May 13, 2013
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The Resurgence of Rangers

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In 2012, Rangers Football Club entered administration and, after failure to reach an agreement with their creditors, entered liquidation on the 14th June. The clubs business and assets, including Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park, were bought by Sevco Scotland Ltd, effectively creating a new club. An application to transfer the Scottish Premier League membership from the 'oldco' to the 'newco' was rejected on a 10–1 vote. As a result Rangers applied for associate membership to Scottish Football League, resulting in Rangers securing a place in the 4th tier of Scottish Football, division 3, for the 2012–13 season. And this is where our story begins...


SeasonsLeaguePositionCup Competition
2012-20133rd Division1stLeague Challenge Cup
2013-20142nd Division1stLeague Challenge Cup
2014-20151st Division1stLeague Challenge Cup
2015-2016Premier League4thScottish Cup
2016-2017Premier League2ndScottish Cup
2017-2018Premier League1stScottish Cup

As you can see the objective with Rangers is to achieve consecutive promotions back to the SPL, whilst winning the League Challenge Cup each year. It would be nice to win either the League Cup or the Scottish Cup within the first three years, but with a weakened team it seems unlikely.​

After returning to the SPL I have given myself three years to regain the Premier League. In my first year I plan to achieve a top 4 finish, thus ensuring I have European football. In my second season I shall challenge for the title, hopefully winning the SPL, but at the very least coming 2nd. In my third season I shall regain the title. I also aim to win the Scottish Cup each year I am in the SP. This is because it guarantees European football and also because it is the prestigious cup competition in Scotland.


YearLeaguePositionScottish CupLeague CupChallenge CupEuropean Cup
2012-133rd Division1stSemi FinalWinnerWinnerN/A
2013-142nd Division1st5th RoundWinnerWinnerN/A
2014-151st Division1stWinner3rd RoundWinnerN/A
2015- 16Premier League1stWinnerWinnerN/AEuro Cup
Qtr Final
2016-17Premier League1stWinnerWinnerN/AGroup Stages
2017-18Premier League1stWinnerFinalistN/AQuarter Final
2018- 19Premier League1stWinnerWinnerN/AQuarter Final

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Rangers Football Club
Club Evaluation

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The club finances are in a reasonable position at the start of the season, especially considering the financial difficulties of the previous season. I wish to improve the financial situation of the club, thus ensuring that the club can compete effectively in the SPL when it returns without being encumbered with debt and a large wage bill.

As you can see, the club has a projected balance of £11.32M. From previous experience I have learnt to treat this figure with disdain, it is therefore important to look for ways to improve the clubs finances. The easiest way to save money is through cutting the wage cost, which stands at £5.66M a year. As you can see, the highest earning player, Neil Alexander, is on £11,000, which is unworkable in this league especially if you consider that he also has an appearance fee of £2,000 and a clean sheet bonus of £3,300.

The Team

Rangers lost several talented players, such as Allen McGregor, Steven Davies and Steven Naismith, since their relegation to the Scottish 3rd Division. Despite bringing in several players, such as David Templeton, Emilson Cribari and Dean Shiels, the club is lacking quality and depth in several positions. It is worth mentioning now that I made one database change, that is to remove Francisco Sandaza, just like in real life.

The three standout players are Lee McCulloch (Captain), Lee Wallace (Vice-Captain) and David Templeton. The three players combined salary is £25,500 per week, despite my desire to reduce the wage bill I shall be retaining these three players services as they have the ability and experience to get the club back to the SPL. Also, the highest earner of the three, McCulloch, is in his final year of contract, he will therefore be willing to renegotiate his contract.

Rangers Football Club have a long history of developing excellent youth players. With a transfer budget of just £180,000 and the desire to lower my wage bill, I will be unable to buy my way back to the SPL. It therefore vital to utilize the already excellent youth facility and youth team at the club. Of the youth players currently at the club there are three stand out players: Lewis MacLeod, Barrie McKay and Fraser Aird.

The Staff

The staff at Rangers tend to be mediocre at best, despite this the current staff wage bill is £10,900 per week, so £566,800 per year. This is excessive to say the least, therefore I shall be terminating 9 of the 14 contracts. The 5 that shall remain are: Neil Murray (becoming Assistant Manager), Charlie Palmer (becoming Chief Scout), Pip Yeates, Jim Stewart and Billy Kirkwood (moved onto a fulltime contract).

