Giovani looked brilliant today, wow, really impressed with him.
I was quite dissapointed with Mexico going forward, dont really rate Vela or Dos Santos and then they bring on a 37 year old. oO) Cant see them getting past the group stages.
Indeed Gio dos Santos was on fire tonight, especially in the first half.

The mexican right back is named Aquilar i think, he got forward well and linked up with dos Santos very well.

Yes dos Santos was indeed impressive. His running and dribbling was very good. Hopefully he can get some more first team football next season.
I remember saying Giovani was quality before, but everyone shot me down because he didn't succeed at Spurs. :'(

He just didn't excel in our setup. Maybe if he had someone to bond with within our squad then he may have played better. He strikes me as the kind of person who needs to feel comfortable with the other members of the team in order to play well, like he does with Mexico.
Honestly impressed by Tshabalala and South Africa.

Going to cheer for them in this group definetely (was going to cheer for France, but Domenech ruined it all)