Dec 22, 2009
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Are you watching the game on ITV @ 2.30PM, if you are write your predictions and general chat about the game while your watching it

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couldnt give a **** what the score is. But instead off spamming i'm going to release my prediction (which is never right)

South Africa 2 - 2 Mexico.
Don't care too much about the result.. but going to watch the game anyway :)

South Africa 2-1 Mexico
South Africa 2 - 0 Mexico

- Tshabalala
- Modise
did anyone just see that advert? handbrake of god?

anyway south africa 2 Mexico 1
3-2 Mexico. :)

Wish Booth wqas starting! :(
My prediction is South Africa 1 Mexico 2

Vela to score winner !!
2-0 Mexico but I really want SA to win.
Slightly off- topic if anybody is watching it on ITV, did you see the wee advert on the car football and the "Handbrake of God" XD
I predict the score to finish South Africa 1 - 2 Mexico.

However, I really hope that South Africa win the match. Their fans seem to be so humble and passionate, would suck if they were the only host team to lose the opening game.

Good luck SA.

South Africa

  • 16 Khune
  • 02 Gaxa
  • 04 Mokoena (C)
  • 15 Thwala
  • 20 Khumalo
  • 08 Tshabalala
  • 10 Pienaar
  • 11 Modise
  • 12 Letsholonyane
  • 13 Dikgacoi
  • 09 Katlego Mphela

  • 01 Perez
  • 02 Rodriguez
  • 03 Salcido
  • 04 Marquez
  • 05 Osorio
  • 12 Aguilar
  • 16 Juarez
  • 06 Torrado (C)
  • 09 Franco
  • 11 Vela
  • 17 Giovani
Im watching now. Good to see Desailly as a pundit. He obviously holds no grudge against ITV over the Ron Atkinson affair.
I wish all the games were on the BBC, I cant be done with ITV and all the adverts
I wish all the games were on the BBC, I cant be done with ITV and all the adverts
To be honest,id rather watch a few adverts than be forced to pay the illegal tax which is the licence fee.

I think i predicted 2-1 to South Africa for this.