Renovating the Cottage - A New Journey for Success

Nah i think it still sits at 11 points from the day Derby set it.

I suppose it would be fairly hard to beat that record anyways. Even though they're only on 5 points, Hull will still struggle to beat it. Surely...
Tranmere Announce new kits!
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Tranmere Chairman Marco Sereni has today announced the release of the new Tranmere football kits. Sereni felt that “It was a time to change , we’ve had this kit for a long time and i believe that a new kit is in order after our last few successful years”. Along with the new kits , new sponsorships were announced. Sereni used his Italian links and got supercar Ferrari to sponsor their shirts for the next 3 years and Adidas have also been given the task of creating the kits. Tranmere fans will no doubt , be extremely excited about the new kits. Coming in three different colours , the club will be hoping for some success with their new colours!

How on earth do you make kits from scratch?anyway really nice colours
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February Update:

FA Cup 4th​ Round:

Manchester City 3-0 Tranmere

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I wasn’t expecting much of a performance from the lads against a pretty strong Man City side in this FA Cup fixture , but they proved me wrong. The lads were really competitive and showed hunger for the ball. The way they performed was exceptional and the scoreline doesn’t really reflect on how the game was played. It was a very even match the possession more or less shared equally but City had the better opportunities at goal and made them count. Some fantastic keeping from Joe Hart kept City in it, we had so many chances at goal and he pulled off some brilliant saves to deny us. I simply can’t fault the team, they were brilliant. We could of won this game if not for Joe Hart.

Barclays Premier League:

Tranmere 1-1 Manchester United

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This was another pleasing performance against the Manchester big boys. Just like against their Rivals we showed United our hunger for the ball and we were extremely competitive. We didn’t have quite as much as the ball but we still created some lovely chances with the possession we did have. Our back four had a busy day again today, but for they handled the pressure fairly well for the majority of the game. However, they couldn’t stop Wayne Rooney’s strike on the 26th​ minute to give United the only goal in the first half. Our defence was exposed to the same type of treatment as the first half , constant barraging but they coped fairly well and did their job. Fraser McCarthy equalised just before half time with an emphatic effort from the edge of the area , securing a point and sending the fans into raptures.

Aston Villa 2-3 Tranmere
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The media hyped this fixture up , a match which could shape the rest of the table with the two teams scraping for the points. We got off to a fantastic start , Fraser McCarthy running from his own half beating several players before punting the ball past the Villa goalkeeper. We managed to build on that lead on the 21st​ minute after a great spell of possession, Karagounis had a shot saved but was quick enough to latch onto the rebound to gives that extra goal as a cushion. We continued to threaten the Villa defence , but it was Villa who were to score the next goal. Adil Hazzazi latched onto a stray pass and took the ball around Hubert and tapped it in to make it 2-1. The boys left the dressing room at half time in high spirits and it was easy to see they were enjoying themselves out there. Centre back Sultan Majrashi added our 3rd​ and final goal 6 minutes into the second half with a nice header after a beautiful delivery from the by-line by Karagounis. Aston Villa made a tactical substitution then , putting on Nathan Delfouneso in hope that he could salvage them a point and he nearly did so. With 11minutes to go Delfouneso beat the offside trap and slotted one passed Hubert, but it would only count as a conciliation prize.

Tranmere 3-1 Stoke

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The team finished the month with a fantastic win against Stoke infront of their faithful fans. A beautiful performance to say the least. Karagounis and McCarthy combined throughout the match to kill off the threat of Stoke. Karagounis started off the scoring with a well timed effort from the edge of the area leaving the Stoke goalkeeper starstruck and he just flinched. Karagounis and McCarthy continued to threaten throughout the first half but couldn’t find a way past the Stoke back four. Aaron Lennon scored a goal to level things up on the 22nd​ minute showing his pace down that right wing , cutting in a lobbing it over Hubert. The score remained level going into the second half and it looked like it was going to end that way , both teams failing to break the other down. However, McCarthy was hungry for goals and he popped up on the 73rd​ minute , beating the offside trap after a through ball from Karagounis and cheekily chipped the ball over the keeper to give us the lead once again. 8minutes later Karagounis and McCarthy combined again, a long ball from Karagounis latched on by McCarthy and slotted into the bottom left corner to finish up the scoring. Fantastic three points to end a superb month for Tranmere.

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This fantastic month has sent us into the top half of the table , into an area where alot of clubs are tightly packed together , with only 3 points between ourselves in 9th​ and Everton in 7th​. We’ve surprised everyone this year, and this month highlights just how good we can be with 4 fantastic performances against some tough opposition.

Player of the Month:
Fraser McCarthy

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The club captain has had a fantastic month , scoring four goals in 4 games. He’s been an extremely asset to the club over the last 2 seasons and i think if you took him away from our frontline then we would be alot further down the table. Not only is he scoring goals for us , he is also providing assists and chips in with defensive duties. Himself and Karagounis have linked up well over this last month and i’m hoping their thriving relationship will continue throughout the season.

Just read through your entire story. Absolutely fantastic! I'm just about to embark upon my first season in the Premiership with Swindon in 2016, hope I can do as well as you've been doing in the Prem. Although, with not much of a wage budget and little transfer budget, I can see my doing what Hull are doing in your story! Congrats on winning story of the week too, very well deserved! Keep up the good work!
Just read through your entire story. Absolutely fantastic! I'm just about to embark upon my first season in the Premiership with Swindon in 2016, hope I can do as well as you've been doing in the Prem. Although, with not much of a wage budget and little transfer budget, I can see my doing what Hull are doing in your story! Congrats on winning story of the week too, very well deserved! Keep up the good work!

