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Sep 15, 2009

I've officially quit

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My Bio & Club History

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Trophy list & Major Achievement
Scottish League Cup 2014
Scottish Cup 2015
Scottish Cup 2017
Scottish League Cup 2018 2
SPL 2017/18
Scottish Cup 2018
Scottish League Cup 2018/19 3
SPL 2018/19 2
Scottish Cup 2018/19 4
Scottish League Cup 2019/20 4
SPL 2019/20 3
Scottish Cup 2019/2020 5
Champions League 2019/20
European Super Cup 2020
World Club Championship 2020
SPL 2020/21 4
Scottish Cup 2020/2021 6
SPL 2021/22 5
Champions League 2021/22 2
World Club Championship 2022 2
SPL 2022/23 6
Scottish Cup 2022/2023 7
Four Nations Cup 2023 1
Scottish League Cup 2023/24 5
SPL 2023/24 7
Scottish Cup 2023/2024 8
Scottish League Cup 2024/25 6
SPL 2024/25 8
Scottish Cup 2024/2025 9
SPL 2025/26 9
Scottish League Cup 2026/277
SPL 2026/27 10
Scottish Cup 2026/2027 10
Champions League 2026/27 3
Four Nations Cup 2027 2
European Super Cup 20272
World Club Championship 2027 3
SPL 2027/28 11
Scottish Cup 2027/2028 11
Scottish League Cup 2028/29 8
SPL 2028/29 12
Scottish Cup 2028/2029 12
Scottish League Cup 2029/30 9
SPL 2029/30 13
Champions League 2029/30 4
World Club Championship 2030 4
SPL 2030/31 14
Scottish Cup 2030/31 13
Scottish League Cup 2031/32 10
SPL 2031/32 15
Olympic Gold 2032 1
Scottish League Cup 2032/33 11
SPL 2032/33 16
Scottish Cup 2032/33 14
SPL 2033/34 17
Scottish Cup 2033/34 15
World Cup 2034 1
Scottish League Cup 2034/35 12
SPL 2034/35 18
Copa America 2035 1
SPL 2035/36 19
Scottish Cup 2035/36
Scottish League Cup 2036/37 13
SPL 2036/37 20
Scottish Cup 2036/37
Scottish League Cup 2037/38 14
SPL 2037/3821
Scottish Cup 2037/38

----Champions League Efforts----
2016/17 - Group Phase
2017/18 - Semi Finals
2018/19 - Quarter Finals
2019/20 - Winners
2020/21 - Last 16
2021/22 - Winner
2022/23 - Last 16
2023/24 - Last 16
2024/25 - Quarter Finals
2025/26 - Last 16
2026/27 - Winner
2027/28 -Semi Finals
2028/29 - Runner Up
2029/30 - Winner
2030-31 - Quarter Finals
2031/32 - Last 16
2032/33 - Runner Up
2033/34 - Last 16
2034/35 -
Runner Up
2035/36 -Semi Finals
2036/37 - Quarter Finals
2037/38 - Quarter Finals

----Aberdeen 500 Club----
Daniel Monnard - App 938
Liam Fotheringham - App 837 - Goals 42
Derek Sneddon - App 738 - Goals 277 - Asst -319
Michal Soldan - App 686 Goals 114 Asst
Alex Butler - App 553 Goals 11
Stephen Grant - 508 App Goals 13Chris Pierce - App 500 - Goals - 39

Scotland History 2020-2028
2022 World Cup - Last 16
2023 - 4 Nations Winner
2024 Euro's - Last 16
2026 World Cup - Last 16
2027 - 4 Nations Winner
2028 Euro's - Last 16

Holland History 2028-2034
2030 World Cup - Quarter Final
2032 Euro's - Quarter Finals
2032 Olympics - Winner
2034 World Cup - Winners

Argentina History 2034 - 2035
Copa America 2035 - Winner

My all time Aberdeen squad

GK - Daniel Monnard - 920 App
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Arriving for his home town club Basel as a teenager i decided to place him as No1 immediately after Crawfords development halted and he made several dodgy performances. My record appearance maker also smashed the Dons record ending with 650 League appearances

DR - Alex Butler - 552 App
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The Man from down under was one of my earliest signings for the Dons arriving in 2015 and he's been at the side ever since. Remained active in the side till 2030 where he retired and became a coach at the club. A job he still holds to this day.

