Sir Alex Ferguson Orders loaned players back after son's sacking


Nov 10, 2010
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Sir Alex Ferguson has ordered 3 Manchester United players on-loan at Preston to come back immediately after his son Darren was sacked as manager of Preston North End.

The 3 players -

Richie De Laet - Versatile defender.
Matty James - England U-19 Captain
Joshua King - Norwegian striker touted highly by Ole Solskjaer


Tony Pulis has followed suit by recalling two players, Michael Tonge and Danny Pugh, from Preston North End.
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Haha was expected though. Off-topic Happy Birthday Sir Alex
What a joke, very unprofessional management from Ferguson.
Unprofessional, maybe.
Unexpected, no.

I probably would've done the same thing though.
Darren is actually a good manager, he got 2 consecutive promotions with Peterborough. Brought them from League 2 to the Championship in 2 years. But got sacked because his League 1 quality side couldn't cope with the championship.
Darren's a decent manager. Back-to-back promotions with Peterborough is a good achievement, but I would have liked to of seen him stay a little longer at London Road. Now that he's on the market again, it'll be interesting to see if he can achieve success at his, inevitably, next club.

Quite unprofessional, but it was expected.

Oh, and happy birthday SAF.
It was loan deal and De laet deal was till Jan 4th anyways if I'm not wrong. When there is a change in management and the person you trust most gets sacked, its always better to call back your players as you never know what will happen with new management. Well done Fergie.
Yeah, the De Laet loan was expiring but I think it probably would've been extended another 3 months had Darren stayed, at least until the run-in where Fergie needs more back-up.
why unprofesional?? close contacts do the best deals and bussiness! cant get any closer than family
Well in Fergie... stick by your son lmao.....happy b'day!
Business is all about contacts, and Preston just sacked their best contact. Not professional but was to be expected really.
Professional or not, I think nearly anyone would have done the same thing in SAF's position.
Thats one thing that Arsene Wenger and Fergie differ...............................................................................Wenger doesnt have a son who is a manager LOL
Wouldn't say it's unprofessional. It's his perogative to call back his players and who's to say he wouldn't have done it had Fergie JR still been in the job.

I doubt he would have, but nobody knows. I don't think it's unprofessional, but why should he help out a team that just sacked his son? Family > Football.
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Yet another dummy spat out. The ultimate diva of football management.
As much as it pains me to say this, im actually on Fergie's side here.

With a new manager coming in, he may have felt that they may have not been in the new managers plans, and there his players, he loaned them out so he can recall them.

I hate myself :'(
Knowing Fergie, he will probably find time to give these players games now and stop these rumours that he only sent them there because of Darren, even though he probably did,