The Complete Regen/Show off your regen thread Fm13

This guy is my fav regen ever! He very proudly overtook Sir Bobby Charlton as Man Utd's all time top scorer and is also France's all time top scorer.

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Some of my other regen's

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What skin is this? And that striker is unreal! 40 goals in 29 league games?!
Kind of what Djdzone did to get him.

That's what I meant smart ***, I'd do it too. It wasn't meant as a stand alone comment.

Try retaking your English lessons and maybe next time you'll interpret comments differently before trying to make people look stupid.
That's what I meant smart ***, I'd do it too. It wasn't meant as a stand alone comment.

Try retaking your English lessons and maybe next time you'll interpret comments differently before trying to make people look stupid.

Tbf mate i was about to put a similar comment so maybe your in the wrong?
I'd break the bank for Durand mate. Beast.

nearly crippled me to get him but i was actually thinking of moving him on around the 2022/23 season, wasn't as prolific as i hoped for 76m and he had been out for months that season as you can see by his game time but i decided against it and well the rest is history :)
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Will take over from Alaba from next season

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The star that i brought thanks to my thought that crystal palace produce good players.Checked him out and brought him without any second thought.Got myself the England job in 2014 dropped rooney and played him and Carrol in a 4-4-2 with Sterling on left and zaha/ox on right.Rest read his history.

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The captain and the leader of the club.Made him captain when he was 23 .In 2 years he is the best in the world even with Messi and ronaldo still playing.Scores,creates goals for fun.Him and Smith are just the perfect pairing.
Can you guys help me? I just signed 3 regen strikers in my Saints team, and I dunno whether to play them/let them chill in u19/loan them out or what I should do? Can you give me your opinion on every striker?

I'd loan the two 17 year old's out to clubs with good facilities & teams that will give them regular games. The 15 year old on the other hand looks like a better prospect I'd keep him in the u19's & give him some gametime in the cup's & against smaller teams!
I've got a few good regens that I've managed to bring into my Spurs Squad. Some bought, others coming through the youth academy. The absolute standout of the bunch has to be Joazinho who I purchased from Corinthians for £5 million back in my 2015/2016 season. Would have probably missed out on getting him relatively cheap if I didn't play Corinthians that season in the Club World Cup Championship Final.
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I've already started the process at looking to bring Joazinho into midfield to free up space in defence for another class act to step into, Glen Mooney (Bought from Wolves though originally from Middlesborough.) Makes a great partnership with Joazinho but he and Mooney are easily keeping Caulker out of the team. I really rate Caulker and would much prefer all three playing at the same time. View attachment 379957 View attachment 379958

Brian Lemos, I purchased from Velez back when he was 19 for £7.75 million. He was scoring a fair few goals from his FB/RWB position so I've started training him in the MR/AMR positions. Despite his low finishing I'm happy with the goals he manages to contribute to the team. (You don't know how much I wish I had Bale playing on the left lol)

Enzo Mancey is easily bossing midfield and I have a very talented attacking options to look at in the shape of Seamus Foley & Simon Staley.

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My number one star, straight out from my very own Kirkby Academy is now 18 years old and steamrolling through the ranks of Premier League and International defenders.
He pushed the likes of Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott out of the England International-team when he was 16, and I can't wait to see what happens in the next 15 years.

I have quite a few 5-star-potential youngsters lurking about, but I've never actually experienced anyone with a 5-star ->ability<- at the tender age of 18! I worship this guy!
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