after 10games) young guy with lots of potential. Had horrid finishing but was good enough otherwise. My scouts said he had potential to be a solid starter in the premier league.

DC Hordur Magnusson (2 yr 6750, 9250 after 5, 35% raise yearly, 25% top of division raise) very solid stats, a Juventus background, and professional attitude. Scouts said he was a definite signing with potential to be a star at the premier league level..... Insane....

GK Craig Reid (2 yr 6750, 8500 after 10, raises promised as well), imediately would compete with Neives for the starting gig, and would allow me to sell some of my other GK's (who actually had value for some reason). Scouts said he would be a star at the premier league level!

With my starting side in toe, added depth, and beasty tactics, I managed to go undefeated through my first 6 games, before finally conceding a loss at Unioa Madiera. I wouldn't lose again until a meaningless second game of a Dutch Cup contest against Vit Guimaraes (who I smashed 7-0, by far the most one-sided victory of my entire campaign, at home, lost 3-1 on the road).... I managed upsets against clubs such as Benefica (2-1 Dutch cup win at home, 2-3 loss away, to give me the win), and through 27 games am sitting #1 in the league with 25 wins 1 draw and 1 loss (though it should be noted that I was third in the competition through the 17th game, when Madiera and Beira-Mar started to lose some momentum).

My signings (plus my one non-signed star) have performed as following:
1. Azeez- solid as **** in game, always picking off a pass or saving a loose ball! He might not have the stats to prove it, but he makes the team work! His value has climbed from $0 since his signing to 56k.

2. Jaoa Reis - has 20 goals through 27 games in the league, good enough for 3rd best in the league at that! His value has climbed from $575 to 66k.... He is still vastly undervalued by the world.

3. Pedro Eugenio - has 5 goals and 17 assists (good for 7 POM). In games he has played (24) my team has only conceded 12(!) goals!!!! His play has been so spectacular that he actually was called up for a national friendly (thanks to an injury none-the-less). His value has climbed from 14k in June to 575k in December. I expect him to be worth at least 1m by the end of the campaign, and probably 2.5m by the beginning of my first premier season.

4. Thiago Seiji- 5 goals in 17 games. Has struggled through injury and it took him a while to get going. I actually am selling him this transfer window for 500k!!!!

5. Regis Astari- 5 goals, 3 assists in 27 games. Has struggled, but I am more or less playing him as to up his value and sell him once I get that "premier-league" transition value boost. He is already valued at 250k, so I expect his value to climb to at least 1m. He recently became a citizen of Portugal and has the goal to play for the national team.

6. Hordur Magnusson- through 26 games (league) he has 2 goals and 2 assists. His defensive impact has been HUGE though. He progresses pretty rapidly as well!!!! And he already has me listed as his favored personnel! He recently commented to the media or such that he hopes to land a bigger contract with the team- something I will give him ASAP!!! He is the starting DC for the Iceland national team now.

7. Craig Reid - Through 22 games (league) he has an amazing 13 shutouts. He has allowed only 9 goals while starting. His training arrow has been pointing directly up since I started his training in June, and he has probably developed the most of any player on the team. I have already signed him on a longer term contract through 2017. He is the starting GK for the USA u20 squad. His value climbed from $300 to 300k.

As of the transfer deadline my team has gradually been making money and making up for our horrid debt. The 500k profit from Thiago brought us down to 750k debt, and the corresponding purchase of Ricardo Nieves for 250k and Icardo (regen) for 120k gave the board enough room to request a loan and get out of Administration. The team got a 475k loan that would be paid off with monthly 35k large payments, something that I can make without too many more sales!

I also signed 1 player for next season, a striker with potential named Diago Testa. He looks to be a brilliant capture at the young age of 20 and with more potential and ability than Seiji!

----------------- Other World News---------------------------

1. Man United is dominating the BPL, leading Arsenal by 13points 20 games in (ouch).
2. Dortmund bought Thomas Muller off of Bayern Munich. Muller has been good enough to make the shortlist for the World Player of the Year. Dortmund leads the German League.
3. Barcelona is dominating the Spanish League. Having the top two scorers in the competition (Messi and Neymar each with 14 goals 16 games into the leauge). Cristiano Renaldo is in third with 13. Bale is among the top 3 in the league for Average rating. Barcelona leads Liga BBVA by 4 points over Athletico. Real Madrid is 2 games (unplayed) and 10 points behind!
4.Terrence Boyd of all players has been the highest scoring player in the World. He scored 7 goals (4?) appearances for SK Rapid Wein and then was purchased by Gladbach where he has gone on to score 12 goals in 15 starts.....
5. Thierry Henry scored 17 goals in the last 12 games of the MLS season to give him 22 on the campaign....
6. Jozy Altidore requested a transfer, and got one, being sent to Leeds, where he is 2nd in the league with 12 goals. Leeds Leads the Skybet Championship!

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
I did it once again, but this time using a 4-4-2 formation, though with a few more shots than I expect when I go for that kind of game plan.