Cheers! Good luck with your first Season in the Premiership , its always the hardest!
Not far off 7th then. Hope you get Europa this season.

On a side note, Hull look like they can escape Derby's dismal record. They only need 4 more points from 12 games. Surely that's doable, even for Hull.
March Update:

Barclays Premier League:

Tranmere 1-1 Everton

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Another derby day against Everton. A very even contest , both teams impressing. We took an early lead through yet another corner , an area which we’ve been doing fairly well in scoring quite a lot of goals from corners. We kept threatening to score throughout the first half but it was Everton who were to score the next goal in injury time of the first half. Zeli Ismail nodded into the net after a shot was deflected off Sercan Cavus and left hanging in the air for the Everton midfielder. The second half started in a identical fashion as the first , plenty of action and chances but both sides defended heroically to keep their side from losing. A draw was the justified result and the fans will be undoubtedly pleased with another good result against a rival.

Tranmere 1-1 West Ham

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A brilliant performance against a really strong West Ham team who are over achieving this year. It was a rather boring first half to watch , neither team really pushing for any goals just sitting back passing the ball back and forth, but a team talk at half time changed that , for both teams. We started the second half in a fantastic fashion , from the kick off we pressed and got into some dangerous positions and within the first 7 minutes we scored the first goal of the match through our Captain Fraser McCarthy. He seized on a stray pass in the middle of the pitch, passed it onto Karagounis and received the ball back from the greek and took a crack from the edge of the area and sent it flying past the keeper to send us into the lead. West Ham continued to press then for the equaliser but they couldn’t find a way past our defence. They eventually got passed our back four, Modibo Maiga beating the offside trap and sending the ball over the keeper into the back of the net. A draw was a good result but i’m slightly annoyed at losing a lead with only 8 minutes to go.

Leicester 1-2 Tranmere
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We picked up our first 3 points of the month with a pretty good performance against Leicester. We continued our pressing football from the start of the match , going for the goal early on but we had to wait until the half hour mark before getting our first real chance. A typical Tranmere goal from a corner , nodded in by Jukka Pelletier to put us in the lead. The game quieted down a bit after that , and the half ended without any real talking points bar the goal and a few chances early on. I really wanted to build on our lead in the second half after conceding a few late goals early on. Fraser McCarthy added another goal to our tally to give us that bit of breathing space through a free kick, and i was right in thinking we needed it. Leicester got a corner late on and it fell to a Leicester Striker who booted it goalwards and his effort hit off Jukka Pelletier and deflected into the net.

Tranmere 1-0 Sheffield United
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Another brilliant performance against Sheffield united in this Barclays Premier League fixture. Sheffield were almost absent from the game , only getting about 4 chances at goal over the 90minutes whereas we created many chances that we really should of scored. It was a totally one sided first half , where we had the majority of our chances , but the Sheffield defence held up well. We had to wait until the second half before we took the lead , another typical corner goal. Sercan Cavus rushing into the area leaping over his marker and a thunderous header sent the ball flying past the Goalkeeper. We continued to threaten after that , but we couldn’t build on the lead and we did enough to secure the 3 points in the end.

Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 Tranmere
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The scoreline doesn’t really reflect on how we performed in the match. We clearly weren’t as good as Tottenham but we still performed extremely well. Tottenham dominated the possession in the first half and got two goals before the break and continued that pressure in the second half and got 2 goals within the first 10 minutes of the second half. Even being 4 down we still showed confidence and continues to press and within the next 10 minutes we could of been all square if not for some quality keeping. Bad result but very pleasing performance against the Spurs.

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I’m really happy with the performances this month which have put us in a really good position in the table and with only 7 games left a top half finish is a realistic possibility. The only off-putting fact in our position is our Goal difference , we simply aren’t scoring enough goals , but i’m confident we won’t have to rely on Goal difference at the end of the season.

Player of the Month:
Sultan Majrashi

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Before pulling his Hamstring in training before the Spurs match , Majrashi was having a really positive month , pulling off some fantastic performances. He’s been the back bone of the defence this season , himself and Cavus have had a brilliant relationship and they are one of the best partnerships in the league.
Hope you nick the 7th place! :) Great going so far. I've not done too well in the Prem when I got there with FC Halifax. Usually got relegated first season, if not then second season surely I do. :) But great going! Hope you can reach Champions League within like 2-3 seasons max. It shouldn't be impossible with the players you have and the manager Tranmere has! :p
Some tough fixtures coming up. Will be tough but I think you can get into Europe next season (Bar an FA Cup final from someone not in the Prem top 6).

Either way, you've performed great this season (so far) and i expect you to be challenging for a top 7 finish next year.
This is top class, my friend! it really has given me inspiration for new ideas in my own story!::) good luck in getting into europa, you and your tranmere deserve it!
Been a busy day! I'll hopefully have the season finale uploaded tonight! No promises though!
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I'll have the update up at around 2pm tomorrow!
Just been on my Sheffield United game, had a few seasons in the prem now and earlier got offered the Fulham job haha!
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I nearly had the update finished last night when my computer crashed... and with that i have really bad news too bring. My save file is corrupt and it won't load for me. I knew this day would eventually come but i am really annoyed at it. I was really enjoying this story and i had hoped it would last for another while. Can't describe how annoying it is.

Sorry guys , especially to you guys who spent hours reading all 40 pages.. i may be back with another story sometime soon.
Tears will flood.

A shame Seano my man, but let us remember how much of a magnificent save it was, how much joy it brought, but also how much anticipation it will create for your next venture.

I pose a toast, to Renovating the Cottage - A New Journey for Success!