Jun 13, 2013
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Hi, I am actually a couple of seasons in on my game where I started Rangers in the Blue Square North and I was wondering if there would be a following for such a story. I'm a tad lazy so I don't want to write loads up and then nobody follows. I will also add that this is very unlikely to stop abruptly (aside from any computer issue) as I am aiminig to get at least 1 champions league success and I will require at least 5 promotions to acheive that. Obvioulsy the first few posts will just be a update on my progress as I have no screenies but as of now I would be able to provide these and do a more traditional story. I have just started my third season btw.
Any feedback/interest would be greatly appreciated.

I don't normally participate in forums; normally i'm more of an observer but what with last week's scandal(not having a go mojo) there is a void storywise that has yet to be filled in my opinion.
So agaisnt my better judgement I am going to start this properly. I am currently at work so I will provide a brief summary of how I set the game up and what my goals where when I started the game.

Editor Changes

I only made one change in the editor and that was to swap Rangers with Guiseley AFC from the Blue Square Bet Conference North. I made no other changes to the editor and it seems to have not affected my entry into the domestic cup competitions. All other aspects of the game were unchanged.


Win every competition domestically. I am not including play off trophies in this. Competitions included; BS Conference North Divsion Champions, BS Premier Divsion Champions, League Two Division champions, League One Division Champions, Championship Division Champions, Premier league Champions, FA Trophy, League Cup and FA cup.(This could really bite me in the **** as If I don't win the Division I don't really want to get promoted as I would then need to get relegated on purpose so I could then go back and win the division.)

Win the three available european Trophies; they need no introduction.

Win the World Club cup championship.

Brucey Bonus; Become the richest club in the world. (after all the real life financial troubles at Rangers this would be a joke)

PS I will pay my PAYE and all taxes.

PPS I used the 1.3.03 database (the one available from Steam) and I loaded a large database with all the English division playable(obv) and Scotland (top division only) in view only mode. My laptop is **** and it runs slow enough as it is. I will delete the leagues as and when I am promoted from them( won't delete once i'm in the football league)

Next update Summer Transfer Window 2012
Sky Sports News Breaking News (Apologies I'm not too hot on the photshop so just plain old text until I can insert screenies later)

In a landmark case Rangers Football Club the world's most succesful domestic football club have been allowed to enter the English FA albeit in the bottom rung of English Football. They have taken the place of Guiseley AFC who were kindly told to GTFO of the league to make room for a potentially more money making team. Guiseley AFC took the place of Rangers in the Scottish third division in a straight swap and to the delight of no one in either Guiseley or the Scottish Third Division.

In other News Peter Lawwell was seen to have a face like sa lapped **** when he heard the news and Neil Lennon was seen crying into his Irn Bru in what was most probably the biggest collection of orange on show from a man from the catholic faith. (tongue seriously in cheek here, I mean no offense whatsoever) I actually respect Lennon as a manager although I feel he can be a bit ott with his critiscim and complaints of various FA's and refs etc

It has been touted that this is the single biggest change in footballing law since the Bosman ruling and could potentially change the domestic game all around the world with new talk of formations of super leagues involving the Richer teams within EUrope and South America.
Super Ally Gone!

Rangers Manager Alistair McCoist was sensational sacked the day after Rangers were admitted into English Football. A spokesman for the club stated thatthe club felt that in these changing times that a fresh approach was what is required to realise the full potential that this marvellous opportunity presented.

Fans were guessing what big name manager would be brought in to steer Rangers throught the lower tiers of English football and build a exciting side on the park to watch.

Bookies early favourite was Billy Davies even though he had just recently been appointed at Nottingham Forest. Davies was quick to highlight his love for the club but state that he had a contract with Forest and he was happy to honour it.

Meanwhile window cleaner (I'm not actually a window cleaner) John Stewart arrived at Murray Park to, well, clean the windows.
"Ohh Charlie Boy you like that don't you"

As John was dilligently cleaning the windows he heard what could only be described as a clip from a Michael Barrymore party. Whilst disgusted by the sounds he felt compelled to clear away the soapy suds with his squeedge and what he saw nearly made him fall off his ladder.

Craig Whyte whose name had become villainous around Ibrox and Murray Park was like a rat up a drain pipe with the Yorkshire Liar Charles Green. John stumbled and the ****(no pun intended) of his squeedge hit the glass in the window and caught the two bummers attention.

Later that day the three men were discussing the repercussions of what had unfolded.

