mexico 0 sa 0 be ncie to see a goal or to but long way yet ft score mexico 2 sa 1
I am wanting SA to win, but the way it is at the moment. I can see Mexico Wining. 2-0 Giovani Vela/Hernandez
Sorry this is EXTREMELY off topic, but are there Mexico kits available on FM Base for Fm 2010?
Ive seen 2minutes of the world cup and i already have a headache from these fcking horns :S

(Close from dos santos)
After a month of these horns, once we get back to the Premiership, it's going to be weird watching football without an annoying buzzing sound in the background!
Tsssshabalalalalalalalala. I truly enjoy that name.

I'm enjoying it so far, woke up just in time to catch kickoff. God knows why they're not playing Guardado. Mokoena's playing well.
Mokoena always plays well for SA everytime i watch him, full blown tank. ^^)
He's a better player than people give him credit for, I think.

I see Giovanni made it then. Didn't decide to go through with his massive strop that his brother wasn't picked. :mad:

Good save by their keeper!
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how did Franco miss?
bet they wish they started with hernandez now...
how did Franco miss?
bet they wish they started with hernandez now...

What makes you think Hernandez would score it when Franco didn't? And besides, Hernandez wouldn't be capable of the superb link-up play Franco is.

Haha, how awful is Bafana Bafana's marking?! Catastrophic.
Come on Mexico! £3 double with England tomorrow :p
Mexico are really looking the business today.

What an AMAZING call by the linesman!