can anyone explain how i get the "do not automatically update this game" to stay on? do i have to leave steam open and never close it for this to stay on?

If yes, this is pretty dumb no? I dont have a desktop and i cant leave my laptop on 24/7 just for steam
Also offline mode seems to work for a while, but then if i restard computer or shut down, i get "cannot connect to steam client"

I used fm10 and 11 with steam, and i never had these problems, really irritating me
off line mode

Trying to play game in " start in offline mode" then it goes" this operation cannot be completed when steam is in off line mode." I have come to my parents for xmas need fm to live WHY will it not let me just play it .I have all updates and so on so no idea please help someone

Fixed biography-related crash when viewing the profile of some newgen players
Fixed rare issue allowing Belgian clubs to enter two divisions
Steam error: the game is currently unavailable at this time. please try again later

***** sake, I come on to try and play some games for my story and I'm getting this bullshit!!!
I've had the fm12 demo working on my laptop fine but deleted both steam and the demo now I get the full game and install it but it won't open fm! Anybody have any idea why this is happening?
Hi guys, I've tried everything from your list up there and it still wont work....I have a mac and have the updated snow leopard software. Every time I go to play the FM12 icon appears quickly on my dock then disappears. A pop up error report appears saying that FM unexpectedly quit. Help would be much appreciated!!!!

I'm having this exact same problem.

Integrity has been verified and I tried to defrag, it still crashes.

To say this is frustrating is an understatement
How do I install skins/facepacks? I bought it on steam and the way I was used to loading skins in previous versions of the game doesn't seem to be working cos i cant find where the game files are actually stored.

Help appreciated, thanks...
Dont think buying through steam changes anything, everything should go in my docs / si / fm12
I'm getting an 'Xml Parsing error- line not well formed' with things like 2d,speed,highlights. Can anyone help?
Got the game today. Installed it fine, go to play it and after the initial advertisements there is just a black screen. Followed the outlined steps in the OP, went to test whether the game works and now all I get is an error message on Steam saying 'The game is currently unavailable, please try another time'.

Anyone come across this before or know what I should do next?

Edit: Reinstalling the game via Steam. Don't know why they can't use the disc for the reinstall though, would be quicker than downloading it, oh well...

2nd Edit:Reinstall is done, black screen still appears after the adverts.

3rd Edit: The loading screen now displays after the advertisements, but after that there is just a black screen.

4th Edit: Reinstalled Steam, still no luck.
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not got the game to even load once yet. installed or whatever but wont load up at all.
am on a mac.
the red square 12 logo comes up for a couple of seconds at the bottom but then get an error message.
anyone help?
hey guys just bought the game. It will install from cd ok but when i click on Play it goes to Complete Installation and gets to 1% and i get a message "The Steam Servers are too busy to handle your request for Football Manager 2012. Error code (55)". I tried all recommendations from front page but no joy. i have fm 10 & 11 through steam and no issues previously. Its extremely frustrating. Any suggestions?
I've installed Steam and FM2012 onto it, when I try to launch the game it tells me 'Preparing to launch Football Manager 2012...' then says 'Football Manager 2012 v 12 . 1 . 1 f 244101 quit unexpectedly' on the Mac Menu. I have just spent £20 on the game and would love to get playing asap! Thanks, Will
My game has been crashing whenever its match time. I keep getting this after it crashes during a match:


I use Windows XP service pack 2.

Desperately in need of help. Thanks so much.
Have you tried not playing the match in 3d?

I want to download a transfer update for FM12 from here, however I don't know where to extract the file to?

It says I should save it to the sports interactive data folder, however because the game is with Steam it doesn't appear in the sports interactive folder on my machine, it only shows FM11?

Any help on the exaxt process of this would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers chaps

My steam won't load

Hi guys,

I have had steam since day one of fm 12 release. Have had no problem with it till now. The situation being when I was living at my gfs house she had Internet and steam would load with no problems but now I've had to move back in with my parents due to financial reasons they don't have any Internet at all and went to play fm 12 last night. I couldn't it came up with an error saying that there was no ability to connect to offline mode as there was no login information on the computer.

Is there any way round this problem as there is no way round I can think of. Just so you are aware again I have no Internet.
My game was acting up as it kept restarting after a few matches and then disappearing altogether i tried uninstalling steam but it wouldn't let me saying i need to put a steam disk in to verify so as of right now ive got no steam and no football manager to play can anyone help??
i couldnt get on steam earlier, unstalled it and re installed it and then installed fm12. i can now get back on steam but when i go to play fm it says

Error: unable to find some essential data. pleasure ensure the game installed correctly. if the problem persists, please contact the techinical support.