The Australian Open Thread

It's the usual british thing. Get everyones hopes up then BAM pathetic final performance, he doesn't even look up for it.

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Not sure if the sign in the crowd was supposed to mean something else, But a women holding up a sign saying "Great Scott" - It's Scot! stupid ***** :(
Maybe some dude Scott ****** her last night,and she is now pleased:D
lol Murray, whenever he gets a good opponent he loses
hate to say it but hes getting sahgged out there.

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Love the fact when he's doing well, he's "Britain's Number 1", but when he's getting trounced it's "The Scot..." XD

cue the 'Murray is a bottler' posts
Djocko was just way to good today. Dictated points, fantastic retrieving, very low amount of unforced errors and him numerous winners. I'd def say he is better than Federer now. I still believe Murray will win a grand slam in his career but it's getting harder and harder as time goes on. His best chance is either Australia or US but Djocko looks great on hard courts as well.
What a beautiful morning waking up to see that poor old scot andy murray getting hammered again
I ended up supporting Murray so it's a shame about the result, but £18 helps me overcome the disappointment. Djokovic fully deserved it, he has an incredible ability to get the ball back when being out-hit in points, and Murray was not on form. Not sure how much he could have done against a man in the form of his life, but I thought he could maybe have mixed it up a bit more as the game went into the third set.
I know this is a bit old but just seen this on Rio Ferdinand's Twitter:

@3gerardpique just pay for Ferrer's flight man, he wants 2get home! @andy_murray was playing with your boy!