The Manchester United Thread

May 1, 2015
Timely opportunity to re-post an absolutely superb half-hour doco that aired on our club channel before the first contest this season-

I can't recommend that enough. I first posted it in the Liverpool thread but it's gotten lost when a chunk of time/ posts disappeared during the change over to the new site format. So this time I'll leave it in the Utd thread.

Mad how even though this is still unequivocally the biggest rivalry/ game in World football, Scousers and Mancunians get along so well when you take the football off the table. I've had some brilliant night's out in Manchester/ at gigs etc. And count Manchester lads from various employments over the years among my closest friends. But fans across the globe are that conditioned that the other is the deadly enemy and you have to outright hate them, and anything/ one connected to either club/ City that it's also one of the most poisonous games in World football that brings out the very worst in people.

If you're not from either Liverpool or Manchester and haven't been brought up in the unique culture in our little corner of the World that defines most everything about us that sets us apart, I don't think you can truly understand just how alike we are and the respect, even if it's not often admitted, lads in both City's have for each other and the others respective City and football club.


Feb 5, 2015
How long between it being knowledge that inter wanted Young and them signing him? How long has it been knowledge that we wanted Bruno and how long has it taken to sign him? And Woodward isn't incompetent?


Oct 27, 2017
Get United feeling. We have the same show going on. Fans are getting madder by the day, afraid it will be another James fiasco and we will not strengthen us enough for promotion run. Bit different for us because we need loan player or good priced guy what **** hard to find for championship, but the need for player is the same.