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Looks good mate, really easy to read layout too. Well done. :)

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Ibrox has a capacity of 50,987, therefore it makes sense to exploit this in pre-season with a number friendlies played here. All the prearranged friends have been cancelled and replaced with 5 home friendlies, which will bring in £735,000 after fees are paid.

Rangers (0-2) Liverpool
Att: 36,440
Ibrox Stadium


Rangers (1-3) Lyon
Att: 34,155
Ibrox Stadium


Rangers (4-0) Milton
Att: 15,074
Ibrox Stadium


Rangers (3-0) Stirling Boys Club
Att: 15,071
Ibrox Stadium


Rangers (6-0) Cambuslang Rangers
Att: 15,054
Ibrox Stadium​

After playing two top clubs in Liverpool and Lyon, I though it was important to play some relatively easy games to raise moral, whilst continuing to earn money.

Staff Change

There have been several changes in staff over the course of the pre-season, with only 5 members of staff surviving the cull. The club welcomed in 6 new members of staff, and renegotiated three contracts of existing staff. The new staff members include former England international Andrew Cole and the former Scottish international Arthur Albiston.

The cost to terminating the 9 contracts was £207,500, which is a lot but saves the club in the long run. The staff wage bill at the start of the season was a staggering £566,800 per year; this has been reduced to £197,340 per year.

The club has managed to reduce the staff wage bill by £369,560 per year. If we then subtract the cost of terminating staff contracts, the club has saved £162,260 in the short term, and even more in the long term with several staff members on long contracts.

Playing in the lower leagues with a superior squad means that most teams will sit back and defend against me, it is therefore important to have a default tactic that will be aggressive, but sensible at the back. Therefore I shall be using the tactic below as my default.
Of course there are some games, like against Celtic, where I will need to be play more defensive and keep the ball, whilst in other I will simply struggle to score hence increase my attack. Therefore there are two other tactics below that shall be used in these eventualities.


A relatively busy transfer window with 5 players coming into the club and 6 leaving. Although wanting to secure the clubs financial future, I felt it was vital to bring in some talented young players, such as Mark O'Hara (£350,000) and Ryan Donnelly (£80,000). Benjamin Siegrist and Jack Grimmer, both on a two-season long loan, joined the club. Finally, the club signed the former Scottish under-21 international, Scott Morrison, on a free transfer.

Unfortunately, the players who left the club: Neil Alexander (10,000), Kal Naismith (10,000), Darren Cole (5,000), Robbie Crawford (5,000), Chris Hegarty (8,000) and Andrew Mitchell (4,000), did not come near to balancing the books in terms of transfer spending. However, the club was able to remove £10,150 per week (527,800 per year) off the wage budget, whilst adding only £1,250 per week (£65,000) on to it. If we subtract the transfer fees and wages of of the new 5 players from the transfer fee received and the wages removed, then the club actually made a saving of £74,800.

It should be noted that unfortunately the club will have to pay £5,250 of Neil Alexander's wages until 1st June 2013, however by selling him £5,750 was still removed from the wage bill.


Overall, a very successful pre-season, with 5 players coming in, all of whom shall be in and around the first team over the next two seasons. The club was also able to remove 6 players who would not have played, either through their appearance fee or their mediocre attributes.

The club was able to make/save approximately £972,060, which might seem a relatively small amount, but will help the club progress in future.​
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28th​ July 2012
Challenge Cup (1st​ Round)

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Rangers (4-1) Hamilton
Att: 43,769
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: MacLeod, Donnelly, Templeton, O’Hara


4th​ August 2012
League Cup (1st​ Round)

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Airdrie (0-2) Rangers
Att: 8,271
New Bloomfield

Goals: O’Hara, Donnelly


11th​ August 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

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Rangers (3-0) Elgin City
Att: 47,255
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Aird (2), Black


19th​ August 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

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East Stirlingshire (0-6) Rangers
Att: 3,776
Ochilview Park

Goals: Hutton (2), Donnelly, Templeton (2), MacLeod


22nd​ August 2012
Challenge Cup (2nd​ Round)

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Rangers (2-1) Dunfermline (AET)
Att: 43,746
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Kyle, Black


29th​ August 2012
League Cup (2nd​ Round)

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Rangers (2-1) St Mirren
Att: 24,673
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Donnelly (2)


Between 14-15 August 2012 13 Rangers’ players were called up for international duty. There were three standout performers from these players: Bocanegra (7.5), MacLeod (7.3) and Wallace (7.1). Below is a table showing the players called up and the country and age group they represented.