"you can't tell the press John, I'm already the most hated man in the west of Scotland. If this got out I'd be done for" exclaimed Whyte.
"You should of thought of that before you went to funky town" the disgusted Stewart retorted
"the only way I'm keeping this quiet is if Charles resigns and sells the club to the fans for 1p and I become the manager of this great establishment"
"Done" both Green and Whyte said "We'll have the relevant papers drafted up by our lawyers and we'll both be gone by tomorrow"

and just like that *poof* they were gone (props if you get the ref here)
Absolute unknown John Stewart named manager of Glasgow Rangers FC. Fans and media alike are like wtf?!?!

Rumours are flying around social networking sites and fans forums about how this chain reaction of events could have unfolded. Fortunately nobody has been deranged enough to come to the correct conclusion.

(i know this bit has been obviously a load of bull sh*t but I'm bored in work and I don't like those two people who in my opinion have only tried to make a fast buck out of the team I support. In my Rangers Eutopia neither of these two would have anything to do with Rangers and apparently I want to become a window cleaner, who'd of thought)
A wee bit of feedback? Do you want any of this background stuff or do you want just results, signing players, youth intake etc?
Again apolgies for the lack of screenies.

Squad Evaluation pre season 2012.

Neil alexander. 35 years old,established 1st choice

Neil is a solid if not spectacular goalkeeper. He is also on high wages especially for this level 10k a week. Neil is not going to be a long term solution for Rangers and a replacement will have to be found. He is out of contract at the end of the season

Scott Gallagher 23 years old (2nd choice keeper)

Scott is never going to set the heather alight I'm afraid. A solid enough goalkeeper for this level but is going to struggle to improve enough if he wants to march his way up the leagues with us. Low wages and out of contract at the end of the season secures his place for this season but won't be here for long

Blair Currie 19 years old (current under 19's keeper).

Blair is in much the same category as Scott but a few years younger and with a tad more potential. WIll play under 19's and will cover if there are injuries. Needs to impress to win another deal

Left Backs

Lee Wallace 25 years old(roughly doing this from memory you know)

Lee is far and away our best player (5 start rating) Lee is a fast and powerful fullback and is both great going forward and defending. I will be looking to build my team around him for the foreseeable future. Could easily stay with me until we hit the premiership (age permitting).

Right backs

Anestis Agryriou 23 years old

Anestis is a fairly decent right back who should be able to dominate opposition in the lower divisions. He will eventually find his level in England (i predict upper league 2 lower league 1).

Darren Cole 21 years old

Darren burst onto the scene as a 18 year old with a stand out performance in the champions league agaisnt Bursaspor and was then posted missing for almost 2 years. Even in htis league he is far from a stand out and I doubt he will be at Rangers long. Outof contract at the end of the season some serious improvements will need to be made if he is to have a future.

Shift at work is finishing so i'l continue tomorrow with the centre halves, midfielders, attackers and yout prospects

Emilson Cribari 31 years old
Centre Halves

Emilson Cribari 31 years old

Emilson is a seasoned centre half with a wealth of experiance most notably in Serie A with Lazio and Palermo. Good mental stats make up for a lack of pace in this division and should stroll through the majority of games. Age and high wages mean that he won't be here for long.

Ross Perry 22 years old

Ross has very good physical stats along with some decent stats in heading, marking and tackling (approx 13) however a concentraion and composure of 4 mean that he is not the defender for me. Ross is adaptible however and I will retrain him so he can play across the back line.

Sebastien Faure 21 years old

Seb has some decent stats but like Emilson is fairly slow 10 for both pace and accleration. Along with Emilson he is among our better defenders and definetly warrants a start.

Chris Hegarty 20 years old

Chris has some okay stats but is fairly poor tbh. Not going to be good enough in the long term. Out of contract at the end of the season and fairly adaptible means he will stay for the year to provide cover across the back line.

Luca Gasparotto. 18 years old

Luca is a stand out in my under 19's and has been brought straight into the first team as 3rd choice centre half. 4 star potential means that he will get plenty of game time. Slight concern about his marking (9) but hopefully with some training and game time that will improve.

Centre Midfield

Ian Black 27 years old

Ian ran the show in the 2012 Scottish cup final but I think that says more about Hibs than Ian as a player. Not terrible but not really good either. Still far too good for the division but I don't think he will be with us for the long haul. The only player in the squad who is accomplished in a defensive midfield position which makes him a bit more useful.

Kyle Hutton 21 years old

Kyle looks like he can be a solid midfield player for Rangers for a good few years. SOme decent stats and youth auger well for Kyle I will be looking to start him the majority of games.

