When Should I take over from Sir Alex Ferguson?

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Jan 7, 2011
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The Old Trafford shone brightly at night. It was a match day as i sat outside the wall of the majestic building with a torn t-shirt and a pair of briefs my only support in the glaring wind of Manchester. I could hear the crowd roar as the full-time whistle went and i guessed that Manchester United might have won again. The crowd slowly started coming out and walked by without noticing me. I stood up from my place behind the wall and after the last of supporters had walked away stood looking up at the majestic building in front of me. I had always loved the club but being from a poor family neither did i play nor had i watched the team play at Old Trafford.

My father was an immigrant from India and got a job as a janitor at a near by cinema where he met my mother. Despite being a janitor my father was a handsome man and i was conceived during one of his night duties following which they got married to each other. My mother was a janitor in the same cinema. My mother died during child birth leaving me and my father. As I grew up my father would tell me tales about Manchester United and I grew up admiring them. With hardly any money to make the ends meet, i never received formal education. My education was from the streets as i watched and learned. I learned to do odd jobs for the rich brats in the neighborhood and used to earn a little money which went in a piggy bank hoping that i would never have to use the money. But disaster struck soon and my dad died in a car accident and here I was in front of the one building of which my dad talked with conviction penniless and living on scrapes of others.

As I started walking away from the building the parking gates of the building opened and I could see a car coming towards me and ignored it thinking it would pass by without giving any thought of what a half naked man was doing outside their beloved stadium. I wouldn't have noticed the car further but for a loud honk from the car as it approached me in full speed ,light shining brightly before BAM! the car hit me on the side and i went flipping in the air for a ride before falling very hard on the ground. I could fell blood ooze from my hand and shoulder and felt a little dizzy as i tried to get up using my already injured hand. The back seat of the car opened and the last thing i remembered before fainting was seeing a person who looked a whole lot similar to Sir Alex Ferguson.

P.S: I had started a similar storyline previously in FM 12 but couldn't carry it on, hopefully I can carry it on this time..

The next time I opened my eyes I was hauled up in a hospital bed with wires up my arm and a machine beeping next to me. My head was hurting heavily and I soon found out in an unpleasant way that i couldnt move without hurting my bandaged arm. It felt like only a few minutes had passed before a nurse and doctor arrived inside the ward and started checking me for god knows what and after poking and probing me for a few minutes went away scribbling in their note. It was the next visitor that shocked me very much.

As i adjusted my bandage after the doctor went away, someone cleared their throat from near the door and I was surprised to see none other than Sir Alex standing there. Having been a manchester united fan all my life, it was a huge honour for me to be seeing him in person none the less coming to visit me personally and all i could do was stare at him as he walked towards me and took a sit next to me.

"So how are you young chap", Sir Alex asked.

"F-f-fine sir", I replied stammering a little to which he responded with a light chuckle.

"I'm really sorry", He said. "Because of my drivers mistake you have to go through this pain and suffering but rest assured don't worry i'll be paying for your hospital Bill".

All I could do was stare at him as he asked me about any family the hospital could contact for me. It took me a few minutes to respond negatively thereafter which i explained him my situation. He didn't say anything for a moment as he looked thoughtfully at the ceiling.

"Young chap, I can't get you a trial at my club as you have yourself said you are poor at playing but by your talk it seems you do know a lot about football", he said. "Would you like to do coaching badges and come into management?"

I looked at him with terror and embarrassment before mumbling that i don't have money for the same

"Not to worry", he said.

He took out a pen and paper from a bag he was carrying and wrote out a letter of recommendation for the Manchester FA which offered course on coaching badges and a signed cheque for the fees and told me to get well soon before giving me his number and telling me that he hoped to see me in management soon.

I looked at the letter, the cheque and the door as he walked out of my ward wondering how the **** did my fortunes change so drastically.
The Moment and date will remain forever etched in my mind as i walked out of the Manchester FA with my coaching certificate, i had passed all the three levels with flying colors and now I could officially manage any team professionally. The Date was 26th June 2011 I wasn't expecting to get any job immediately. I thought I would have to wait at least 2-3 months before landing a job at a blue square club, but it was what I thought, my destiny had different plans for me.

The first thing I did after getting the certificate was to call Sir Alex. He was very happy and asked me to drop by his office whenever I was free and said he wanted to introduce me to some people who could help me in my managerial career. I was very happy with the interest Sir Alex was taking in me and went to bed that day thanking the stars for meeting with an accident with his car :D. I just hoped that I could make him proud of me and someday replace him at Manchester United​
27 June, 2011

The Morning was full of anxiety and excitement as I got ready for my meeting with Sir Alex. I dressed in a suit I had rented from my friend and made my way towards Old Trafford.

It was 11 am when I knocked and entered Sir Alex's office to find Mr. Gill, Mike Phelan, Warren Joyce and McGuiness sitting along with Sir Alex. My anxiety level sky rocketed and I began fidgeting as they offered me a seat.

