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So when do we found out about Locke, Desmond and Eko?
When you look at the credits when the show starts and still see their names :)
Channel 4 loses Lost to Sky One
Matthew Fox in Lost
Lost follows plane crash survivors who are stranded on a desert island
Sky One has snapped up the rights to the award-winning drama Lost, robbing Channel 4 of one of its biggest hits.

The show, which follows a band of air crash survivors on a desert island, is thought to have cost the channel £20m, reports trade paper Broadcast.

"We're absolutely thrilled," said Sky One's director of programmes, Richard Woolfe, who said the cult drama had been the "envy of every network".

When Lost premiered on Channel 4 in 2005, it attracted six million viewers.

However, audiences for the second series have been lower - averaging around 2.8 million, and dropping as low as 1.9 million.

Critical success

The series, made by US network ABC, has been a critical and commercial success on both sides of the Atlantic.

The first season won six Emmys and the show's creator, JJ Abrams, was hand-picked by Tom Cruise to direct Mission: Impossible 3.

Sky One's deal gives it the rights to the third and fourth series of the programme.

"We want to air the show as close to US transmission as possible, and not have anything like a nine-month delay," Mr Woolfe told Broadcast's website.

The broadcaster was not available to confirm the details of its deal with distributor Buena Vista International Television, which is part of the Disney corporation.

Channel 4 will replace Lost with the hit US comedy Ugly Betty.

The show, set in the world of fashion, is produced by actress Salma Hayek, and has become the most-watched new series of the 2006-2007 US television season.

Unlucky for c4 ps this weeks lost was good all about Locke
I thought the Locke episode was alright. He kicked that polar bear's **** :D
yeh this weeks ep was good, wish the eps were longer :(
Yeh this 3rd episode has been the best one so far... would of been even better if that annoying **** Charlie wasn't in it. :)
This weeks ep was good but obviously Jack knows the inside scoop on it all now
Yea when he saw the x ray and realised it was a 40+ male and thats why he was there etc etc
yeh but thats hardly the "inside scoop on it all", did you forget about Sawyer and Kate
Sawyer is in the know more than anyone...2 islands ffs!
Charlie ftl.
Locke ftw.
Walt ftw.
Desmond ftw.
What a **** ending.

Why didnt Charlie just go out of that room, into where Des was.

Flashforwards ftl, I dont care about what happens to them after they get off the island untill I actually see them get off!

Des, Jin, Locke ftw

gangbanger Walt ftl
Loved that finale,

Not sure why CHarlie didn't just float out but he didn't! maybe because he was ready to die after what he had been told etc....

The bit where he blew the window i enjoyed, the guy's (cant spell his name) face at the time! awesome.

When Hurley came out in the van i cracked up, i love that fave character as we can relate.

Desmond, Hurley and Ben (Starting to like more and more)....Naomi ftl, does she look like a white man dressed as a black woman to anyone else?

48 episodes to go!!
yeh theres something about Miriam...i mean Naomi, cant actually but my finger on it but she doesnt look right.

Also I forgot about the Hurley bit already, Hurley pwnt, i liked how Said pwnt the guy as well, Jack Bauer style