St Johnstone always beat me or get a draw off me

in the last game i played against them i got a draw against them they scored first i hit the post 2 times before scoring the equaliser it the post another 4 times and got two shots cleared off the line :(
Nottingham Forest in my QPR save. Sometimes Leicester City.
Everton or Spurs
can beat every1 but Chelsea :( in my Arsenal save.
FM11 is Chelsea.

FM10 I could NEVER get 3 points from Blackburn, seriously wtf. D:
My youth United team that I play in cups has now lost at Swindon in the league and FA cup. :'( You'd think I'd have learnt from the league cup, but nope :p
As Queen's Park Clyde always get a result against me.
on my liverpool save i was dominating everything, but lost to sunderland almost everyime, it was at about 14 played, 9 lost 3 draws.
Chelsea luckily there doing ***** in the league on my save
I'm liverpool currently 2nd 1 point behind Man Utd