DL - Stephen Grant - 508 App
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The 1st home grown Dons player on the list. The stand out of the 2022 youth intake went on to break 500 appearances for Aberdeen. After over a decade as starting player his appearances have plummeted over the last 3 years. Now 31 his time at Aberdeen may be running out under the new boss who will have much less sentimental interest.

DC - Liam Fotheringham - 788 App
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My favorite part of spending almost 20 years With Fotheringham as centerback is that he cost ?475k from Dundee Utd. After that small transaction fotheringham led Aberdeen and Scotlands defense for almost 20 years almost hitting 800 appearances for Aberdeen and like Monnard went on to make over 1000 appearances in his club and international career

DC - Christopher Pierce - 500 App
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Our very own Texan had 2 spells at the clubs. Firstly he joined in 2015 from FC Dallas and made almost 500 appearances as Fotheringham's side kick. After spells failed spells at Wigan & PSG he sat a free transfer when i stumbled across him in October 2031 so i brought him back for one last run so he could get his 500 appearances with the club. He's now retired from football.

MC - Michal Soldan - 645 App 105 Goals
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One of my favorite every signings. With Sneddon was one of the miracle signings at the end of the 1st season which changed this clubs history. Was available on a free and was immediately picked up as he was already as good as my current midfielders at the age of 19!. He would play a lead part in my midfield till the late 20's when age began to catch up with him. He retired after winning the 2030 Champions League

MC - Gavin Coutts - 385 App 229 Goals
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The man who always scored the important goals. A hearts youth player who was signed by Fulham the summer before i decide to build up Scottish players and teams leaving me overpaying to get him with a lot of development to go. Thankfully a season leading the U19's then a spell with Stoke set him on the way to being my most reliable goal scoring midfielder.

MC - Armand Essomba - 346 App 102 goals
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Armand joined Aberdeen in 2022 joining many brilliant youth players released by Barca or Real Madrid who turned the Dons into a superpower. Immediately thrown into the midfield where he spent 8 seasons setting up rather than scoring. One of the best quality players i had even if he wasn't the most loved. Was sold to Real in 2030 for ?45m where he is still playing at the age of 35

MR - Derek Sneddon - 738 App 277 Goals
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What can i say about Sneddon! I robbed 3rd division Rangers of him for ?100k at the end of Season 1 and he immediately made a mark in the team with 10 goals as a 17 year old. Led the strikeforce till i got a little bit of Loeffen in my life. Spent the rest of his Aberdeen career playing off the lead striker but still added nearly 300 goals adding many assists. A series of bad injury's put a major halt on his career on hold in the later days leaving him to retire in 2032 and join the Dons coaching staff.

ML - Josep Cabestany - 358 App - 118 Goals
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Despite being Spanish Cabestany arrived from us after being released by Bayern Munich. He joined Aberdeen in 2016. 8 seasons at Pittodrie saw him play a huge roll in transferring Aberdeen from a decent Scottish team to European Champions. As we left Pittodrie Josep left us. We were overloaded with wingers and Cabestany was my most sellable star and he left for Real Madrid for ?15m. Another 8 season stint at Madrid led to one last season with Zaragoza before retiring in 2033

AT - Mark Loeffen - 433 App 501 Goals
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Simply my favorite and the best striker I've ever had in FM EVER! I broke the bank at the time spending ?8m on the brilliant teenager scoring goals for Feyenoord and his time at Aberdeen saw him lead us through our greatest spell in history. Left us for Man City in 2028 for ?49.5m and as you'll remember from my time with Holland had his career ruined by injury's only making 57 appearances for City in 4 seasons. Ended his career at Leverkusen in 2035. After selling Loeffen we were never the same side. My policy to build a Scottish based side cost him his spot at Aberdeen and this is my biggest regret from the game.

GK - Craig Crawford - 181 App
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After 10 Seasons at Aberdeen ending up as the back up he spent a season on loan at Celtic before moving to Rangers for 6 seasons. 2 failed years at Wigan before a final run at Motherwell before retiring. Is now GK coach at Nottm Forrest. Before retiring he also became Scotlands record Cap holder with 168.