"Savan", Sir Alex said. "We have decided that the best road ahead for you, if you should agree to it, lays with Manchester United. Mike, Warren and Phil have agreed to help you learn the techniques of management and meanwhile the exposure and training with Manchester United players should help you in your future role".

"Future Role?", I asked dazed by the persons sitting in front of me.

"Yes my boy", Sir Alex said. "We (indicating to him and others standing in the room) feel it will be best if you are groomed under me for replacing me eventually."

That was the final straw for me as I fainted right there but not before a grin of surprise and delight was seen on my face.​
I was woken up and my first sight again was Sir Alex who was grinning from ear to ear as all I could muster was an apologetic shrug.

"So what do you say Savan", said Sir Alex. "Do You accept the post?"

"I would be honoured", I replied and thus my training began. I trained with a different coach every day. One day I would watch the reserves train while the other I would be discussing tactics with Sir Alex. I discussed everything with him, from future transfers to current tactics. As media knew nothing about me, I often scouted players for him as well without alerting the media of any interest towards the player in question.
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Sir Alex even introduced me to the Senior most players as they were informed about the decision. Ryan Giggs, Scholes, Ferdinand welcomed me with lots of enthusiasm and it eased my nerves a little as I began observing the First Team Training Sessions. Standing on the by-line watching them practice, I couldn't wait to work with the team.

May 13,2012

View attachment 324191I was at Loftus Road on that cruel day. I along with many United fans was celebrating when Aguero struck the last minute winner. I could do nothing but cry as tears streamed down my face as the Manchester City fans celebrated with vigor and enthusiasm. I left the stadium and left for Old Trafford to meet Sir Alex.

Sir Alex was heartbroken. He couldn't believe the manner in which we lost but along with the pain was a steel in his voice that the title will be back at Old Trafford the next season.

"Son", he said looking at me. "It is time you take over from me in the hot seat while I go and sit in the board."

"I don't think I am ready yet", I said doubtfully.

"It's time Savan for the legacy to pass now. You'll work along with me until December and then you will take over my role", he said authoritatively leaving no room for any argument.

I could do nothing but nod as the countdown for my coronation at Old Trafford began. 31st December seemed to be very close now.​
This is interesting, mate, will be following.

Would you mind taking a look at my United story, tell me how I'm doing?
Fantastic beginning mate.....even though is a bit unrealistic......:)
Anyways nice work till now, will be following
Fantastic beginning mate.....even though is a bit unrealistic......:)
Anyways nice work till now, will be following

It's very unrealistic :D
But better than just typing he has resigned and united found me out of nowhere :D
Sir Alex Ferguson Retires

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In a shock press meet at Old Trafford, Sir Alex his immediate resignation from his post as Manchester United Manager and announced that he will take up the post of Director Of Football at the club. Sir Alex explained that this was a pre-planned move and would have gone ahead despite any league position.

When asked about who was going to replace him, Sir Alex just replied with a wry smile on his face that he was someone very close to him as well as Manchester United. He also mentioned that the only reason he stayed on until December was on the request on the new Manager.

That was his final quote as Manager of Manchester United as Sir Alex Ferguson left the reporters and tabloids running in frenzy to find out who the new Manager of this historic club will be.

Current Front Runners:

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ryan Giggs
Brian McLaren
Eric Cantona
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Rookie Manager Shah takes over

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In a surprising move, Manchester United announce Anglo-Indian Savan Shah as their next manager. The club Chairman David Gill announced that Shah was discovered by Sir Alex in 2008 and has worked under his tutelage for one and half years to prepare him for the job and has also closely worked with the first team and is held in high regard by them. At the age of only 28 and with United in a dominant position in the league, Shah will have to be careful and not let jitters slow the Manchester United Bandwagon as they march towards a 20th domestic title.

Excerpts of the press conference held by Shah

Q- Is this your dream job?

Yes. I have followed United ever since I was a kid and I am very excited to manage such a historic club. I myself can't believe that I am sitting here right now.

Q- Do you consider your age to be a hindrance?

No actually I count it as an asset. Being only 28 I can beat Sir Alex's record as the longest serving manager ( Grinning)

Q- What kind of tactics are we likely to see?

Free flowing and possession based tactic.

Q- So basically you will look to copy Barcelona?

No, my tactics are very different from Barcelona. I will let the football speak now. Thank You:)
December Round-Up

After taking over on 31st​ December, Shah remained very busy throughout the day as 12 staff members of the previous regime were fired. Shah explained that all staff members had accepted mutual termination of the contract as he deemed them not good enough for a club like Manchester United. Meanwhile three youth coaches were promoted to coach the first team and replacements for the void left by the fired coaches were made.

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Shah debuts with a win

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Manchester United defeated QPR to give Shah a perfect welcome. Despite the win it was clear that Manchester United are still trying to get into the rhythm of the new tactics set by Shah as only a deflected free-kick and horrendous error by QPR allowed Manchester United to score. Shah will be hoping that his team can convert the possession into the chances in the final third. But overall Shah will be pleased with the 3 points.