ScotlandMainWallaceScotland (1-0) Lithuania
N.IrelandMainLittle, ShielsLatvia (2-2) N.Ireland
U.S.AMainBocanegraU.S.A (4-0) New Zealand
ScotlandU-21GrimmerScotland (4-1) Luxembourg
N. IrelandU-21ClarkeN. Ireland (4-2) U.S.E
SwitzerlandU-21SiegristEstonia (2-4) Switzerland
ScotlandU-19O'Hara, McKay, MacLeodFrance (1-0) Scotland
N. IrelandU-19GibsonN.Ireland (1-1) Romania
PortugalU-19KundikPortugal (2-1) Ireland
HollandU-19BurrowsHolland (3-0) Sweden


A highly successful month draws to the end; the club has achieved 6 straight wins in both cup and league competitions. It is therefore unsurprising that a number of awards have come our way:

Despite only playing two games, Rangers’ players have performed well statistically in the league, currently boasting joint top goal scorer, joint most assists and unfortunately the only red card in the league.
The club has performed well in the league, currently sitting top of the league on goal difference. The club has also achieved success in cup competitions; progressing to the 3rd round of both the League Cup and the Challenge Cup. To process to this stage the club has had to record wins against 1 SPL team and 3 Scottish 1st​ Division teams.

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Nice start. I love a Gers story as I'm a Rangers fan. MacLeod turns out to be a great player. I got up to the SPL in 3seasons and he was worth over 3million and teams like Everton and Dortmund wanted him!
Thank you. Completely agree MacLeod is an awesome young player, I have retrained him as an ACM, brilliant there with lots of assists


1st​ September 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

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Rangers (7-0) Clyde
Att: 47,338
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Shiels, Donnelly (2), MacLeod, Hutton, Perry, Aird


8th​ September 2012

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Rangers (3-0) Blantyre Vics
Att: 15,059
Stadium: Ibrox

Goals: Gasparotto, Shiels, Ramsey


15th​ September 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

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Rangers (1-0) Annan
Att: 47,314
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Kyle


19th​ September 2012
Challenge Cup (3rd​ Round)

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Rangers (3-0) Airdrie
Att: 43,655
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Donnelly, Little, Black


22nd​ September 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

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Rangers (7-1) Queen’s Park
Att: 25,236
Hampden Park

Goals: Templeton (3), Faure, Bradley (OG), Little, Donnelly

26th​ September 2012

League Cup (3rd​ Round)

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Celtic (2-2) Rangers
Rangers won (6-5) after penalties
Att: 44,932
Celtic Park

Goals: Templeton, Donnelly


29th​ September 2012
Scottish Cup (2nd​ Round)

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Rangers (5-0) Tynecastle
Att: 20,920
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Telfer, Faure (2), Aird, Shiels


Between 7-1 August 2012, 8 Rangers’ players were called up for international duty. This was slightly down from the previous international break, partly as a result to injuries to O'Hara and poor form fromMcKay. There were two standout performers from these players: Wallace (7.55) who scored the winner equaliser against Croatia and Kundik (6.55) who scored the winner against Saudi Arabia.

