The Revival of Chelsea FC


Dec 2, 2010

As I parked my car on the parking lot, I started to become a bit nervous. How will the players respond to the news? Roman was obviously not happy. But I think the lads will be a bit different. With this thought on the head I entered the training centre.

At first all I got from the younger players was "Sid," and a nod. I was a bit confused but said hey back anyway. When I did get to the training ground, Valtar di Salvo came towards me.

"Sid, here is the team's report for training last month, like you asked. I have written down which players have performed the best and worst in my opinion."

Good. I like to see which players need a pat on the back, and which players need a boot up their *****.

"The players, however, can't concentrate on the training right now because of the recent... events."

Great. Not a response I was hoping for.

As I started to train with them, I started hearing jeers and laughter from the players.

"Hey Sid, how was last night? Nice and tight?"
"Was the ******* nice?"
"Where did she like it best? Up her ***?"

That was it. That last comment just ticked me off and now these people need to know who's boss.

"OK guys, stop. Come here, and sit on the grass like little children. Now, who's the man in charge on this place? Me. So I don't want to hear anything that happened. It's the past. It's happened. Grow up, be a professional and STOP CUSSING ME, ALRIGHT? Good."

"Talking about professionalism.."

Everyone there started laughing. Even some of the coaches started giggling like little girls. Amazing.

"Hehe... you think your being funny, Josh? As I said before, who's the man in charge here, Joshua? ME. And you know what that means? I can tear your contract, and you won't be playing for Chelsea. Simple as that. I don't care if your a ******* legend in this club or a wonderkid, I will just tear your contract. I AM THE MANAGER. You don't diss me. You obey me. So stop with the silly, little comments and GROW UP SON. Who knows, I could put you in the transfer list right here, right now. Do want me to do that? Well DO YOU?"

"No, Sid."

"I'm Sid on a good day. You will call me Sir today, like little kids. Everyone here will call me Sir today. This squad needs discipline and respect. No whining. So I expect a win against Newcastle next match. If I don't get a win some of us won't be here next year. GOT ME?"

"Yes Sir!" was the reply. I smiled at myself. I may have done a mistake two nights ago but at least I kept their mouths shut.

"Now, no one talks about this ever again, alright? Now go back to whatever you were doing. And remember, I expect a performance against Newcastle!"
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Dec 2, 2010
Can't wait till the next update mate ;)
The layout is fantastic ! Including the writing skills ;)
again, this stuff is brilliant and it's gripping, love it
Thanks guys :)

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After telling off the players couple of days ago, they seemed to have shut right up. At least they don't talk about it anymore. The press are all over it still. I can't be bothered to buy my regular Sun newspaper anymore; all it has is about me and the prostitute. I mean, who cares?! It's happened, WOW! Get over yourselves...

Anyway, Saturday's here. The Newcastle game really should be a piece of cake, but I told the lads not to get too complacent and that I expected a dominant performance out there. Let's see if they actually did what I told them to.

14 May 2011 - vs. Newcastle (Home)


Scorers: F.Lampard (40' pen, 60' pen), Alex (57')

Good performance. I expected them to really. 62% possession and 18 shots really shows our domination at the field. Lampard shows how clinical he is when his at the penalty spot, scoring both of the penalties. Alex headed in a Lampard corner and scored. We should have won by more, but three points is what you get no matter how many games you win, so overall I'm happy. They can call me Sid again.

Just got one more game left at the Premier League, and that's against Everton. I wanted to see if I'm anywhere near the top spot, so I got my Blackberry out and checked BBC Sport.

Ah, well we are out for the Premier League. But to bring Chelsea from sinking at fifth to second at my first managerial experience... well, that to me, is an achievement.

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Jul 8, 2010
looking good mate, good blackberry idea although id imagine that most managers would know where their team sit in the table ;) but great idea little twist :) good result! and secured a dominant ecc place! keep it up :)