Lewis Macleod 18 years old

Lewis may well be the future of this club. Posied and assured on the ball and a wee bit of dig too makes him a player I would ideally like to keep around. Hopefully game time will aid his development and rangers can benefit from this in the long term.

RObbie Crawford 19 years old

RObbie has some terrific mental stats but poor physical and technical. Will be in and around the first team but I have my doubts about his long term future.

Wide men and Attacking Midfielders

David Templeton 24 years old

Temps has pace to burn and can be tricky but does lack in a few vital areas, first touch and passing. Will easily be good enough for htis division and a few more above this. Will get plenty of game time.

Dean Shiels 27 years old

Composed attacking midfielder who lacks slighty in the physical side of the game. Can play across the midfield but perefers to be central. Will be good enough for now but I hope that Rangers will soon out grow a player of his calibre.

Fraser Aird 17 years old

An attacking flair player who again prefers to be central but who can play accross the midfield. Fraser has bags of potential and will get plenty of game time this season.
I started this thread about 10 days ago and stopped posting as there appeared to be no1 following. I have successfully completed 5 back to back titles and I am now about to embark on my premiership adventure. My question is

Is there a possible following for this? or should I just stick to playing the game and forget about any possible story
Centre Forwards

Lee McCulloch (Big Jig) 33 years old

Jig is a born leader of men and is a dominant physical presence on most pitches he plays on. Pace has never been his strength and at his age he will not be able to play first team football for too much longer. one of the highest earners in the team and will need to be replaced.

Fran Sandaza 27 year old

Fran is a penalty box striker who is let down by a lack of natural fitness basicaly most physical stats. Can be a passenger in some games but can then pop up and score out of nothing. Will be mainly used as an impact sub.

Kevin Kyle 31 year old

Big powerful typical British Centre forward (ie big and strong but slow as a week in the jail with no first touch). When younger he could of really been a good good player but he has let himself down and also has had some unfortunate injuries. Not good enough for Rangers and if I was able to sell him he';d be first out of the door. Only has a year left on his deal so i doubt it will be renewed.

Andy Little 22 years old

Andy is best described as a pain in the a*se for defenders. Not quite a strker but not quite a winger either. Jack of all trades but unfortunately master of none. His athleticism makes up for lack of ability but I am hoping that Rangers will be above ANdy's level sooner rather than later.

BArrie Mckay 18 years old

Barrie is lighting quick with an eye for goal. He has bags of potential and I hope he will be here for the long term. Definite starter.
Rangers have a meagre transfer kitty of approx 200k and not much movement in wages. They also are put under a transfer embargo for over 18 year old players from Sept 2012 to Sept 2013 (2 transfer windows) so I didn't want to do too much with the squad and play alot of youth instead.

I managed to exploit both Rangers high reputation (or at least much higher than a blue squre team should have) and the ridiculous bug of being able to get a player on loan for a season absolutely free if you are in a much lower division. This allowed me to sign 4 top top players for Rangers position gratis allowing me to trim the wage bill.

Mikkael Andersson (23 year old keeper from Reading)

Much better than Alexander and also for free. This allowed me to sell Alexander for approx 50k and pocket his wages for the entire season too.

Lloyd doyley(29 year old full back from Watford)

I wanted to play with 3 at the back and get the most out of Wallace as a wing back. Lloyd was able to cover both flans better than any of my other back up's

Andre Wisdom (18 year old from Liverpool)

Actually couldn't believe he came. With playing 3 at the back we were short of centre halves. He was a starter for most of the season.

Jay Bothroyd( 29 year old Striker)

I was amazed at Wisdom signing so I was flabbergasted when Bothroyd signed. I honestly thought he could score 100 goals in the Blue Square) Bothroyd is no world beater but he is an England Cap(amazingly). Signing Jay alowed me to sell Jig netting approx 100k and saving about 10k a week.

With the sales of my two elder statesment I was able to save quite alot of money for this division. Ihoped that this would pay off n thelong run.

THis left me with a starting line up of
Faure Cribari Wisdom
Argeriou Wallace
Hutton Macleod
Bothroyd McKay
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i would follow
Cheers Simoo88
As I said I have 5 seasons done so I could give updates on those seasons and then start using screen shots from now on. I just want to know that it's not all for nothing if no1 is actually following
I think you will have a lot of silent readers. Maybe some screenshots and colour may increase the popularity.
thanks simoo, the problem is I have played quite far in already (5 seasons) I'll try and get some screenies done tonight and show the league tables for the 5 years and my signings. Thanks for the feedback though
Keep it going mate, the quicker you get up to date the better!!

Need some screenies and some colour!! Do you post using the "Go Advanced" button?