ScotlandMainWallaceScotland (1-1) Croatia
Wales (2-0)Scotland
RomaniaMainGoianRomania (2-1) Andorra
Holland (3-0) Romania
U.S.AMainBocanegraPanama (0-4) U.S.A
Costa Rica (2-0) U.S.A
ScotlandU-21GrimmerMontenegro (1-3) Scotland
Scotland (3-2) Holland
SwitzerlandU-21SiegristCyprus (2-3) Switzerland
Switzerland (2-3) Russia
N. IrelandU-19Gibson, ClarkeN.Ireland (2-0) Liechtenstein
France (2-0) N.Ireland
PortugalU-19KundikItaly (1-0) Portugal
Portugal (1-0) Saudi Arabia

During the international break a friendly was organised against Blantyre Victoria. The game gave me a chance to evaluate some of my youth players, such as Walsh, Ramsey and Telfer. The game also enabled the club to rake in £120,000 from gate receipts, of which £8,000 was paid to Blantyre Victoria.


Another highly successful month draws to the end; the club has achieved 6 straight wins in both cup and league competitions, although the club has to rely on penalties against Celtic. It is therefore unsurprising that a number of awards have come our way. Unfortunately Grimmer just missed out on Young Player of the Month, which would have given us the clean sweep.

After two months, yet only five league games, the player statistics are beginning to take shape, with Rangers players claiming joint top goal scorer, most assists and, unsurprisingly, the top average rating.

With a 100% win rate so far in the league it is unsurprising that Rangers are currently leading the Scottish 3rd​ Division with a massive goal difference. However, the club did struggle to overcome Annan, relying on a late goal from substitute Kevin Kyle.

Finally, the club has continued to progress in cup competitions, currently in the Scottish Cup 3rd​ Round, Challenge Cup semi final and the League Cup quarter final. The club had to overcome the Old Firm rival, Celtic, to progress in the League Cup, which is my proudest moment as yet on the season. However, it should be noted that the club got lucky against Celtic, with them losing two players by the end of extra time, one through injury and one from a sending off.

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Enjoying reading this mate, keep up the good work. Who has been your key player this season so far ?

6th​ October 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

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Stirling (2-4) Rangers
Att: 3,808
Forthbank Stadium

Goals: Templeton (2), Aird, O’Hara


13th​ October 2012

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Rangers (3-0) Fort William
Att: 15,061
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Templeton, Gasparotto (2)


20th​ October 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

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Rangers (3-2) Berwick
Att: 47,111
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Hutton, Faure, Aird


24th​ October 2012
Challenge Cup (Semi Final)

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Rangers (2-0) Livingston
Att: 43,643
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Donnelly, Docherty (OG)


27th​ October 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

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Peterhead (1-2) Rangers
Att: 2,749
Balmoor Stadium

Goals: Aird, Black


30th​ October 2012
League Cup (Qtr Final)

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Aberdeen (1-2) Rangers (AET)
Att: 12,641
Pittodrie Stadium

Goals: Donnelly, Gasparotto

This month 13 Rangers players were called up for international duty at a variety of levels. This includes four players called up to feature in the Scottish Under-19 1st​ round qualification for the Under-19 European Championship. As a result of three successive victories achieved, the Under-19s qualified for the next round of qualifying.

Of the 13 players who represented their country there were three standout performances from: Wallace (7.45) who score for his country, McKay (8.46) who scored a goal in each of the three qualifiers and Shiels (7.2) who scored for Northern Ireland.

ScotlandMainWallaceScotland (3-3) Belgium
Macedonia (1-0) Scotland
N.IrelandMainLittle, ShielsN.Ireland (1-4) Russia
U.S.AMainBocanegraU.S.A (3-2) Grenada
U.S.A (3-1) Panama
ScotlandU-21GrimmerScotland (4-1) Armenia
SwitzerlandU-21SiegristSwitzerland (2-0) N.Ireland
ScotlandU-19O'Hara, McKay, Aird, MacLeodScotland (2-1) Italy
Scotland (4-0) Montenegro
Scotland (4-1) Finland
N.IrelandU-19Clarke, GibsonN.Ireland (0-1) Poland
N.Ireland (0-2) France
N.Ireland (0-1) San Marino
HollandU-19BurrowsHolland (2-0) Norway
Holland (4-0) Belarus

Once again Rangers took advantage of the international break by organising a home friendly against Fort William. The friendly once again gave me the chance to look over some of the promising youth players coming through, and enabled me to play a few players on the fringes of the first team. The friendly also brought in £103,000 for the club, after the deduction of Fort William's fee.

