Sir Alex Ferguson Orders loaned players back after son's sacking

becuase he will send them on load somewhere else... whats the point in wasting 4 or 5 days, that could be better served training at united than training at preston
to not seem like a childish baby?
st silver, fergie junior wasnt sacked from Posh for football reasons it was a personal issue with our chairman, yes he did great at Posh and will always be a legend here

That just means he's a better manager than I thought.
Nothing wrong with doing that, for Any club to get 3 players off Man Utd on Loan is very lucky, and its clear Fergie was helping his son out, hes not at Preston anymore so the "good will" goes with Darren. Its not unprofessional or rocket science, just business.

Darren had exactly the same arrangement with Wrexham when he was there as a player and manager, anytime things got a bit ropey money wise, Man Utd would turn up and play a friendly and ties were close, as soon as Darren left, Man Utd didnt bother with Wrexham.
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I would have done the same as Ferguson, the main point he sent his players to Preston at all is because he knew his son would giv them adequate game time a guantee which no other manager could have assured, umproffesional yes but for the best I suppose