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Sep 15, 2005
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General Info About Season 3
Meanwhile, ABC said that The Lost Experience will culminate with a series of revelations about the show's mysteries. "Currently in phase three of five of the interactive challenge, the meaning behind the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42, which play a significant role on the television series, will be revealed," ABC said in a press release. So far, The Lost Experience has unveiled information regarding the Black Rock and the significance in the title of the DHARMA Initiative. The Lost Experience will continue to the premiere of season three, revealing secrets behind the mysterious Alvar Hanso and the Hanso Foundation, the network announced.

As for season three of the show itself, co-creator and executive Damon Lindelof said: "The sort of big fundamental 'What's-in-the-hatch?' question we feel we want to be addressing in season three is: Who are these Other people? What are they doing on the island? Why have they been taking us? Why did they take Walt? Like, what's their story? And by the end of season three, in much the same way that by the end of season two you know knew the story of the hatch, ... I think [people] will have the same level of comprehension for the Others, and the doors will be blown off the show in a really fundamental way, a way that we've started ... setting up in our finale in season two and will begin to sort of creep its way back into the show again."

Interview with Carlton Cuse (Producer)
What can you tell me about the show's first six episodes?
Carlton Cuse: Damon and I are designing the show as a sort of miniseason. We almost view the first six as a miniseries. And it's going to answer what we left hanging at the end of the finale. Obviously, we're going to explain what happened to Locke and Desmond and Eko, and sort of deal with the fact that Sawyer and Kate and Jack are in captivity. We really love the idea of having this little six-episode [arc], and we have a whole story design with a conclusion and a cliff-hanger that will hopefully keep the audience curious and hanging and excited about coming back in January for the longer run of episodes.

Are you happy about the scheduling move?
Cuse: We're ecstatic. We couldn't be happier. Damon and I got so many complaints last year from the fans about frustration over the repeats, and feeling so confused about when Lost was going to be on. The impatience of having to wait two or three weeks before the story could continue. Now, when Lost is on, it's on.

Would you have liked to have gotten more than six episodes up front?
Cuse: The problem, ultimately, is that we physically cannot produce more than 22, 23 or 24 hours. We did 24 hours of the show last year, and it nearly killed us. We were simultaneously producing episodes 22, 23 and 24 at the end of the season with three different crews. It's such a hard show to make, and yet there are 35 weeks in the prime-time season. We wish we could make 35 episodes of Lost; we just can't. There are always going to be compromises in scheduling the show. And [ABC president] Steve McPherson decided, I think very smartly, that it would be way too long to wait until January to have the show back on again. That was the other choice: to come back on in January and run straight through to May. But I think it's better and more satisfying for the fans to have a pod in the fall. To not have to wait from May until January for the show to be back on. But we like it. We see those six episodes as a little miniseries, and it's going to be intense and hyped and high-octane.

Will Cynthia Watros (Libby) be back in flashback?
Cuse: We would love to tell more chapters of Libby's life, in the same way that you've got Jack's father's story. That character was dead from the word go, but that doesn't mean we haven't learned and seen his story over the course of the series. We would love to sort of finish up Cynthia's story, but if I were specific about that, it would spoil the surprise of our storytelling.

Will the Oct. 4 season premiere pick up where we left off?
Cuse: We pick up where we left off, but obviously there are different stories on different parts of the island, and, you know, we will get to all of them in the first few episodes. But like last year, we didn't deal with the raft survivors in the first episode. Not everything is going to be answered in the first episode. But the captivity story [with Jack, Kate and Sawyer] will definitely be addressed.

Where are you in terms of casting three new roles?
Cuse: We are right in the middle of it. We hope to have announcements next week. We're casting two female roles and one new male role. I can't tell you where [the characters] are going to come from, but obviously, one of the things we're doing this year on the show is... learning a lot more about the Others, and their society and their history. So it might be fair to say that you're going to learn more about some other characters who are also Others.

I hear we're finally going to get some romance on the show this season. It's the season of ***!
Cuse: Finally, yes! I wouldn't call it the season of ***, but I will say that romance will play a much more active part of the show this year.... We actually meant to get to it last year. We didn't really get to the romance as fast as we thought we were going to. So this year that's definitely on [our] agenda.

Are we talking Jack and Kate?
Cuse: I think actually one of these new female characters is going to be a romantic interest, possibly for Jack.