Other News

In other news, Scottish international, Lee Wallace, has asked to leave the club as he wishes to join a bigger club. I have persuaded him I will help the club grow to meet his ambition, and promised him promotion this year.
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Also, Portuguese Under-19 international, Sergey Kundik, asked for a leave of absence as he has found it difficult to settle in the area. The club granted his request, which meant he was unable to take place in the friendly against Fort William.​

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Only 5 competitive games this month, unfortunately 3 of them were played in the space of a week, which required squad rotation for the game against Peterhead. This month has been poor defensively, conceding 6 goals, which is unacceptable. The blame is partly due to reserve goalkeeper Scott Gallacher, who has had to deputise for Benjamin Siegrist who was injured on international duty. It is perhaps unsurprising that the players failed to pick up any awards this month, with only Fraser Aird showing any form.

View attachment 341796 View attachment 341797 View attachment 341798

Despite the poor defensive work of the team, they remain top of the Scottish 3rd Division, increasing their lead to 7 points. Unfortunately, however, the team can no longer boast the best defence in the league, which will be worked on over the coming month, hopefully.

View attachment 341791

The players have performed well individually in regards to statistical data, with the team still boasting the joint top goal scorer, most assists and pass completion.

View attachment 341792

Finally, the club has progressed well in cup competitions. They have reach the final of the Challenge Cup where they will meet Falkirk, which was one of my personal objectives. The club has also progressed to the Semi-Final of the League Cup, after a victory against rivals Aberdeen. The game was close, with O'Hara being sent off late in the second half. The team did well to show that they can still stand up to SPL clubs, both at home and away.

View attachment 341793 View attachment 341794

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Key players so far has to be Templeton, O'Hara and Donnelley. The biggest disappoint has been McKay, I expected much better from him, but I am sure when his first goal goes in he will be brilliant.
Im a Celtic fan, but I'll give this a read. Don't mind as long as it's well done. Cant believe you played Milton in a friendly, I played against them last week!
Doing well as expected mate. Kundik was russian in my game lol!
Kevpolley - I hope it is well written and you enjoy it, despite it being Rangers.

TamMcCann -
Kundik is Russian, but has duel nationality, I think because he lived in Portugal for so long. He is a really good player, I plan to use him if one of my wingers/forwards gets injured
I'm enjoying reading through this story, it's been well layed out. Keep up the additions to the story, looking forward to reading more.
He defo has potential mate. I ended up letting him go & he went to pompey


3rd​ November 2012
Scottish Cup (3rd​ Round)

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Alloa (0-2) Rangers
Att: 3,142
Recreation Park

Goals: MacLeod, McKay


10th​ November 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

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Rangers (4-0) Montrose
Att: 47, 091
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: MacLeod, O’Hara, Donnelly (2)


18th​ November 2012
Challenge Cup (Final)

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Rangers (3-0) Falkirk
Att: 52,063
Hampden Park

Goals: Black, Donnelly, Greene (OG)


21st​ November 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

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Elgin City (1-4) Rangers
Att: 2,776
Borough Briggs

Goals: Black, Perry, Little, MacLeod


24th​ November 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

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Clyde (0-2) Rangers
Att: 6,666
Broadwood Stadium

Goals: Perry, Templeton


28th​ November 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

View attachment 342002

Annan (0-2) Rangers
Att: 2,173

Goals: Templeton, Hutton, McKay


This month 10 players were involved in international friendlies at a variety of levels. One surprising call up was Sergey Kundik, who was selected for the Russian Under-21s, despite previously representing Portugal at Under-19 level. Let us hope he has slightly more loyalty when it comes to club football. Of the 10 players involved, there were 3 standout performances: Lee Wallace (7.20), Jack Grimmer (7.0) and Barrie McKay (7.8), who scored and picked up the man of the match award.

ScotlandMainWallaceScotland (4-0) Zambia
ScotlandU-21GrimmerScotland (1-1) Portugal
SwitzerlandU-21SiegristSwitzerland (1-1) Belarus
RussiaU-21KundikRussia (2-1) Montenegro
ScotlandU-19McKay, O'Hara, Scotland (3-0) Poland
HollandU-19BurrowsHolland (1-0) England
N.IrelandU-19Gibson, Clarke, McGregorN.Ireland (0-1) Serbia

Due to the friendlies taking place midweek and fixture congestion, the club were unable to organise any friendlies for those players not involved in international duty.