DC - Amanda Coulibaly - 208 App
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Wow! I've just looked at his career and what a fall from grace. After joining us from the Chelsea youth system he spend 6 seasons from my side before selling him to Athletico Madrid in 2029. As we played them regularly i had a eye on his progression and last i noticed he was doing well but something went wrong and by 2034 he was released and joined St Etienne where despite only being 32 he spent most of his time in the reserves before retiring. Shame as he was great for me and could play anywhere across the defense but lost out due to not being Scottish.

MC - Elias - 425 Apps
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A familiar story here. Released by Real Madrid as a youth joined Aberdeen on a free, Played a big part in our success through the mid 20's before being sold to Stoke for a meager ?5.75m to make way for Coutts. That was one Scottish promotion that worked! Elias retired from stoke in 2032.

AM - Grzegorz Glowacki - 282 Apps 89 Goals
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The Pole had a career than many pro's would envy. joined Aberdeen from Lech for ?850k and learned his trade at the side and developed into an amazing goals scoring assist making winger but like many others in that era he was sold off so i could field more Scottish players. Barcelona was his destination. 8 seasons leading Barcelona before returning home last summer to Lech. Fairytale story!

FW - Mark McCulloch - 430 Apps - 326 Goals
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Mark McCulloch was one of my last great youth intakes. His arrival signaled the end for Loeffen but McCulloch wouldn't go on to lead my strikeforce. I totally abused McCulloch which i believe ruined his development chances by planning him up front, off the striker and on the wing over the 10 seasons i had him never becoming a specialist in any of those positions. Still my 2nd best forward during my time.

SPL review

Scotland 2nd team since 2018.Only managed 1 Scottish Cup and 4 League cups since i started the game. Some great runs in Europe since the 30's including a loosing effort in the 2033 Europa League final. Spent 10 years having a friendly battle with Brendan Rodgers my favorite rival in this save along with Atletico.

Waltzed up to the SPL then did little else. Domestically they only one one Scottish Cup and 1 League cup and only settled as a top 4 side in the 30's usually finishing around 6th before then. 2 good runs in the Champions league recently is signs there catching up with Celtic at last. Current manager Mark Ramsey is a revelation in this save. Retired as a player to manage the club he played for Cowdenbeath. After taking them toe the SPL he moved up to Dundee Utd then 2 seasons later to Mega rich Hull before returning to Scotland to rebuild Rangers into a force.

Except for a few sloppy seasons Hears have been a solid top 4 team. Had a lot of help with loans from us to get them there. 1 Scottish Cup and 2 League cup wins over they years but much more impressively they have been to the knockout phase of the Europa League for 9 of the last 10 seasons reaching 2 Semi Finals

Dundee Utd
Slowly worked there way back to being a solid top 6 side making the Europa League groups for 2 of the last 3 seasons. 1 Scottish Cup win is all they have to show for the past 25 years.

Usually seen as a bottom half SPL side who have had a few seasons good enough to sneak into Europe. 1 Scottish Cup and 1 League Cup

St Johnstone
One season outside the top flight otherwise a solid top flight side. Lost many Scottish Cup finals is there claim to fame

A stable SPL side. Few ventures into the top half. Disappointing overall. 1 decent run in Europe in 2035 and League Cup win in 2017 is all they have to show.

As they say Livingston are a you-yo side. Have changed leagues in 16 of the 25 seasons we've been playing but have unleashed many decent players through there youth system.

Two season in div 1 at the start but a bottom half side ever since.

This season ended Cowdenbeath's run of top 6 finishes. Been a SPL team for all the 30's after working through the 1st and 2nd divisions.

Ross County
Was a constant fixture in the SPL till the 30's where they have spent most of there time in the 1st division. Promoted last year but went right back down.

Here's the ultimate yo-yo side. All over the place over the years. 2 years ago they made there 1st trip to division 2 but since then have won back to back titles to return to the SPL next season.

Under Billy Davies they were regularly finishing 3rd through the 20's but once he left they spent the rest of there time in the SPL struggling against Relegation before going down last season. Picked up 1 Scottish Cup, 2 League Cups and a few group stage appearances in the Europa League

Inverness CT
Another major fall from grace. Fell out of the SPL in 2019 and only returned for 1 rotten season in 2024/25. Even dropped to Div 2 for a season but have mainly been mid table Div 1 side since the 20's

St Mirren
the St's were relegated in season 1 and have NEVER returned to the SPL. In fact they have spent as much time in the 2nd division as they have the 1st.

