Ah, there you go Hernandez lovers. He's better score at least five otherwise he's no good. :p
Incredible through-ball and goal by South Africa.

South Africa 1 Mexico 1

r.marguez 78m
1-1 good finish but poor defence from SA
Brilliant cross by Guardado, and nice finish by Marquez, but where was the defending on the far post?

****** ****! Would be a post in the 90th min, wouldn't it?

Best chance for a goal and he hits the post. 90th minute too. Ouch.
both teams are as poor as each other i belive. wanted south africa to win though. pretty decent opener.
What a way to get the World Cup started, enjoyed every minute of that match.
Final score: 1 - 1.

Unlucky for South Africa. Tshabalala's goal was brilliant.
Very, very good game in the end. Enjoyed it. Enjoyed the Tshabalaba goal celebration even more.