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Feb 20, 2013
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I bought a version that was not 13.3.2 I am new to steam, and had no idea about and auto update feature on steam. Consequently the game updated and I hate this version.

This was not the game I bought, and therefore cannot be forced to play it. I bought 13.0.0, and I really liked that versions. However, Steam/Sega are forcing me to play a version I don't like and I didn't even buy. The version I bought and loved has just disappeared, and I cannot play it any more.

This is just plain stupid. Is there anyway I could go back to using the old version. Without any updates. I uninstalled and reinstalled after disabling auto updates. Even that didn't work as upon re-install I got version 13.3.2.

This just nonsense. Making me play a version I didn't even buy and what I gave money for has disappeared.

Help Pls.
hahahaha worst complaint ever, use default database, you bought the game and it will update so your complaint makes no sense
Wow, the first 6 patches were an abomination to football, why on earth you would want to play on the old versions is beyond me.
@KierrenHastie Uh - no ... I bought a game and there is not need for it to update. Atleast not without asking me if I want to update. Think of it this way, you buy and apple (fruit), and then I come along and say here you go, here is a new improved apple. But you don't like this new apple don't even want this new apple and this apple was not what you bought from me.

You come to me and I hate this apple and I didn't even buy it. I say to you, oh too bad, I upgraded it for you and you have no option but to eat it. Thats just nonsense.
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@Smcmanus84. Thats not even the point. We all have our tastes and preferences and I really liked it. I felt it was money well spent. Now suddenly I find that version replaced and vanished and I am stuck with a version where I get nonsensical results 5-5, and stuff players get injured every match, and generally I don't like it.

I just want to play the version I bought and apparently there is no way on earth to do it. That is bollocks.
Sure everyone prefers different things, but honestly there were so many issues with the previous patches hence why there has been like ten, I've had the game since the beta version and it was shockingly poor, own goals,ghost goals,long gk kicks,long shots,acute angle goals,constant crossing goals, ect ect ect.
keep with it, redesign tactics, ull learn to love it.
Even if I disagree with you, you are totally right. You should be able to play the version you wish to play. The trouble with FM 13 is many but if you come on here and try put point across about it even in a postive way they bash you and will not listen. As you found out turning off auto update does not work. what is the point of having the option to turn it off ? I gave up with Fm13 and went back to Fm12. I would say why but will only get bashed for my opinon.
1) it is no scam mate :) its just Steam, you can delete, uninstall and reinstall and set no updates via Steam
2) this is the only patch that has been playable in my opinion! the others have been ok but poor, this has the injury bug but is still 1000 x better than previous ones
3) I understand what you are saying though!
never knew auto updates do not turn off! I always have it on!

you should be able to chose which patch you want to play I agree, no matter how ludicrous it is or was, you paid for it, you should choose what you want
@SMcManus84 No doubt I will get used to it eventually. But the point is now one of principal. Worst of all I am a Lawyer (I know) and I find this to be nothing short of a scam. I mean Steam are giving me what they think is an upgrade on the product I purchased. Having said that I don't agree. As far as I am concerned, the product I purchased has disappeared and been replaced. I am stuck with an version I didn't buy and don't want and don't like. That I will eventually get to like it is beside the point.

This is nothing short of a robbery. I purchased a product, and that fact that its a software means nothing. Think of the apple example above, I cited in reply. I as a seller cannot just replace a product with what I feel is an upgrade and if the buyer doesn't like the taste of the new upgraded apples, then tell him that listen I upgraded it, if you don't like it thats too bad but u cannot go back to eating the apple you actually tried (demo), liked and then opted to purchase. That is gone, you must eat the new apples I replaced them with, or else too bad for you.

That is a SCAM !!
Its far from a Scam.

You accepted the terms and conditions from Steam. Being a lawyer, you surely would of been the kind of person to of read them.

You understand that for reasons that include, without limitation, system security, stability, and multiplayer interoperability, Steam may need to automatically update, pre-load, create new versions of or otherwise enhance the Software and accordingly, the system requirements to use the Software may change over time. You understand that this Agreement (including applicable Subscription Terms) do not entitle you to future updates, new versions or other enhancements of the Software associated with a particular Subscription, although Valve may choose to provide such updates, etc. in its sole discretion.
1)@Raikan007 Thx for the reply. I have set FM to no auto-update (which unfortunately I didn't know existed FM13 is the first steam game I have ever bought, so not so familiar with steam). Anyway I set FM to no auto-update, and then uninstalled it and then downloaded and reinstalled it. I got the updated version 13.3.2 after all that.

Lastly Thx for getting what I am saying. Sega cannot just replace a product I bought after testing (demo) with what they claim is an upgrade,and then not even let me revert to playing the version I actually bought. That is nonsense.
I also assume Sega will have similar terms and conditions regarding updates :)
Turst I have contacted Sega support and asked them to guide me install FM without the new patch. No response. I had to put this "eye-catching" thread header, as I tried putting in mildly but no responses at all. So yeah I had to do it.
It's not a scam mate. When you installed steam, you would have agreed to their subscriber agreement (Steam Subscriber Agreement). Read Section 2. As you say, you're a lawyer so I'm sure you'll realise that you agreed to steams whims. It would be nice to be able to choose your patch but unless you can lawyer steam, nothing much we can do buddy.
You can set it to not auto-update? If you uninstall steam of FM and then reinstall it there will only be the latest versions available however...
@ lfclad and @co flame - Tust me being a lawyer doesn't mean that I actually read the agreements to games I buy. Having read it now, I thank you for bringing it to my notice. If anything it strenghthens the point I am making. All this means is -

1) that the system requirement may change, and thus u may need to upgrade your system. So if you opt for the update, and if it update doesn't work on your system, you cannot take it out on steam and instead need to upgreade your sytem.

2) It also goes on to state, that even though steam "may" upgrade, the buy is not automatically "entitled" to the update. Thereby meaning, Sega/steam, are entitled to "sell' a update should they so desire, and just because you bought the original version, doesn't mean you are automatically to all/any update that may be done in the future. Should steam/sega decide it not provide it for free, you cannot claim it as a right.

Thus it is clear that Sega agreement goes at great lenghths to "distinguish" the version sold and the updates. So in Sega's mind the game sold and updates are not one and the same and different products. (As the update may be sold separately should steam/sega so desire, thereby creating a different product). Therefore I cannot be make to be stuck with a product I never bought - the upgrade, and what I bought - the 13.0.0 cannot just be taken away and replaced with a different product.

What is worse is I tested the original before opting to buy (demo), but that is being taken away and I am being dumped with a version I never tested, never agreed to buy. The agreement merely states that the game may be upgraded and should I want to play this upgrade I may need to upgrade the hardware of my own cost or pay for the new upgrade. That agreement cannot possibly be interpretted to mean that Steam/Sega have a right to simple take away the game I bought and then force this new version on me.
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@ Scotty98TR Umm no, steam never "asked" me. The game comes with it set to auto-update preset. So there is no concept of "asking". If I am a new used (which I am FM being the first even steam game I am playing), and not familiar with Steam I do not even know that there is an update feature, I never gave any consent to upgrade.

If there was a pop or something or a "must respond" question, then yes I would have consented to an upgrade. Furthermore, steam or sega never told me that an upgrade would mean I could never again play the game I purchased. An upgrade means the original, which I purchased after testing it (demo) would be lost forever, is nowhere stated. You cannot offer me an upgrade and then not even let me revert to the old version should I not like the new version.
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