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O yeah i liked that bit, and when Sawyer shot Tom! i liked that. I wanted to learn more about the guy who seems to be second in charge with Ben now though, forgot his name.
Erm.....the guy who spoke to Locke about Sawyer and gave him the folder and the same guy spoke to Ben in the Ben backstory episode and made him swap sides or whatever.
What a gay ending. Now we have forever to wait and no real idea whats happening. Could have at least gave us a good cliffhanger or summat.

Why didnt Charlie just go out of that room, into where Des was.

Yeh that was weird. He could have easily walked out and closed the door behind him lol. Hmmmm

The guy with the mascara?

Hehe tight but doctor from scrubs :D
lol the fact a boat is coming to "rescue" them not a good enough cliff hanger?

Can't please some people!
There isnt a boat coming idiot, didnt you watch the episode at all?
Woooahh there o Ginger Scottish one, less haste please.

There was nothing in either episode which told us there was no boat coming, simply that Penny wasn't on it.

Well there was something that told us something did come seeing as they got off the island.

Only thing I don't get is how one minute Locke was gonna pwn Jack for answering the call but then he was just like meh whatever.
Woo New Lost - tomorrow night?....2 hour special i believe and the trailer looks pretty nifty - although i feel it spoils it a little at the end (warned),

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OMG I CANT WAIT.I have missed it lol.

This is now, the Lost Thread.
Yeh. Tbh I can't remember a thing about Season 3, I have no idea where the plot is at the moment.

I'm not really that bothered about watching it either.
i started to lose interest in the middle of season three but it hotted up at the end and ive rewatched the last few episodes recently to get me back in the mood! im looking forward to it now, i think i know what happens from a 30second trailer i saw for most of the first few eps and i can imagine not much happenin in true lost fashion
Not too bothered about Lost anymore, I suppose this will keep me entertained untill some good TV starts again. Atleast this Season can't be any worse than the last one.
Daniels is in this season as well Lee
i will be watching again but i have forgot everything that happened :p
i think theres a ten min refresh kickin around somewhere that may be of some use to you
I might just start from the beginning so i remember everything thats been going on. By the time i get to season 4 i will have plenty to watch
yeh i was thinking of doing that as well

ive got season 1, and my mums got season 3 on dvd
My dad is with love film so i plan to rent them :D
Ok so the new Lost was out last night and it was ok. Locke was pretty awesome but apart from that it was pretty boring.