Is she going to be the third part of the triangle that was initially planned for Michelle Rodriguez?
Cuse: Yeah, exactly. And it's not going to be just one new romance. There will be several new romances on the show this year.... The second season was a little darker, a little more intense, a little more mythology-oriented, and I think that this year we're looking to make the show a little bit brighter, a little bit more vibrant, a little bit more on the action-adventure axis, a little bit more on the romance axis. We were interior, we were down underground in the hatch, it was very monochromatic. I don't think the show will be as dark and as intense this year. And it will be, I think, even more on the character axis than on the mythological axis.

Is the empiricism vs. faith issue still core to the show?
Cuse: I think it's one of those issues that's never really resolved. I mean, I think, in essence, the show is constantly about empiricism vs. faith. Many of the things that happen on the show are debatable on that axis. Was this something that was supernatural, or is there a logical explanation — and which one is the truth? That's part of what Lost is all about, and we actually like the ambiguity of those story choices that we make because it allows the audience to sort of participate and engage in that debate themselves.

How will Locke be different?
Cuse: John Locke will be a very different person in Season 3. All of his questions and his doubts and his uncertainty have been answered. In fact, the button did mean something. And there was something at stake. And I think that will bring about a change in that character.

How big a role will Penny have?
Cuse: Penny is an important character in the overarching mythology of the show. I don't want to say too much about how much she's going to be in Season 3.

Will the outside world play a significant role this season?
Cuse: Yeah. The interrelationship between the outside world and the island will be something that will be a part of Season 3.

And the monster?
Cuse: Yes, the monster will be a part of Season 3, as will the polar bear. People are asking what happened to the polar bear, so we will be doing some polar-bear stories.

People also want to know what happened to that thing that ate the pilot in the, um, pilot.
Cuse: That was the monster. He wasn't really devoured. When we saw Greg Grunberg he was hanging 70 feet in the air on a tree branch. He was dead, but he wasn't swallowed. The smoke creature and the monster are one and the same.

Are Walt and Michael gone forever?
Cuse: Not necessarily. They still remain a part of the overall mythology of Lost. But as to when we will revisit their story, that's not something I can answer. But we will not immediately be getting back to Michael's story.

Malcolm David Kelley will be getting older and taller. That has to be a consideration when you plan his story.
Cuse: It's something that we've accounted for.

What about Cindy, the missing flight attendant?
Cuse: She's a personal favorite of yours, isn't she? I hope Cindy shows up at some point. Let's just say we have many actors on our show; she is not at the top of the list of actors we're servicing.

Any firm plans for J.J. Abrams to write/direct any episodes?
Cuse: J.J. is going to cowrite the premiere with Damon, and our hope is he will direct Episode 7, which will be the first episode of the new pod.

Were you bummed about the Emmy snub?
Cuse: Obviously, we're disappointed. We feel like we did a really good season of the show. But in the bigger picture, Damon and I are so overwhelmed by the success of the show, both critically and ratings-wise.... I mean, it wasn't our year for that to happen, and that's OK.

Bits & Bobs from this years Comicon
They then brought out the panel comprised of Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and another producer whose name I missed and the panel was opened up for audience questions. Given the nature of the show, and the fact that they obviously can't reveal all of what's happening it was hard to tell when/if the panelist where messing with us and when they were being serious. So take the following with a grain of salt.

LOST Panel Revelations:

Lost was intended to be a 4-5 season arch ending with a feature length movie. Damon Lindelof said that they are still planning on sticking to that plan but it's hard because the show is a hit now. But they don't want the show to end up like the X-files. They don't want to finish that main story line in season five and then have to "tap dance" for two seasons because the network doesn't want the show to end. He mentioned that when that time comes they may have to consider walking from the show.

Time may not be passing on the island at the same rate as off the island. The question was asked about the amount of time that has passed on the island in the first two seasons at which point Damon interrupted and said that's assuming that time is passing on the island at the same rate that it is in the outside world. That produced audible gasps from the audience and the two actors on stage had shocked looks on their faces. Damon continued to talk about the concept of the passage of time at which point Carlton Cuse interrupted him asking if he wanted to reveal that much so Damon just left it at that. At one point a "protester" crashed the presentation and confronted the producers asking if they had no shame. She said her name was Rachel Blake and that the Hanso foundation was real and that the producers were using them for entertainment purposes even though they had done terrible things in Africa and Iceland. She said to go to if we wanted the real truth just before security escorted her away.

There are no clones on Lost. Damon Lindelof gave his personal promise and guarantee that there are no clones in the show. Nothing personal against clones, they're people just like us (literally) but there are no clones on Lost.