The squad have performed well this month, tightening the defence, whilst maintaining a good attacking threat. It is unsurprising that the club can boast Manager of the Month and Young Player of the Month. Unfortunately, Lee Wallace just missed out on Player of the Month as he played fewer games than the winner, Douglas Brydon.

View attachment 342004 View attachment 342005 View attachment 342006

The team remains unbeaten in the league, recording 4 league victories this month against high flying Montrose and Elgin City. This has increased our lead to 10 points. The defence seems to have tightened as the team conceding only one goal this month. This is partly down to the return of Benjamin Siegrist, as well as the style of the team being changed from very rigid to balanced.

View attachment 342007

In terms of player statistics, the club has fallen behind some of its rivals, with Dennis Wyness now boasting the most assists in the league. This is partly due to the squad rotation that has taken place, due to the clubs excellent, but tiring, cup campaign.

View attachment 342008

Finally, the club is proud to announce that they have emerged victorious in the Challenge Cup Final against Falkirk. The result is testament to the hard work put in by the squad. It is a fantastic achievement, which means I have succeeded in one of my first year targets. The club also remains in the League Cup and have progressed to the 4th​ Round of the Scottish Cup after defeating Alloa. On a sad note Mark O'Hara was unable to feature in the Challenge Cup Final due to picking up an injury for the Scottish Under-19s.


1st​ December 2012

Scottish Cup (4th​ Round)

View attachment 342035

Rangers (1-0) Elgin City
Att: 21,027
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Kyle


5th​ December 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

View attachment 342036

Rangers (7-0) East Stirlingshire
Att: 47,349
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Faure, Shiels, McCulloch, Donnelly (3), MacLeod


8th​ December 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

View attachment 342037

Rangers (1-0) Queen’s Park
Att: 48,804
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Hutton


15th​ December 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

View attachment 342038

Rangers (4-2) Stirling
Att: 47,370
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: McCulloch, Donnelly (3)


22nd​ December 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

View attachment 342039

Berrick (1-1) Rangers
Att: 2,694
Shielfield Park

Goals: Templeton


26th​ December 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

View attachment 342035

Rangers (4-0) Elgin City
Att: 47,344
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: O’Hara, Templeton, MacLeod, Black


29th​ December 2012
Scottish 3rd​ Division

View attachment 342040

Rangers (2-0) Peterhead
Ibrox Stadium

Goals: Black, McKay

Other News

This month several players have achieved milestones this month. The most impressive is Lee McCulloch, who played his 125th​ league games for Rangers against Stirling. Andy Little has also achieved his 25th​ league game for the club against Peterhead. Finally, Sergey Kundik made his league debut against local rivals Queen’s Park. Kundik followed this up with an impressive display against Stirling.​

The club are pleased to announce that Goalkeeping Coach, Jim Steward, and Head Physio, Pip Yeates, have both signed new contracts to keep them at the club till 2017. The new contracts will cost the club an extra £75 a week in wages.


The club has performed ok in the league this month. Although the club remains unbeaten, they did finally drop points in a draw with Berwick Rangers. The team performed badly in the game, only recording 4 shots on target and 58% possession. Berwick scored from a penalty, conceded by Lee Wallace, who was later substituted due to his poor performance. This was only their second shot on target in the entire game. Despite this the club has continued to increase their lead over their rivals, which now stands at 19 points.

Despite the slight set back in the league this month, the young squad continues to pick up awards. This month the club managed to achieve the Manager of the Month and Young Player of the Month awards. However, Lewis MacLeod just missed out on Player of the Month as he played fewer games than his counterparts, despite performing better.

The players have again fallen behind statistically from their rivals, with the club unable to boast either highest assist or goal scorers. However, MacLeod and Donnelly have both performed well, both closing in on the top spots, with Donnelly looking like he will be top goalscorer next month.

The club has only been in action in the Scottish Cup this month, beating Elgin City in the 4th Round in a close game at Ibrox Stadium. Kevin Kyle gave us a late victory, after starting only his second game of the season.​
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