East Stirling
I know one of my friends would want to know how this teams got on. In the 3rd Division till 2019 then spent the next decade yo-yoing between Div 1 & 2. Spent most of the 30's in Div 1 with a best finish of 2nd in 2032.
Honorable mention to 5 outside the SPL

Familiar Faces. Clubs ***** and failures!

Phil Jones
Sacked by Dunfermline, Ross County and Hibs

Jamie Murphy
Managed Dunfermline, Ross County, St Johnstone, Hibs, Stoke & Livingston

Scott Carson
Managed Dunfermline, St Johnstone, Motherwell, Hibs, Ross County & Livingston

Calum Elliot
Managed Partick, Dundee, Hibs, Kilmarnock, Rangers, St Johnstone and currently Kilmarnock

Worlds top 10 Clubs

Barcelona - ?1.1B
Manager - Javi Martinez
4 Champions Leagues
6 League Titles

Man Utd - ?1b
Manager - Jon Robertson, current St Mirren Player in real life
0 Champions Leagues
6 League Titles

Arsenal - ?909m
Manager - Tom Huddlestone
0 Champions Leagues
4 League Titles

Man City - ?902m
Manager - Cese Fabregas
6 Champions Leagues
12 League Titles

Real Madrid - ?862
Manager - Radja Nainggolan, Current Cagliari player
2 Champions Leagues
14 League Titles

Liverpool - ?618m
Manager - Matt Jarvis
1 Champions Leagues, And we'll never hear the end of it!
2 League Titles

Chelsea - ?609m
Manager - Gabriel Torje
1 Champions Leagues
2 League Titles

Aberdeen - ?592m
Manager - Vacent
4 Champions Leagues
21 League Titles

Bayern - ?378m
Manager - Davide Astori
3 Champions Leagues
15 League Titles

Juventus - ?375m
Manager - Marco D'Alessandro
1 Champions Leagues
17 League Titles

World Cup & Euro's history
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Sep 15, 2009

Everyone loves a Comeback..... Dont they??

"Its not about how hard you hit. its about how hard you get hit and keep moving forward"



Sep 15, 2009
Not getting anywhere with this as im dong 13 hour days + another 2 hours traveling. Hope to get some time to play my beloved save during the weekend


Feb 3, 2010
just had to say i download your save just to get your 4321 tac and have to say its awsome well done mate


Sep 15, 2009


Sep 15, 2009
Are you going to be starting a FM14 story?

yours is the only story that I get really hooked on!!
Ace! That means a lot

I will be doing at least 1 story with FM14 but i'll be beyond busy through November and December. Hoping to get going around new year. So have just got to round up this one when i get the chance to play over the next few months.


Sep 15, 2009

Spain Euro 2040 Squad
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Final Squad

Goalkeepers - Caps/Goals
GK Mikel - 11
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GK Luis Daniel - 0
GK Jose Martinez - 21

DC Cesc Villa 32/0
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DR Celso Ordonez 55/0
DR E Salgado - 3/0
DL Alberto - 57/2
DL J Jimenez - 1/0
DC Hilario 49/0
DC Antonio francisco 0/0
DC Ruben - 9/0

MC David Diaz - 31/2
View attachment 453979
MC Jordan - 48/2
MC Sergi Nieto - 16/3
MC Juan Francisco - 40/8
MC Israel - 14/0
MC Claudio Franco - 49/15
MR Jorge Diaz - 30/3
ML Owusu Kwateng - 9/1
ML Gerard Campbadal - 61/24

AT Fernando Esteve - 37/20
View attachment 453966
AT Carlos Palomares - 14/5
AT Miquel - 0/0

A VERY inexperiances squad but i picked a lot of younger players as there seems to have been a generation of poor players come out of Spain with almost the whole squad being 26-27

Warm Up Friendlys

Spain 1-1 Sweden

Spain 4-0 Norway

Spain 2-0 Switzerland

Spain 1-3 Holland

A poor start, Good middle then a terrible end. The Dutch defeat shows that this might not be tricky!

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