There are no nanobots on Lost. If you were there and were wondering who the lone guy was clapping at that revelation, it was me. That's right, straight from the horses mouth NO NANOBOTS.

There will be an extra on the DVD of every nick name sawyer has used cut together into one clip which I personally can't wait to see!

Vincent flashback? When asked why Vincent the dog didn't leave the island with Walt and Michael, Damon said if he had they wouldn't be able to do the Vincent flashback episode!

Libby will be back in flashbacks! Damon and Cuse said Libby's back story was significant and still needed to be told since she didn't have a flashback episode. So she will be back in flashbacks much like Jack's dad has been through out the show even though he's dead.

The literal translation of the hieroglyphics according to Damon Lindelof is "Underworld"

The statue shown in season finale wasn't just put there because it looks cool. The history of the island will become important and it is older than we were originally led to believe.

The six episode mini-series that opens the season will reveal more about the others. The first episode will be titled "A Tale of two Cities" and be penned partly by J.J. Abrams. Abrams will also direct episode 7, the first one back from the break. The new scheduling format is a direct result of fans complaining about all the repeats this last season.

There will be a major revelation midway through the season that Lindelof said will either blow you away or make you say the show has jumped the shark.

Various Spoilers
  • Juliet, a woman in her mid-30s, will be added to the cast as a regular. Juliet is a natural leader and a smart and independant woman. One of her flashbacks will involve her mother Amelia. During said flashback, the ladies will discuss burnt brownies and Juliet's love life. It seems that Juliet may be an Other. Jack is held alone in a room and Juliet looks at him, seperated from him with a glass window. Jack tries to break the chains that are holding him. Juliet tries to convince a ****** off Jack to trust her.<br>
  • The smoke monster is definitely not made of nanobots. Kate will "make her choice" in the first six episodes of the season. Her choice is presumably between Sawyer and Jack. The word "clone" will never be heard on the show. The Powers That Be all but confirmed Libby will be appearing in flashbacks, most logically Desmond's or Hurley's. If you're asking about daddy issues, you're asking the right questions. Strong implication that an underwater hatch might exist and that it might be explored this season. The producers say the hieroglyphics on the timer translate to "underworld".<br>
  • Among the revelations to come: Viewers will learn more about Desmond and Penny, why Locke was paralyzed, why Libby was in the asylum, and why the island has healing powers.
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aww **** ttm i cant wait when does it start?
October 4th... Day after my 19th Birthday. :)
I'm not gonna read that top post, don't wanna spoil it too much :)
lol very long interesting though, i like prison break better but the end of lost last season was capitivating.
Ive saw the video of the comiccon panel thing, the wife who was pretending that Dharma was real and that she was protesting them wasnt funny, it was just ******* scary! if you wanna see it
Well it's back :D

Good episode well it was a great start anyway

Can't wait for ep 2 :p

Was still too vague. I liked how we saw them living on the island in a proper civilisation etc.. but thats about all we found out really...and that Jack was being held under water (wowowowowow :rolleyes:).
yeh it was obv there was an underwater hatch, thanks for confirming the obv :cool:

and again like sean also said, was really cool how they lived in what at first appeared just to be a normal American suburb which actually yutned out to be the island
Yea do you thik the guy who let Sawyer go was trying 2 escape or do you think it was part of there plan?
I doubt the people making the show have decided that yet. I'm sure he will bump into Sawyer in season 4/5 and he will be a spy for the other or summat :D
i reckon its all part of a plan , like with the saying to kate, things arent going to be pleasant or whatever - just mind tricks to get them to crack

the opening scene with the plane crash was awesome
Little village, watching plane crash and "going into action" kinda thing was cool, im hopin to be home every weekend so i can download lost :D
This weeks up was pretty meh. Didnt really learn anything, the flashback was really dull, did we really need to know that Sun wasnt very nice when she was young. Looks like the crappy romance stories starting, thats what this block of 6 eps is meant to focus on, such a dull storyline :(
yeah, what a load of **** ****. nothing new learnt unless you count the boston red sox winning the world series. and i hope it doesnt go into the 6 eps of love story, BORING!
I thought it was good but i agree with Gregor was there any point in that flashback when sun was small
I'm sure the flashback had a point.

I actually enjoyed the episode, thought it was good. Though i havent seen a bad episode of Lost yet :|
you must have missed the first half of Season 2 then